How to Prove Your Business Address and Location

What can you show to prove your company address and location?

Specific documents that prove the physical address of a business.  Learn which documents you can use, and how to get them.

If you cannot confirm your company’s address or location as proof the business exists , contact us.
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6 Examples of Proof of Address  you can use – Further below.

A company owner applies for a small business loan such as a bank statement loan and is approved.
Closing requirements require the owner to provide documentation of proof of location. For working capital, apply below now.

Accepted Documents

The following which will typically be accepted to confirm a company’s physical location.

1. Utility bills.

2. Commercial rental lease agreement.

3. Mortgage statement.  If the real estate was purchased through a commercial real estate loan, then a current mortgage statement can be provided.

4. A current business license. Often accepted if the address has stayed the same since inception and when the original license was obtained. A sole proprietor can provide a license or a schedule C.

5. Articles of Incorporation. A partnership agreement that has the same address on it may also be accepted.

6. Business tax return. Often accepted if the address matches the listing on the loan application.

FAQ Prove your business address

What is accepted for proof of business address?

A copy of a utility bill, lease, mortgage statement, landlord verification, business license or articles of incorporation should work. See a complete list on this page.

What can I do if my proof is not accepted?

Ask for all the options they will accept as proof of a commercial location. They may accept more than what they list. Pictures and videos of your business may be accepted. A site inspection can work as a last resort.

Why is a P.O. Box not acceptable?

P.O. Boxes are not usually accepted. Addresses that do not have a building or structure, vacant lots and raw land are not accepted as proof of the address and location.

What is a site inspection of my business?

A site inspection is when someone comes in person to inspect your location. This is usually done for loans, vendor relationships and when large contracts are signed between companies. The goal is to confirm the company’s address and that the business is open and operating.

How to prove your company address and location

Step 1: When making any request or application in the name of your company, review in advance what may be required to prove your location.

Step 2: Tip: Gather information you have on your company address in advance.  Have the items available or make a list to discuss.

Step 3: Apply with companies that will accept the proof of business address that you have, or can get.

Narrow down your list of lenders you apply with to those that accept the proof of business location you have.

Step 4: Make contact with funding programs and confirm your business address information will be enough.

Try to confirm ahead of time that the business address information will be satisfactory.

Step 5: Submit a request or application.

When satisfied you will meet the requirements, apply.

Step 6: If you receive an offer, first review the terms including the items required to prove the company location and address. If ready to complete an offer, submit the required items. Get final questions answered before closing. Finalize the transaction.

If you do not have the types of documentation for proof of address,   contact us below.   We can guide you, and give you tips on how you can get proof of your business location.
You don’t have any proof of business location and don’t know what to do and how to get it?
Sometimes the owner cannot prove their address which may be required to close a loan.

Are there other ways to verify it?  What is the lender asking for?  There are other options in addition to the ones listed above.
If you don’t have proof now, review your options and fixes below:

How you can fix the following problem:

I can’t prove my business location.

  1. Get an updated business license showing that address. Your city or county can reprint or resend a copy of your permit to operate.  If it shows a previous and outdated location, then submit a correction before requesting a reprint.
  2. Review the address at the secretary of state to see the current information.  If the current information is wrong, contact the secretary of state and update the articles of incorporation.

Remember:  Evidence of your company’s current address and will be required for funding.    This prevents mail correspondences from being incorrectly sent and also helps prevent owners from making changes without the knowledge of the other owners.

Examples of what generally will not work for proof of address:

  1. Virtual office
  2. P.O. Box: post office box
  3. Vacant lot
  4. Raw land
  5. Any location that does not have a building or structure on it
  6. An out of state address.   This happens when the business is located in one state but was originally located in another.
  7. When the business address is in one state and the owners personal home is in another.   This is an absentee or out of state owner.

There are exceptions to some out of state owner situations.     If the business address is on the border of one state and the owner lives within a reasonable distance in a neighboring state.    An owner that lives less than 50 miles from their physical operations is usually acceptable.  Examples is a company that is listed in Kansas City, KS, and the owner lives in Missouri.    Other examples are a company listed in Chicago, IL, and the owner’s home address is in northwest Indiana, less than 50 miles away.


Proof of Income: All the Ways To Prove Income

Proof of Income

Definition: Documentation or other evidence that is used to prove the income of an individual or business. Apply below for business loans that assist business owners with proving their income.

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Examples of Proof of Income: 

A business owner applies for a business loan and is approved.
One of the closing stipulations is to show evidence of income.  The following is a list of the most accepted forms of proof for businesses and individuals:

1. Employer Pay Stubs
2. Tax Return
3. W-2 Statement
4. W-9 Statement
5. Bank Statements
6. Other Deposit Account statements

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Did you know?

Proof of your income is required for larger loans, such as a large business loan or personal loan.

If a business owner cannot show documentation of income, they can consider other types of business loans that may not require it, such as certain asset based loans.

Customers cannot always show the type of documentation of income that is being requested.
What if you cannot provide documentation of your income? Then see our FAQ Frequently asked questions below.

FAQ proof of income

What is proof of income?

Proof of income is documentation used to verify personal or business income.

What is accepted as proof of income?

Employer pay stubs, tax returns, business or personal bank statements and other account statements are usually accepted as proof of income.

Why do I have to prove my income?

It is often required to verify you can make future payments that you are not making now. This is often for a new car, apartment or mortgage payment. It is also requested for personal and business loans and when buying into franchises or selling a business.

Can I add my spouses income to my income?

You can add spousal income to yours when you represent it as household income. List your income alone when you apply for something individually. If you do not have income and are applying alone, itemize it as spousal income or household income.

Can my credit prove my income?

Good credit shows you have enough income to pay the debts on your credit report now. It does not show if you can pay new debts or loans. The credit report also does not include all of your monthly expenses.

Are bank statements proof of income?

Bank statements may be used to show gross income or receipts. They cannot show all business or personal deductions from your gross income, or net income. Lenders wants to know if your business has the disposable income to service the new debt.

There are other funding Options.   Call us to discuss these options.

What is Proof of Income?

Evidence of Income is requested for many reasons.  Most often they are completed when someone is requesting a product or service, or entering into a Contract or Relationship with someone else.   They are not always looked at the same way.   What is looked for is totally up to the party that is pulling the report and also what they decide about the information.

The following are frequent requests and statements:
– I do not have Proof of Income.  What can I do to provide what is needed?   Other ways to show evidence of income sending Bank Statements.  If all of a person’s income goes into 1 Account, then the most recent bank statements for that account may be used to prove income.  This can be done for a business or an individual.

In summary: Questions and issues addressed:
What is proof of income? How can I prove my income? Give your pay stub, copy of paycheck, tax return, or bank statements and other ways to prove income.

Learn more:

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Evidence of Income

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