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Advantage of leases on personal credit

Leases have long been a popular financial instrument.   Leases are often reported differently than regular loans.   Depending upon the lessee, the reporting differences may be an advantage or a disadvantage.

In many cases, leases are not reported on personal credit, especially business leases.  In a business lease, the lease is not reported on the signer’s personal credit.   For more established businesses and individuals with a longer, more established credit history, the fact that the lease is not reported is considered an advantage because it will not be counted as an additional debit to the individual.   Conversely, if the lease were reported, it would be considered a disadvantage.


In the case of newer businesses, younger individuals or individuals with limited credit, the fact that the lease is not reported on individual credit could be considered a disadvantage.  In these situations, the lessee may want to build up positive business credit and personal credit and a new significant reporting would be an advantage.    For any business that is less than 3 to 5 years old, a lease reporting will help the business credit since the business is building up credit.

Many of the business credit agencies will report the lease or show the lease under one of their industry trade account listings.    D & B, Experian Business credit report and Paynet will typically report the trade reference.    The lessee can take the lease number, lender name and lease approved amount, contact the business credit reporting agencies and check if they are being reported.   If not, the lessee can provide the information to the business reporting agency and get it listed.   Some of the business credit agencies may not have an account or file for the lessee’s business.  In that case, the lessee needs to decide if they want to establish a file.   The business credit reporting agencies may charge a significant fee to get a business credit profile established.


If that occurs, the lessee needs to have as many business trade accounts ready as possible. The lessee should have a list ready with existing trade reference company name and account numbers.

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