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Top 11 Reasons for Going Out of Business

Is your business having severe problems and is going out of business?   Below are the Top 11 Reasons for going out of business followed by the complete list.

Take the fast, easy, and efficient steps to avoid going out of business.    This may include securing working capital to bridge the difficult period.    We have numerous options for all business situations.

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Top Reasons for going out of business

1. Running out of Money.   Running out of money is probably the main reason for going out of business.   There are different circumstances under which businesses run out of money.  The business is going through a slow period.   Revenues have been low since the business opened.   Find out the top ways on how to get money to stay in business.

3.  Too much debt and overhead.   The owners or the business itself may have too much debt and overhead to deal with.   They can’t handle it and go out of business.

4.  Insufficient starting capital.   Many businesses never really had enough capital to start.   Often there are problems after opening.  This is followed by the business not having enough capital to overcome them.

5.  Unable to get financing or enough financing.   Many businesses need working capital or other types of business financing after starting.  Some of these needs are critical.   If they cannot get the financing needed for equipment or short term working capital, the business may not survive.

6.  Not enough back up capital or emergency capital.    Business owners have liquid assets and net worth.   If the business needs more working capital than

7. Bad Employees.   This is usually employees that are bad performers with low quality work and low production.   Some employees are out sick on leave a lot.

8. Bad Marketing and Sales.   Some businesses have owners with expertise in certain areas.  They may have technical but not sales and customer service.   These other areas can be crucial to the survival of the business.

9. Inflexible ownership.   This is resistance to change or new ideas.   Many business owners have aggressive take charge personalities.   This is often what drives them to accomplishing starting a business.   It can hurt some business owners significantly.  Many business owners are not open to new ideas or alternatives different than the ones they believe in.   They are often very resistant to criticism.

10.  Market changes.   Businesses need to keep up with what is happening in their industry and stay up.  Some businesses show poor awareness to market trends and changes.

11.  Not keeping track of competition.   Businesses that do not keep track of what the competition is doing may be left behind.    Competitors may introduce new products, programs and incentives.

The reasons listed are usually the top reasons for going out of business.  Some solutions and ideas are offered to avoid going out of business.   If your business is closing, the SBA offers a list of items to consider when going out of business.




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Ethical Business Loans: Honesty and Transparent

Ethical business loans

Not getting straightforward facts when applying for a business loan? Applicants are often told they are approved only to find out they are not.   They are surprised they must pay significant fees at closing they were not told about upfront.   Get money through credible, honest and upfront representatives.


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Contact us and our reputable representatives will work with you as your business advocate, not a salesperson trying to sell you a product.    Get full and thorough facts from representatives with integrity to put you on the path that is best for your company, not best for the lender.

You will be given a fair assessment of your chances for approval, the cost and charges.    The strengths of your profile will be discussed, along with any weakness or obstacles to approval.     You will be receive help with a partner that is looking out for your company.

Ethical business loan programs include:
– Money based on Gross Sales.
– Clear and plain english contracts
– Lines of Credit
– Asset based loans, such as loans against Tractor Trailers, Construction equipment
and Accounts Receivables.
– Financing to obtain equipment
– We specialize in difficult to approve customers due to credit, time in business, low revenues.

Free full consulting session.

Our consultants work much differently and discuss what is in the best interest of your company.   We want to know what your situation is and what you are trying to accomplish.  Basic facts are asked to determine all the realistic options.   By doing this, you will only be talking about products that are the best match.

Then we will discuss their features and benefits.   You can then decide which of the options are best for your business.   You will not be pushed into any product.    With this method, you can get financing in a legitimate and impartial manner.  An authentic, true, reliable and objective assessment will be made.

You will get clear information upfront and what to expect.   We build trust and trustworthiness by acting as your advocate.   Get a transparent business loan.

For other broad loan options and assistance, check with the SBA.

Re-start your company on the right track today.

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Get Used Car Dealer Loans with Low Credit Scores

Used Car Dealer Loans and used car dealer financing.

Loan for used car dealer up to $1,000,000.
Used car dealer loans of up to $1,000,000 can now be obtained fast. Terms available from 3 months to 120 months.   Low credit scores under 500 and tax liens can be worked with.   3 Months or more in business.

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What types of used car dealer loans can I get?
Used car dealers and new car dealerships now have fast business loan options.   Programs are available.  No financials or Tax returns are required.

Steps your used car dealership can take to get a used car dealer loan.

