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697,000 job openings in Healthcare and Education September 2012

697,000 job openings in September 2012, according to the 8:30 A.M. Tuesday, November 6th release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The bureau of labor statistics reported that this sector category, healthcare and education, had more job openings than any other sector.     This was followed by professional and business services, which had 651,000 job openings in September 2012.   The next highest category was Health Care / Social Assistance with 632,000 for the month of September.

The next highest category was Trade, Transportation and Utilities at 597,000 job openings for the month, then Government at 368,000.   Retail trade came in at 358,00 job openings,  then accommodation and food services at 339,000.   The next category was state and local government at 299,000 job openings.