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Bureau of Labor Statistics – Unemployment down in October

According to the 10:00 A.M. November 28th release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Unemployment was down in 329 of the 372 Metropolitan areas in the United States.

The bureau further reported that unemployment was higher in 37 areas and unchanged in 6 areas.    Three Metropolitan areas reported jobless rates of 15%, while 41 areas registered rates of 5.0% or less.   In October, 35 Metropolitan areas reported jobless rates of at least 10%, down from 80 Metropolitan areas the year prior.

180 Metropolitan areas reported unemployment rates below 7.0%, up from 107 areas in October 2011.   The two Metropolitan areas with the highest reported Unemployment rates were Yuma, AZ with 29.8% and El Centro, CA with 28.1%.   Bizmark, North Dakota reported the lowest unemployment rate at 2.2%.