Less than $10,000 in deposits per month

Has your business been declined for having less than $10,000 in deposits per month?    This is also called minimum monthly sales of $10,000 or more.  Many lenders will decline companies that have monthly sales below this amount.

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We have outstanding programs for companies with low deposit volume of less than $10,000 per month, and another program for less than $7,500 per month.   Companies may qualify for a weekly or monthly payment.   Deposits of $5,000 or more per month minimum are required to have an opportunity for approval or an offer to be made.
Join thousands of businesses whose revenues are less than $10,000 per month that have been approved and funded.   Together, we will get you to the right program.

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less than $10,000 in deposits per month
Have less than $10,000 in deposits per month.

less than $10,000 in deposits per month

If your business’ total monthly sales are less than $10,000 per month, many lenders will either not accept your business or decline for volume too low.  Other decline reasons are “deposit volume below minimum”,  “business volume below requirements” or similar.

Faq, frequently asked questions on businesses with less than $10000 per month in deposits

We were declined for having less than $10000 per month in deposits. Can we still get funding?
You can get funding for your business with less. As long as your business has the cash flow to make the payments then you may be approved for funding
Our business only had 1 month in the past 3 months under $10000. We had a $3000 month. Can we still qualify for business funding?
Your average deposits per month likely was over $7500 and stands a good chance of approval even though 1 months was below $4,000.
What is the lowest amount in deposits we can have per month?
The lowest amount amount of monthly deposits is $4000 per month.   Higher deposits totals will usually bring higher offer and approval amounts.   Higher average daily balances will help get higher offers.

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Not enough Deposits: Business loan declined?

Business loan applications are sometimes declined for not enough deposits.
Businesses have used cash flow loans to a great extent in recent years to finance their businesses.    The business account has limited activity or no activity in one of the most recent months.
How can your business fix being declined for a business loan for not enough deposits?   There are several tips that your business can follow to get financing, either right away or in the short term.   Apply below or see our FAQ Frequently asked questions below :

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Our Small Business Development Center assists in getting past these problems to help business owners get a fast and easy business loan.

FAQ Frequently asked questions on being declined for a business loan for
not having enough deposits

My business was declined for not having enough deposits. How many deposits do we need each month?
The number of deposits your business needs depends on the type of loan the business is applying for. For a merchant cash advance, 5 deposits or more per month is best. Other business loans may require more or less.
Our business had more than 5 deposits per month, so why were we still denied for not having enough deposits?
Many businesses are declined for having deposits that are transfers from other accounts or deposits that are not from the operation of the business. Those types of deposits are not considered for an approval.
Our business only has 2 or 3 larger deposits per month. How can we qualify for loans that require more deposits?
Get more deposits per month and more customers. Lenders consider a low number of deposits into a business account as higher risk because it means the business has fewer customers that it earns revenue from. Losing 1 customer will impact revenues and ability to repay a loan much more. Some businesses request their customers to make smaller, more frequent payments. This shows a steadier income which lenders consider lower risk.

Not enough deposits per Month
Has your business been declined for not having enough deposits per month?

How to get approved.

Talk to lenders in advance and find out if the lender has a minimum number of deposits per month needed to be approved for financing.  We can direct your business to these programs so that you can apply for the right program and can get approved.

Other options

Make more deposits immediately during the rest of the month and apply at the start of the next month.   A deposit to a business checking account statement is often from several customers.   Retailers usually have several checks and cash from several customers, go to the bank and make 1 deposit.    Instead of 1 large deposit, break the deposit into several smaller deposits over the course of 2 or 3 days.

Talk to the Merchant Cash Advance companies and ACH business loan lenders directly about being declined and ask them how you can get your business approved.   As your business grows, it will add more customers.  Having deposits from more customers will increase the number of deposits per month into your business account.   As a result, this will make your business a better risk from the lender’s point of view.   The number of customers a business has is an important part of looking at risk by lenders.
For example, restaurants have hundreds of customers per week.   As a result, they will show many deposits per month.   Restaurants that lose a few customers only lose a small percent of their customer base.   A business that has 4 large customers loses 25% of their customer base when they lose just 1 of their customers.

Possible solution:

If you know the deposits you make into your business checking account have multiple items, you can tell the Merchant Cash Advance company or ACH business loan company.
What are multiple items?
Multiple items means that the funds in the deposit are from more than 1 customer.    If the merchant cash advance company knows this, you can get a copy of the deposit from the bank.   The copy of the deposit will show the items deposited. If it is 5 items, you may get credit for 5 deposits instead of 1.     You may be able to get the MCA company to change the decline to an approval.   A number of ACH lenders and merchant cash advance companies are open to this.

If this does not work, ask how long you have to wait before they will consider you again.  Be clear on what they want to see the next time so you will not be declined again.

Get working capital through other loans

If the options above do not work or you cannot wait, your business can consider other types of business loans.   Which ones are best depend mostly on your company’s profile.    Choices include:
– Monthly Term loans up to 48 months based on Tax Returns
– Accounts Receivables Financing
– Business loans based based on Real Estate or Equipment Assets.
Business loans based on real estate, equipment or accounts receivables will usually not have this requirement.   Having collateral that covers the loan amount means that cash flow is not as critical.    The number of customers is also not important.

Unsecured loans depend heavily on cash flow and as a result, the cash flow of the business is scrutinized much more.    Businesses applying for unsecured loans should also have financial statements that show the business making money and having net income.   Many businesses do not show net income and this hurts their request and also causes declines.

The SBA small business administration also has excellent resources on alternative business loans