How to get an Alternative to a Cash Advance MCA: Video

Video Description: How to get an Alternative to a Cash Advance MCA.Learn about LOC Line of credit style offers, term loans, asset based and personal loans.

How to get Alternatives to a Cash Advance MCA


how to get an alternative to an mca cash advance.
Discover other options to an mca cash advance.
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In minutes and seconds. 0:16 look at alternative options 0:56 gather all documents 1:23 find a lender match 1:34 Apply 1:56 Close

[ city street sounds ][ introduction sound effect ] Will Sanio, Today’s video: How to get an alternative to a cash advance mca. Start the process anytime by tapping apply on the bottom right of this screen, or tapping on the end screen of the video, or on the apply button on the webpage.
Look at alternative options that include a line of credit style or term loans, asset based, government spa, and larger personal loans. Line of credit style and term loan options offer a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment.

Asset based alternatives are offered if your company has free and clear equipment, vehicles, or accounts receivables that do not have liens or money owed on them. Personal loans for higher amounts, up to $50,000 and more are another option. These look mostly at income, background and credit score. Your total annual business revenue, monthly deposits, average daily balances, overdrafts and nsf’s do matter. Make sure these look good in the weeks or months before applying for funding.

For asset based equipment requests, make a list of your equipment, including the make of your equipment. For Example: John Deere, Caterpillar, Kubota. Then add the year, model number and hours. For vehicles, include the mileage. Find copies of titles for all vehicles and take at least 1 or 2 good pictures. For accounts receivables, make an aging schedule. This is just the name and contact information of the company paying, the amount owed to your company, and the date you issued the invoice.

Match with a lender that fits the alternative to cash advance mca options your business should qualify for. Talking with a representative before applying usually can pre-qualify your business for specific programs.

Next, Apply. If approved, request the closing docs. Proof of business income, ownership, and address may be required. This means business bank statements or business license to prove your business exists legally, and who all the owners are. If the request or approval amount is high, up to $100,000 or higher, more items may be requested.

Close the transaction. For asset based loans, including equipment or vehicles, a site inspection and pictures or video of the collateral may be required. GPS installation on the equipment is usually a condition of funding vehicles such as trucks and also construction equipment. After reviewing the contracts, if you’re satisfied, complete them. Funding usually takes place within 24 hours by wire transfer or ach deposit.

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