Copy of Business License

What is a Business License?

A Business License is a certificate issued by a City, County or State Government to a business.   The license legally verifies the business and the  right to operate.    Many business transactions require a business license.
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FAQ Frequently asked questions on needing a copy of a business license

I am being asked for a copy of my business license, but I am incorporated and do not have a business license. What should I provide?
Provide your articles of incorporation. A copy of a business license or articles of Incorporation are both proof that your business legally exists. Sole proprietors and partnerships may only have a business license. Corporations and LLC’s may only have articles of incorporation that should be accepted in place of a business license.  Certain professions may still require a separate business license, such as doctors, dentists, and occupations for which the work requires state certification. Check with the city, county and state to find out what your business can and should obtain
Can a business license be required for a business loan?
A business license can be required by a lender or anyone that you are doing business with. The license proves that your business exists and verifies the exact legal name of the business. The exact legal name is usually the one in which all legal contracts and documents are written. This is critical because if there is any serious dispute or default, the contract may be legally invalid if an incorrect business name is listed on the contracts or other documentation.
Does the name of the owner need to appear on the business license?
The name of the business owner does not legally have to be on the business license. However, in practice the name of the owner is listed on the business license in the case of a sole proprietorship and names may be listed in a partnership. Individual names are generally omitted for a corporation but may be listed on the articles of incorporation. A common exception is if the corporation is named after the owner, followed by inc.

Copy of Business License

Business Licenses fall into certain Categories.
– General City or County Business license.
– Professional Licenses.
Get a business license or articles of incorporation if you are new or start up business because you  will need this to operate your business later and get financing.  Professional licenses are often in addition to professional licenses.   For example,  medical licenses such as a physician, dentist and chiropractors require additional licenses. Other types of Professional Licenses can include certain types of Construction, Engineering, Real Estate Agents and many more.
These types of Professional licenses are often in addition to a standard business license required by the city or state.

Copy of Business License
Ways to show a Copy of a Business License

Did you know?

Some business legally operate without a Business License?
Some States do not require a business license to legally operate.   States may allow, but it can make operating much more difficult for the business.   Other businesses that require a business license to do business with them will not waive their requirement.  It will not matter to them if the State does not require it and will still require one.  Get a business license.  If your business was a Sole Proprietor, save all of the old Business licenses that you had.

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