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One Month Time in Business  Loans

Brand New businesses!
Business loan program available now with one month’s bank statement and just one month’s time in business!

Complete the one page application below & provide the first month’s business bank statement. This is a start up specialty bank statement loan program.

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1.Only 1 Month’s bank statement required.
2.New Businesses.
3. Fast offer and closing.

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New Business:  Loan program

New businesses can get approved with just the most recent month’s statement and the fast 15 second application.   Renew the loan and increase the approval amount as your sales increase.

This program is excellent for
New Businesses.
Companies that expect to have big swings in business revenue due to the covid-19 pandemic after they open.
Businesses that want to establish a partner relationship with a lender.

With this program, the most recent 3 months bank statements are not required.

Typical Existing Programs

Almost all current programs require the most recent three months bank statements and a month to date statement.

Why?    Underwriting wants to see how the company’s cash flow has been over the most recent months.    They take the average of those 3 months and issue an approval based on the average.

Example: A business provides statements for the last 90 days and has the following total deposits during that time.

July:  $10,000
June: $15,000
May:  $10,000
The average per month is calculated as follows:
$35,000 % 3 = $11,666 per month.   In this example, the lender can make an offer knowing that the business brings in an average of $11,666 month.

Lenders cannot calculate an average with only the numbers for the last 30 days.  If the business deposited $10,000 in July,  then the lender will make an offer based just on that 30 day total.

An offer may be slightly lower, but the business has the opportunity to get a higher renewal offer quickly.   As sales increase, the business can get a much higher renewal offer.

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FAQ on business loans with only 1 months bank statement.

Can we get a loan with just 1 month’s bank statement?

Yes. You only need to provide the first month’s statement as a brand new business.  Businesses that had a strong month since the 1st of the current month can provide a month to date statement to get a higher offer.

What if our first month had low sales?

You may still be able to get a starter offer.   As your sales grow,  you will be offered higher amounts quickly.   This is a relationship product that your business can use like a Line of Credit.

Can we get approved with only a few weeks in business?

You only need 4 weeks or more in business.   If the business began the previous month, then provide information since the beginning of the new month.   This can be a MTD Month to Date statement.


New businesses have limited or no funding options.   This new program allows them to get capital after only 1 month.

Even better, a relationship is established with the lender.   The borrower can get more working capital sooner and for larger amounts as the relationship is developed.

Asset Based Loan

Loan For New Retail Location: Best Way to judge foot traffic?

Loan for a new retail location – best way to judge foot traffic?

Many businesses, especially retail businesses, including franchises, spend significant amounts of time and money assessing what they can expect in terms of customer volume or customer foot traffic.   Things such as government population block statistics, demographics, tax revenues, year to year growth, and other factors are considered,  and may very well be critical.

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However, in some retail situations, simply closely watching the foot traffic in a shopping center or district over a period of hours on many days and weeks, may be crucial information.   If this is not done and is lacking in the decision making process as to where to locate, it can prove highly detrimental to the business.

A retail business may have found a shopping center or shopping mall for which the ownership can show strong sales for the center and mall overall.   They may also be able to show strong income statistics on residents in the area.    However, other details need to be looked at.

If the shopping center or mall is large and has  a second and even a third floor, the actual customer foot traffic should be looked at real time over the course of hours and even weeks or months.    What should be considered is:

Seasonality – Is the location or center seasonal, does it receive business seasonally, or is business steady throughout the year?

Sales of Largest Stores within Shopping Center – The center or mall may have strong sales overall, but maybe those are total overall sales statistics for the mall as a whole.   Many shopping centers or malls have large anchor stores which may bring in a high percentage of the sales for one store, thus possibly skewing the statistics for the whole center.

Location of Store within Shopping Center – This can be the most important factor.    A shopping center or district may have strong sales but depending upon the actual location of the store, sales may suffer if the location, even within a successful center or mall are strong.

If the location is in the back of the mall, in a corner, or around a corner, this fact can devastate sales.    All it can take is for a store to be just a few doors down from the heaviest traffic area for it to make the difference between success or not.

Another factor is if a store has a higher floor locations, and if so, where on the higher floors is the store, and how is the layout.   In many shopping districts and center, shoppers start out and often stay on the ground or main level and will not go to the trouble of getting to the higher levels.

This can be particularly true of 2 level shopping centers or malls for which many shoppers are using the stairs.    Many shoppers will simply not use the stairs and will stay on the ground floor.    Another difficulty is that of the percentage of the shoppers that do use the stairs, a significant percentage of those will shop a less extensive area of the stores than on the main level.    They often will only go to the first several shops in the higher level.    If a store in such a situation is on the 2nd level  and far from the main stairs and elevator, this can have a major impact on sales.

As a result, the location of a retail store within a shopping center or mall must be carefully considered,  both statistics wise and in person.

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Small Business Loan resources:

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Will the new debt commission be a saving grace?


Will the new debt commission be a saving grace?

The new debt commission, chartered by Congress, and required to come up with at least $2 trillion dollars in spending cuts in the next 10 years, may long term, in the forced absence of revenue increases,  be an important positive result of the debt ceiling debacle in July and August of 2011.

Some revenue increases as part of the solution, which can be a combination of the closing of corporate tax loopholes and a general, even minor increase in tax rates, would have really significantly improved the country’s long term deficit problem, which would have provided long term fiscal stability, even in the face of a minor slowdown.

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While increases on the revenue side may have contributed to a minor slowdown in commerce, or total GDP in the short term, such a cost, as payment for a major, and real reduction in the nation’s deficit problem, probably would have been worth the price of halting continued deficits and increasing the national debt.

International investors and trading partners would have felt that the U.S. is getting it’s fiscal act together in a serious way.   This can also still be accomplished with a balanced budget amendment, though this would be very difficult to accomplish in the current political environment.

In the absence of a probable “full solution”,  the creation of a debt commission, which must come up with recommendations that meet the target cuts, otherwise face across the board cuts of equivalent amounts,  will definitely help the country’s current fiscal problems.
Nevertheless, the current cuts, although helpful, will not be enough to solve the deficit and debt problem.   Further significant action will be required.

Very few of the debt commissions recommendations in the past have been followed by either party.   The recommendations are argued about for a week or so then the media shifts to other subjects and their work only lives in the history books.   In the future, it may be come difficult to get respected individuals to participate on the panels.