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4 Top Ways To Get a Better Business Loan Offer

Learn the Top 4 ways to get a better business loan offer.   Use this current program to max out the most favorable terms and conditions.   Apply below now.

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How to leverage a higher quality business loan offer.

    • Give your preferred lender a copy of any competing offer.  
    • Ask for better terms.
    • Leverage your broader relationship with the lender.
    • Find out why any offer made was not better.  
Get better business loan offers now!

1. Show the lender a competing offer. 

Use existing offers to your advantage by giving the funding source info on the offers to negotiate what they have on the table.


You are approved for $25,000 cash flow loan, but you wanted more money and a longer term.  You have requested better terms but are turned down.

However,  you have existing offers from other funders.  Show your preferred lender the actual offer from another institution if it matches or beats theirs.  This can be an email offer you received or pdf file.

Effectiveness:  This is often highly effective because it proves that you have other offers.   You have more negotiating power when other lenders know you have options.  Provide documentation on multiple offers to increase the pressure on your preferred lender to make the concessions you want.

Rarely Done:  Very few people think to show one lender a competing offer from another lender.   One investor does not know that you have offers from other investors.   Stand out above other applicants and show competing offers.

Confidentiality:   Is this confidential information?  It is the same you gave the other lenders, so there isn’t anything confidential you are giving away.  Your current lender already has the information, so it is not confidential.

2. Ask for better terms.

The key terms and conditions of the business loan offer are:

Amount:  You can ask for approximately a 10% increase since some loan programs have the discretion to increase the approval by a small amount.  Give a relevant reason why your business is asking for the higher amount.

Term (Number of Months): The number of months often has some room for negotiation.   Ask for a 3-6 month bump in the terms instead of 12.

Rates:  Better rates are often hard to negotiate.   The funding source will generally give you the rate that matches your risk profile.  Negotiating rates may be easier when it is a brokered transaction and there are points or fees in the deal.

Check to see if there is a different loan program with the same loan provider that would be a better fit.  Doing so may give your business better terms automatically just by switching to another program.

Also ask the representative about loan features and benefits.  There may be incentives and benefits in the existing approval that are already available just by asking for them.

3. Leverage any broader relationship with lender. 

Applicants often have an existing relationship with the lender they apply with.

Deposit Relationship:  Make sure the funding source considers any deposit accounts into their loan decision because automated business loan programs skip this review in their loan processing.

Borrowing History: Any good previous borrowing history should factor into the approval decision.

4. Find out why the offer was not stronger. 

Lenders automatically give decline reasons but do not tell you how approval terms could be improved.

Contact a loan officer and ask them what prevented your loan from having more favorable terms such a higher loan amount, number of months and rate.  Take a close look at those reasons and decide if you can overcome them right away rather than taking more time to fix them.

A higher credit score for better loan terms probably will take too long.   Getting updated financials showing your business in a stronger financial situation is faster and therefore could be used to get an improved business loan offer quickly.

For more ways to get the most out of your offers, check out 7 ways to boost your borrowing power.

FAQ: Frequently asked Questions on getting a superior business loan approval:

How can I get a better offer?

You may get better terms if you have multiple offers and show them to the lender you want.  Tell them they need to beat the other offers in order for your business to close with them.

Will the Lender negotiate?

They are most likely to negotiate if they are given an incentive to do so.   Applicants who prove they can close with another funding source and are prepared to do so will often get a negotiated closing.

What if I don’t get better terms from the lender?

Apply with other programs if you are likely to get multiple offers.    After getting 2 other offers, go back to the lender you want to close with and negotiate their offer.

Conclusion: Take advantage of easy ways to get a better  business loan approval.

Most applicants do not push for improved offers from lenders and as a result, miss easy ways to get a stronger deal.

Taking other approvals and asking your favorite lender to beat them always gives you a strong chance of getting concessions.   Ask for better terms and use any existing and previous relationships when negotiating. You will probably greatly increase your chances of getting an improvement on the original approval!