How to get a Loan Against Equipment Video

Video Description: Use Business equipment to get money for your business. Construction Equipment such as Yellow Iron, Trucks Rigs, Vehicles, and Trailers. Low credit scores OK.

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Loan against Equipment

Video Transcript: In minutes and seconds
0:00 Introduction
0:02 Make a List of Your Free and Clear Equipment
0:14 Provide Cash Flow Information
0:17 Match with a Lender that Offers Loans on Equipment
0:22 Apply
0:26 Gather required Documents and Close Transaction

[ desert wind whistling ] How to Get a Loan Against Equipment.
[ engine running ] Make a List of your Free and Clear Paid Equipment.
Get Pictures and Info on [ engine idling ] Vehicles,
[ engine revving ] Rigs and Semi’s, [ revving continues ] Pick Up Trucks,
[ pressure releasing ] Construction Equipment,
[ duck quacks ] Trailers and Other Equipment.
[ counting money ] The Lender may pay off valuable pieces with a low balance.
Provide your Last Few Months Bank Statements to show Cash Flow.
Match with a Lender that Offers Loans Against Equipment.
[ desert wind blowing ] Call and ask about Amounts and Terms.
Apply and Get Your Best chance for Approval by working closely with a Rep.
[ race car engines ] Close the transaction and Gather all Closing Items.
Proof of Ownership, Titles, Pictures or More.
[ water bubbling ] Low Credit Scores OK.
Finish by signing the Contracts and getting Funded.

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