5 old business rules that still rule the business world

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5 old business rules that still rule

Talk to your prospect

Р Today, many employees prefer to communicate with customers online, either primarily or exclusively.   There are at least 5 old business rules that still rule and are almost guaranteed to boost business sales.   The most critical time to actually speak to a prospect is often in the initial conversation.   This is the time when your prospect will make the following critical decisions.

How much confidence do I have in your company?

How much confidence do I have in this employee to get me what I need?

A prospect will often not say as much online as they would in person or on the phone.  If a prospective customer does not have the confidence in the employee they are speaking with, they will not have confidence in the company.   If financing is needed, Apply above or contact us:

Find out your clients goals

When speaking with your prospect ask them their business goals.   Some effective
questions to ask are the following. ¬† What does your business do and what are you trying to accomplish? ¬† What is your business looking to achieve? ¬† These questions have more than one purpose. ¬† The first purpose is to get the customer to talk. ¬† The second purpose is to get the customer to talk about what they are trying to accomplish for their business. ¬† This is really asking the client the most important question in the right way. ¬†Why are you calling us? ¬† Getting the prospect to talk early in the conversation about what they are trying to accomplish is very effective. ¬† The prospect’s focus goes back to what they really need rather than overly scrutinizing your company’s services.

The more the customer says, the more you can determine if and how your company can help.    If your company can help, you will be able to immediately tell the prospect how so.

Show the customer how your product or service will truly help their business

Demonstrate how your Company’s products and services can help the customer.
Don’t just tell the customer about what your product does, tell them how it will benefit
the prospect. ¬† ¬†Telling the customer how your product will benefit their business with a generic benefit and features speech should be avoided. ¬† As much as possible, the salesperson should zero in specifically on the details of what the customer has told you about their need. ¬† You should then match your company’s product or service to the detail they provided you.

Example: ¬†Your business provides car lifts to Auto Repair shops. ¬† Focus on how much your product will increase your client’s revenues. ¬† Don’t just tell the prospect what your lift can do. ¬†Tell your prospect every way in which your company’s list will increase their revenues.

Remind the customer on the revenue aspect.    How many more customers can they service per day, per week and per month.   Ask them how much their average sales ticket is for each customer.   Multiply the average sales ticket times the number of daily customers.  Send these forecasts to the prospect.   The client will almost certainly be generally aware of these numbers.   You are trying to keep a focus on this, since it may be the most important issue.

Follow up with the prospect

Businesses can secure many more clients by simply following up with a new prospect. When someone contacts your business expressing interest in doing business with you, follow up with that prospect. ¬†The initial call may reveal a potential match between the customer’s needs and what your business can offer them. ¬† If they do not become a customer during the first contact, a followup should take place with the first few days.
How soon a followup should happen depends a lot on the industries involved and type of business you are dealing with.

One very effective method is to offer to send the customer more information.   If the prospect agrees,  you can contact the prospect to see if they received the information.  Once you call the prospect, you can probe about their continued interest.

Ask for the business

There are different ways to ask for the business.   The common thread is making a leading statement of some type.  This could be telling the customer how soon they will receive the product or service if they act right away.   The prospect can be reminded about how soon they can begin seeing increased revenues and results.   Once the prospect truly believes they will be making more money, the more motivated they will be to closing a sale.

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