Video: Loan Killed Just Before Closing?

If your small business loan got killed in final underwriting just before closing and funding, call us. We will get you past the problems and funded.

Video Transcript: In minutes and seconds followed by video transcript.
0:00 Introduction
0:05 killed in final underwriting
0:12 problems fixed
0:21 Credit
0:22 How to apply

[ swords clanking ] Did your business ever fight to get
A Business Loan or MCA, And then, right before closing……….

Get Killed in final underwriting? Apply with us instead.

[ race car engines ] We’ll get your Loan past the finish line, and Funded.

[ cash rustling ] From low current month deposits, low bank balances,
[ police siren ] Background problems and more,
[ desert wind ] We’ll get you back up [ water splashes ]
And on to Smooth Sailing and Funding.[ water bubbles ] Low Credit Scores OK.

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