My daily mca merchant cash advance payment is too high. What can I do?

Choose from several options to lower your daily mca merchant cash advance payments safely and quickly.   No settlements, coj filings, or having to default.  You do not need to close your accounts.   Your business and business reputation is not harmed.

Your payments can be safely lowered or eliminated without hurting any of your relationships, including vendor relationships.    Apply below to arrange for lower payments :

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My daily mca merchant cash advance payment is too high. What can I do?
Is your daily merchant cash advance payment too high for you to survive? Solve your problem now.

Avoid closing your business checking account and being declared in default. These lower daily payment options are safe.   They typically prevent a coj certificate of judgment from being filed against your business when you act immediately.

FAQ, Frequently asked questions:

Question: How are my payments lowered?
Answer: The daily and weekly payments are lowered either through a payoff , consolidation or restructuring.   You will be paying much less than you are paying now.   Your business pays a lower amount for a longer period of time.
Question: How much can I get my daily mca payments lowered?
Answer: You can get the payment lowered 25% to 50% in most cases.   Sometimes the payments can be lowered  as much as 50% to 75%.
Question: I have more than 1 advance.  Can I get my payment lowered on all of them?
It may be possible to lower or pay all of them off even if you have 2 or 3 advances.
Question: I have several advances.   Can you help me?
Answer:  You can get help you need even if you have as many as 4 or 5 advances.
Question:Are there any problems with lowing my daily payments?
There should not be any risks if you are approved for one of these programs and follow through on paying off the other advances.   The biggest risk is not acting in time.    Act before you miss payments and are declared in default.
Question: I am being told by my merchant cash advance company that I signed the contract and so I have to keep making the payments I agreed do.  They are telling me there is no other option.  what can i do?
You are not stuck and there are in fact other ways to get out of the problem.  You can pay them off or pay less.   The best way is to just study what options are available for you to resolve your cash advance problem.   You will almost always find out there is a better way ahead than staying the same course you are one.  Review the options and decide which option is best for you.   This will depend on  your individual business circumstances and cash flow.
Question: Can I get a monthly or weekly payment instead of a daily payment?
Answer: You may qualify for a monthly payment program for enough to payoff the balances.   Your business may get help it needs, even with a much lower weekly or daily consolidation payment.    Your monthly cash payments can still be 25% to 50% or lower.

In summary

Is your mca payment is too high? Reduce it without settlements, coj filings, or having to default.  No closing accounts or harming your business reputation.