Declined for not enough collateral? How to get your business loan approved

Has your business been declined for not having enough collateral or collateral the lender wants?

Choose from a small business loan that has 5 very flexible no collateral requirements.      Click on the Docusign application below because fast as same day or next day funding is just a click away.

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Business funding does not have to be hard to get.   Does your business have collateral or cash flow?   If so, there is a program that will fund your business.  Denied for not enough collateral?  See Tips, FAQ questions and answers below.

Declined for not enough collateral: How to get your business loan approved
The most flexible business loan collateral options of all programs. If it can be used as collateral for a business loan, it will be!

FAQ Frequently asked questions on being declined for a business loan for insufficient collateral and also unacceptable collateral.

What does insufficient collateral mean?

Insufficient collateral means you or your business do not have the assets the lender requires to secure a loan. Programs vary from lender to lender. If you received this decline reason,  then check with other lenders or consider other business loan programs.

What can be used as collateral for a secured loan?

Many types of assets can be used as collateral for a business loan depending on the lender and the program.  For example, accounts receivables, equipment, vehicles, stocks and real estate are commonly used.

What if I don’t have collateral?

If your business does not have collateral for a loan, then consider a cash flow loan or unsecured loan. Most unsecured business loans look at your monthly business deposits. Other unsecured programs also look at tax returns, financial statements as well as business and personal credit.

Why do I have to have collateral?

Collateral may be required because the lender needs security in order to even offer a business loan.   The lender sells the collateral when a borrower defaults and recovers much or all of what is owed on the loan. This often lets the lender offer more approvals and make more aggressive offers.   As a result,  they will lose less from default customers through the collateral in the loan.

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Proof of Insurance on Collateral

What is Proof of Insurance?

Proof of insurance for collateral is required for many types of transactions and contracts, including business loans.


A business owner is approved for a business loan.   One of the requirements for closing is to show Full Coverage insurance.   For businesses without insurance on collateral, consider other types of business loans that do not require it.
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Customers cannot always show evidence of Insurance.
What can you do if you cannot show Proof of Insurance for a business loan?
Get low cost insurance to show the coverage you need.   This is
probably the best option if you need to get business funds soon and are already
approved for a loan.

Proof of Insurance
Does your Transaction require Proof of Insurance

Get funding through a different type of loan which
may not need to show Full Coverage Insurance, including a Bank Statement Loan, an Accounts Receivables loan, and also a loan based on Stocks.

Why is Insurance needed and can it be waived?
If Insurance is needed to complete a Transaction, it will not likely be waived because the Lender needs collateral coverage.
Insurance covers the replacement cost of the Asset and the Lender may be approving the loan based on the asset.  The Lenders needs insurance because if the Collateral is damaged, a total loss or stolen, the Lender cannot recoup their losses.   If the Lender does not have this coverage, they probably would not have approved that type of financing.

So if you cannot get and afford full coverage insurance, you can also look at other business loan options.

The following are frequent requests and statements:
– I do not have insurance and full coverage insurance on my Collateral.
– Cannot show proof of insurance on my Collateral, Asset or Equipment.
– I need a business loan without  Proof of Insurance.

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