Search and identify lenders that have used car dealer loan programs and offer used car dealer loans.
For a used car dealership lot that has more than $10,000 per month in revenue and bank deposits,  then it may pre-qualify for a business loan or other types of business financing.   Short time in business less than 1 year can qualify.
Select the program that is the best match for your business and profile, such as revenue, time in business, and credit.
Select the program that is the best match for your used car dealership
Call the lender and ask for details on approval requirements.
If your business meets the requirements, then apply.  Submit any information that will help your application.

If an offer is made for business financing, review the terms.   If you want to close the transaction, gather all closing stipulations and close the transaction.

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Car dealer loans

Buy here pay here business loans

Buy here pay car dealers have always had difficulty securing business loans and rarely get financed by banks.   Now they can use financing based on the cash flow of their dealership to get business loans fast.     They need to make several deposits per month and keep at least $3,000 average daily balance in their business checking account.

New car dealer loans

New car dealers can also get financing using their revenues.   The process is also fast and easy.   Just a few business days for financing and a one page application.

Callers request a used car dealer loan,  a loan for a used car dealer or a business loan for a car dealer.

Other requests include loans for a new car dealer, and loans for car dealers.

Callers this week have requested loans for a used car dealer and a business loan for a used car dealer.    Other callers have requested used car dealer financing and financing for used car dealers.    Our most recent customer specifically requested financing for a used car dealer.   The most basic requests are car dealer loans and used car dealer loans.


Thank you for visiting our used car dealer resource page again soon.

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LGBT Friendly Business Loans

Business Loans to support the LGBT Community

Start here for full LGBT small business loans and options.  Equal access to business loans.   Consider us for your gay business owner funding resources for alternative loans.


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How are we different?    We will first discuss your business in detail.   Your future business goals and needs will then be reviewed.   From that, the business loan products that are the best fit and can be approved will be discussed.   We stay with you through the entire loan process.   

500 and lower credit scores can be approved.   Tax liens, short time in business accepted.   $5,000 to $500,000.   Short and long term loans. 3 months to 120 months.   Fast turn around.   Same day responses in most cases.   Short 1 page application.   Fast and easy process.   

We will help you get an LGBT business loan fast through this program.

LGBT business owners sometimes encounter discrimination in the loan process.  Our loans avoid these problems.  There is full and equal access to business loans for the lgbt community.  We discuss the specific needs of each business owner in detail.   We help them determine the product that best fits their business now.

We work with and volunteer extra professional assistance to the community.   There are many requests.  Callers call in asking for gay friendly business loans.

Business Loan for Gay and LGBT businesses questions:
Are some of these lgbt friendly business loans programs specifically for the LGBT Community?  
No.   These loan programs have been reviewed to insure they are friendly to the Gay and LGBT business community. All customers are welcome as well.

Business loans for Gay and LGBT Businesses Resources:

For more resources, visit the SBA.

Thank your for visiting our LGBT Business Loan page!

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Consolidate Merchant Cash Advances – No Defaults!

The best and safe options to consolidate merchant cash advances.  Many businesses have multiple mca’s by stacking cash advances.
Get  immediate relief to lower their daily and weekly payments.

A regular and reverse consolidation will improve your cash flow up to 50% or more for some programs, thereby reducing your number of positions   Apply below now!


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How to get a merchant cash advance consolidation:


  • Calculate how much you can afford to pay per day, week and month compared to what you are paying now.
  • Research and contact companies that offer consolidation programs that match your business needs and daily budget.
  • Review the qualification requirements and choose from programs that you have the best chance to qualify for.
  • Do not get another mca during the term of the transaction.



 Why Not  Consolidate  Several…..Into 1 AND Lower  Your Payment ?

FAQ Frequently asked questions.

How much can I save daily?

Your business can lower the daily or weekly payments between 25% and 50%. Some programs can lower them as much as 75% and convert into weekly or monthly debits.

How does the consolidation work?

A merchant cash advance consolidation is usually one large loan used to payoff several smaller ones. The goal is to lower total daily payments by extending the term, lowering the rate, or both. Some programs are structured differently or give you a longer term to payoff the current debt while others have a shorter term.

How do we qualify?

If you can simply make the new payment, then you can qualify based on cash flow. It should be 30 days since your most recent advance closed and you should be current. Lenders want to know you can meet your obligations now before being approved.

How can I get the best terms?

Apply for the longest term program available because the payment will be the lowest. The lower the payment, the more likely your cash flow will qualify.

How does a reverse consolidation work?

