Daily MCA payments high? Lower payment rescue

Choose from several options to lower your daily mca merchant cash advance payments quickly – and safely.   No settlements, coj filings, or having to default.  You do not need to close your accounts.   Your business reputation is not damaged.

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Your payments can be safely lowered or eliminated without hurting any of your relationships, including vendor relationships.  No delinquencies or disputes with your existing cash advance companies, upfront payments or paying into an account to solve the problem.

Daily or weekly payments are reduced 25% to 50%.   Some options reduce payments up to 75%.   Apply below for the fast track to affordable mca payments for your business:

My daily mca merchant cash advance payment is too high. What can I do?
Is your daily merchant cash advance payment too high for you to survive? Solve your problem now.

Avoid closing your business checking account and being declared in default. These lower daily payment options are safe.   They typically prevent a coj certificate of judgment from being filed against your business when you act immediately.

FAQ, Frequently asked questions:

Question: How are my payments lowered?

Answer: The daily and weekly payments are lowered through a payoff, restructuring or consolidation. Your business will be paying a much lower amount for a longer amount of time.

Question: How much lower will my payments be?

Answer: Payments are lowered 25% to 50%. Some get payments lowered up to 75% with a monthly payment for 2 to 3 years. There are not any negative actions on your current advances. The advances you have now do not go delinquent, charge off or default.

Question: Can I get my payments lowered on more than 1 advance?

The programs lower or pay them all off, even if you have several advances. Your payments are reduced the maximum amount based on your current situation.

Question: Does lowering my daily payments cause any new problems with my existing advances?

No. There should not be any problems if you are approved for one of these programs and payoff the other advances. Act before you miss payments, are declared in default and cannot qualify for the better programs. Your current advance companies are not negatively affected or contacted other than to pay them off.

Question: Do I have to keep making the full daily payments like the mca company is telling me?

Apply for programs that consolidate or refinance them for a much longer term. Continue making your daily payments on the current advances if possible until you are approved. You want to avoid missing more than two or three payments in a row or be declared a default.

In summary

Is your mca payment is too high? Reduce it without settlements, coj filings, or having to default.  No closing accounts or harming your business reputation.