Closing Stipulations for Business Loans Video

Video Description: Closing stipulations are the documents the lender requires to close the loan, or they will decline you. This Video will show you what you need. Then apply with us. Don’t have them all? Call us, we will get you past the problems and funded.


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Closing Stipulations for Business Loans

[ race car engines ] Its time to close your business loan now, and get the funds you need.  But then the lender sends you a list of closing stipulations they need before you get your money, and you don’t have them. [ desert wind blowing ] Call us for fewer stips and the most help with documents like, proof of ownership, Tax ID and EIN, [ wind blowing ] proof of business address, passing DecisionLogic bank verification. We will get you past all the Hurdles [ motorcycle engines ] and to the Funding Finish Line. [ water bubbling ] Low credit scores OK. Apply at, Or Call: 919-771-4177.

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