Need a 3rd third position merchant cash advance?

Does your business need a 3rd position merchant cash advance?   Fast funding, including same day funding.  If your business needs another advance or 3rd position position cash advance, considered updates below.
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How to get a 3rd position merchant cash advance:

  1. Decide how much money your business needs.  Then calculate how much the business can afford to pay each day.   For a 3rd position advance, figure out how much is the maximum you can afford per day and the total your business can pay for cash advances overall.
  2. Apply for the cash advance program that best matches your business cash flow.
  3. If approved, review all closing documentation and requirements.   If needed have a specialist review the contracts and return completed contracts and all documentation for funding.   Complete merchant funding call with the funder.
    Funds are deposited into your business checking account the same day or next day.
Need a 3rd position merchant cash advance
Does your business need another cash advance?

F.A.Q.’s, Frequently asked questions on getting a 3rd position

My business needs more capital and we already have 2 merchant cash advances. Can we get another cash advance?
Your business can get a third position merchant cash advance. We will also assist you in making sure your business has the cash flow to handle and pay a 3rd position. If you can handle it, your business will be made an offer.
What is the longest term we can get?
Payments and terms can be between 60 and 180 days. The terms offered will depend on your business cash flow and ability to handle the debt and payment.
Will I be declined because I already have 2 advances?
The funder will not decline your business because you already have more than one advance. Your cash flow will determine how much more funding your business can handle.
I want the maximum. How do I know if the lender is offering the most I qualify for?
Your business will always get the highest offer it qualifies for. Whatever the maximum is your business profile can be approved for, your business will receive that offer for funding. There are not any limitations on the program. Final offers will depend on the cash advance company guidelines
Can you have two cash advances at once?
Your business can have more than once mca cash advance. Business cash flow mainly
determines how many cash advances you can be approved for at one time. A business that has the can flow for two or three advances or more can qualify to have several advances.

Accounts Receivables Financing
Accounts Receivables Financing is a type of financing through which your business can get paid now on invoices for payment that have already been sent. This works especially well if your business often has to wait 20, 30 or more days to get paid.
The cash flow of millions of businesses suffer because they are paid 2 to 6 weeks after issuing an invoice for payment instead of immediately after an invoice has been sent.

Need a 2nd position merchant cash advance?

2nd position merchant cash advance programs with fast closing are available immediately.  With good cash flow merchants can afford more than one advance.   Funding the same day with the most competitive rates available.   Apply below.

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How to get a 2nd position merchant cash advance:

  1. Step 1:  Review your business funding needs and cash flow.   How much more can your business afford to repay per day and per week?
  2. Step 2:  Determine the approval amount your maximum daily repayment equals.   The average cash advance is 9 months or 189 days.   If the maximum additional daily payment your business can afford is $100 per day then $100 X 189 = $18900.
  3. Step 3:  Select the funders with the products that best match your businesses needs as well as credit and time in business.
Pick the funders with the second position options that best match your business needs along with credit and time in business.
  • Step  4:  Contact the best second position cash advance options.   Discuss your business profile with the representative.   Select the best matching program for your business and apply.

    Contact the best 2nd position cash advance options
  • Step 5:   When approved look at the daily or weekly repayment and the mca loan contract.  If you want to close, then provide all the required closing documentation and complete the transaction.

    Make sure your business can handle the daily or weekly 2nd position payments.
    When approved, look at the daily or weekly repayment and the mca loan contract.
  • Step 6:  Complete the transaction and receive funds into your business checking account.
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Need a 2nd second position mca merchant cash advance
Get a 2nd position mca merchant cash advance and lower your payments. *if qualified.

A 3rd position mca cash advance if your business can handle and needs more funds than a second position is available.

More on a 2nd position cash advance, including specific cases and requests.

F.A.Q.’s, Frequently asked questions on a 2nd position merchant cash advance.

What is a second position cash advance?
A 2nd position merchant cash advance is when a business takes out a cash advance while having one advance they are already paying on. In doing so the business will have a second cash advance that his considered to be behind the first advance. The business will then be making payments on two cash advances. The second merchant cash advance company considers the existing advance payment into their decision to approve a second advance as well as for how much and how long.
I want a second position merchant cash advance with low rates.   Do you offer second positions that have longer terms?
You can be approved for another mca cash advance position and get rate factors as low as 1.19 if your business qualifies.   If you already have a first position now, you may be able to payoff your existing first position cash advance and have just one advance.
How do renewals work on a second position?
Renewals are available when your existing cash advance is 50% to 75% paid down.
What are the longest terms?
Terms are usually a maximum of 360 days.  In some cases up to 10 years is available if the business qualifies.
Can you payoff my existing advance and make it into one loan?
your existing position can be paid off if your balance is low enough.  Estimate the balances on your existing advances when applying.
How important is credit?
Credit is not the main factor.   strength of cash flow is more important.
I need a low daily or  weekly payment and for my daily payment to be lower than it is now.   Can I get a lower payment than I have now?
The lowest daily and weekly and also monthly payments are available. terms as long as 24 months or longer are available to lower your payment.
Do I have other options if I do not qualify for a second position?
Other options include accounts receivables financing and asset based loans. For accounts receivables financing, your business can get paid about 80% of the face value of the invoice immediately.  Once the company you have invoiced pays then your business will get the remaining amount owed less a 1% to 5% fee.  Asset based loans can be against real estate or certain types of equipment.
Why is my second position less than my first position?
The second position is almost always less than the first position. This is because the first position approval amount was supposed to represent the most your business was able to handle and repay. So a second position would be less unless your business revenues increased since your business took out the first position.
Why is my 2nd position cash advance a higher rate than the 1st position?
A 2nd position is considered a higher risk than the first position
My offer for a second mca cash advance is too low. Why is it not higher?
Your second cash advance offer is probably lower because it is additional funding behind an existing cash advance. The amount offered matches what your business can repay./h6>