Daily MCA Payments That Adjust With Your Sales!

Adjust daily mca payments as your sales change.

If sales go Down, your payment goes down.

If sales go up, your payment goes up.

No more fixed payments with this ACH split program.

Is your business having trouble making a fixed MCA Payment when revenues go down?  Get a flexible daily amount that matches any cash flow changes!

Pay what your business can afford!   The debit will match what your business can pay based on sales each day, week, or month.      Apply below now.


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Get payments that are tied to your weekly sales.

Get an MCA Cash Advance with payments tied to daily, weekly, or monthly sales.

  1. Peace of mind.  
  2. No Fixed Payments.
  3. Avoid missed payments
  4. No more defaults.  
  5. End modification and restructuring daily payments
  6. Stop overdrawn accounts.
  7. Avoid temporarily lowered or paused debits.
  8. Pay a % percentage of sales.
  9. Protects your cash flow.
  10. Automated process.
  11. $50,000 per month or more in deposits required.
  12. Trucking, Transportation & Used Car dealer loans not available.

Top 7 Benefits:

1. Your business pays a percentage of daily, weekly or monthly deposits.

Your business will pay between 5% and 25% of either daily, weekly or monthly total deposits.   These are bank statement loans with a fixed payment percentage of deposits.  As a result,  it floats directly with revenues.

Monthly Example:

You are approved for $25,000 and choose to pay based on company revenues each month with a daily payment of $100.     If  sales go down 25% that day, then your payment will go down to $75.   If they go up 25%, then your amount for the next month will be $125.

Weekly Example

Your business is approved for $25,000 and selects to pay based on the deposits each week with a daily payment of $100.     If revenues go down 50% that week, then your payment will go down to $50 each day next week.   If they go up 50%, then your payment for the next week will be $150.

Daily Example:

Your business is approved for $25,000 and decides to pay based on sales each day with a daily sum of $100.     If sales go down 20% that day, then your remittance will go down to $80 the next day.   If they go up 20%, then the next day it will be $120 and may adjust each day.

2. No worry daily mca debits.

No more fear about your business handling the debit during lower sales weeks or months.   Stop the stress of not having the money to make payments during a slow business stretch.   Protect your cash flow.

Fixed cash advance payments are easier to make when revenues are up, but harder when down.  End the roller coaster problem now.

3. Avoid missed Payments and Defaults

Daily cash advances that go up and down with your sales are much easier to handle.  End missed payments and defaulting on your cash advance agreement.

4. No need to modify or restructure payments. 

Getting approved to modify and restructure payments is not needed, since the adjustments are automatic!

5. Stop overdrawn Accounts. Changing daily mca payments protect cash flow.

Fixed daily debits may cause businesses to overdraw their account when sales are slow.  This causes huge problems. A payment that varies along with revenues therefore lowers the chance of an overdrawn account.  Even more, merchants have time to adjust to a slower business stretch.

6. Avoid lowered or paused debits.

A business has to call the cash advance company and negotiate when they cannot make a fixed payment. This involves having to prove lower sales, negotiate, and getting approved. Lowered or paused payments may be considered a default.   The lender can report the default to national charge off databases.

7. Simple automated process

Changes in daily amounts are automatic as your sales go up and down because you to not need to provide statements, wait on approvals, or re-do contracts.

FAQ: Frequently asked Questions:

What is an MCA payment tied to Sales?

It is an advance payment that matches the sales of your business.  When sales go down, your payment goes down.    When they go up, your debit goes up.

How does it work?

You choose the payment to be a fixed 5% to 25% of either daily, weekly or monthly deposits.    As an example, your business chooses 10% of weekly sales.  If weekly sales are $2,000, then your weekly payment is $200.

What if I have almost no sales?

Then you will have a very low or no payment. Low sales for any day, week, or month means equally low debits for that same time.

Conclusion: Changing daily mca payments that match revenues is easier on businesses.

Many merchants struggle with fixed cash advances.  As a result, adjusting debits that match your daily, weekly or monthly sales are a great solution to this challenge.

Get cash flow security and limit your worrying.  Finally, save time and stress by reducing cash flow problems with this outstanding program!

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