Landlord Contact Information

Landlord contact information: What is it?

Landlord Contact information is the Name, address and Telephone number of a person or business’s Landlord.  It is used to verify personal residence or a business location.

Examples of Landlord Contact Information: 

A business owner applies for a business loan and is approved.  One of the closing stipulations is to get Landlord Contact Information. If the business owner is asked to get this, they can consider other types of business loans that do not require it.
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Did you know?

Customers do not always have this contact information. What to you do if you are a Home based business and are being asked for this information?   What if you are also the owner of the property and it is paid off?

Let the person requesting this information know you own the property and also if it is paid off.    If you are Home Based, let them know this.   Being home based is often acceptable and you will instead be asked for other information to satisfy this requirement.

This information is requested for many reasons.   Most often when someone is requesting a product or service, and also entering into a Contract.

Landlord Contact Information
What is Landlord Contact Information?

Requests and statements by callers below include:
Why am I being asked for Landlord contact information and what
should I provide?
Give whatever information is asked for.   If you are not sure why it is being requested, ask why.   Sometimes a Lender will try to call the Landlord as part of a personal loan or business loan request.  Ask the Lender if they will call your Landlord.   If so, give your Landlord a heads up to expect a verification call.   Many loans are delayed because they don’t know they will be getting a call.

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Types of Emergency contact requests:

Background Check for business loans: How to apply and what to know

Background checks for business loans are when there is an investigation into the history of a person or company.    This may include criminal history, civil suits, credit checks, employment history, educational history, tax history and other checks.

Examples of a background check and background history review.

A business owner applies for a business loan and is approved.
One of the closing stipulations is to get and review the background history of the business owner.
A business owner cannot pass a background history review and is declined because of something in their background.   For that reason they should consider other types of business loans that may not require a background check.    If get a business loan with a criminal history, or if you cannot pass a background information review, contact us below at for several options.
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Did you know?

Customers cannot always pass a criminal background check for a business loan.
What can you do if the owner cannot pass a check on their past history for a business loan?

Background Check
Get a business loan without a background check or if you cannot pass a background check

Faq, frequently asked questions on a background check and history review

What is a background check?

A background check is a search into state and federal records on an individual. The check searches for any criminal records including felony and misdemeanor records. It also checks personal credit, current and previous residences, work history and employers, marital history, divorce records and may include driving records.

I was denied for a business loan for failing a background check. What can I do?

Contact the lender and ask them what their criteria for background checks is. They may
tell you. Try to find out if what is on your background is a clear and hard decline reason or if it was a close call. If you can determine if it was a close call then provide an explanation for your background and ask for a re-review along with your explanation. As an example, if you have an assault and battery charge on your record but it was reduced to disorderly conduct, then tell the lender this. You may have been declined for the charge rather than the much lesser conviction. If you were denied for a much lesser conviction then you were denied for the original charge which is only an

How can I get approved for a business loan with a criminal record and bad background?

Do research to find lenders that will still consider businesses with owners that have something on their background history. Have the details of your background ready
and contact those lenders. Get as much detail as you can when you are talking with them. Match up to the business lender that is most likely to consider your request and apply.

Will I get declined for a business loan with a drug history on my record?

This depends on the lender. In many cases a drug history will not be a major obstacle to getting a business loan. However the severity of the offense may be important. Offenses involving drugs and minors or sale and distribution may be an issue with lenders. You can ask in advance if the lender has a policy on these issues.

Can I get a business loan to start a business with a criminal felony on my background

This may depend on the severity of the background history and conviction
as well as if there are multiple counts. Some states restrict people with a felony or
other criminal history on their background from being able to get licensed for certain occupations. Guidelines are different with each lender and what they allow. Check with the lender.

Will a misdemeanor get me declined for a business loan?

A misdemeanor should not cause you to be declined for a business loan or have any trouble getting a business license.

There are other options for you.  above all, contact us to discuss other options.   Explain what will show up on your record and we will offer other options that can work.

Background history reviews are done for many reasons.   Most often they are completed when someone is requesting a product or service and also entering into a Contract or Relationship with someone else.   They are not always looked at the same way.   What is looked for is totally up to the party that is pulling the report and also what they decide about the information.

What do you do if you want a business loan with no background check?   If this has caused you a problem, call us above.
You will find funding options for borrowers with background issues. Even more, you will get personalized discreet service with a representative that understands these issues.

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