A reverse consolidation covers the payments on your existing advances while you make a much lower one on the reverse. During the term of the transaction, the other daily debits you had before drop off until you only have one payment left.

How we can help

Your business may be in a position where it must extend out the term of current positions.   We can assist in paying off 2, 3 or 4 other mca’s and lowing your payment as much as 50% or more.

Tips on how to get approved:

–  Make all of your payments on time.

–  Wait until 30 days after the most mca closes to apply.   Most requests are declined if new funding is deposited into your account in the last 30 days.

Lenders want to see how a business is paying it’s most recent debt before it approves.

–  Don’t have more than 5 overdrafts or 5 NSF’s per month.

Program Features:

– No net funding requirement.

– No maximum number of positions.

– Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly repayment programs.

We try to tie payment frequency to your deposit volume.  The main things looked at are:

The repayment history on current advances.

– If we are materially cheaper, and if your business has been able to pay your existing higher cost mca’s with minimal NSFs, we will aggressively pursue a consolidation.

– Deposit volume and consistency are reviewed.

If deposits vary significantly from month to month, we will typically look at the lowest month when calculating an amount to offer.

Up to 1.25 times your deposits with a 6 to 12 month term are offered.
– (NSF) insufficient funds and overdraft frequency are looked at.

Other features and products:

1. Advances are available in almost all states EXCEPT California.   Term loans are available.

2. Your future consolidation is more like a like of credit. A merchant can request additional capital at anytime from us.

We will quickly re-underwrite it with no fee and offer additional funds and keep your scheduled payment the same.


You do not have to pay off our loan to get more capital.  This holds true if your business requests more capital after one month, or after six months.

Your business saves money at renewal. Your business will not pay interest on interest if you renew for premium programs.

– Low or no origination and underwriting fees.   Fees as low as $250 to consolidate 3 to 4 positions, $500 to $750 for 5 or more.  No NSF fees or other junk fees are charged.

– The maximum initial funding is $100,000.

– This is first position funding only.   This funding can be the only funding following a consolidation.  A standard line of credit, credit card split loan, traditional bank loan.

– SBA loan, car loan, student loans and home loans can be left in place.

– Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payment options are available.

Your business may need help creating a business plan.  The SBA can also assist with ideas and programs to develop a business plan.

Asset Based Loan

Open Tax Lien Business Loans – Get Resolution, Today!

The place for businesses to get money to pay federal or state liens with, or without a payment arrangement, behind them.

Your business can choose from several options to get a business loan to resolve the debt, even with an open tax lien that has no payment arrangements.

Act now and resolve your business back taxes for good.


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Open tax lien business loans

Program # 1:   Business funding based on the assets of the business.  If the business has over $10,000 per month in sales, they may be able to get a business loan based on their sales.

Commercial real estate with equity can also be used to payoff the open tax lien.   At closing the tax lien is paid off from the proceeds of the loan.   Another option is to use business equipment. Get capital based on business equipment.  Use the funds to payoff the tax lien.   These options can also be used to pay a tax lien that has a payment plan and also tax extension deadline balances.

Business loans with an IRS payment plan

There are several business loans that can be obtained for a business with an IRS tax lien that has a payment plan. A business can use the revenues of the business or the hard assets of the business.  This can be Real Estate or Equipment.

Business loans without a payment arrangement with the IRs.

A business that has a tax lien without a repayment plan can be financed.   Businesses needing immediate help can now quickly use their revenues or assets to get working capital or a business loan.  The process is fast and easy.   Up to 5 to 10 business days and just a one page application.

Resolve your open business tax liens with several quick programs.

Finally, other sources of information related to tax liens may be found at the SBA small business administration site.

FAQ on business and open tax liens

What is an open tax lien?

An open tax lien is a lien that has been filed by the irs or state government against a person or business that does not yet have a payment plan approved for repayment.

Can I get a business loan with a tax lien on my credit bureau?

There are several business loan options for businesses with a tax lien or open tax lien that are usually paid off at closing. Options are based on assets such as real estate or equipment as well as on cash flow.

Do I need an offer in compromise from the IRS before I can get a business loan?

A formal oic is usually, but not always needed. Real estate or equipment backed transactions may allow for payoffs of irs or state liens at closing. Smaller tax liens may not require an offer in compromise to close a business loan.

How do I know if I have a tax lien against me or my business?

Registered letters are sent by the IRS and state when liens are filed against you or your business. It will also appear on your credit bureau and against real estate you own. The county real estate office will have a record of liens against property.

Should I pay a tax lien if it has already been filed and damaged my credit?

Most lenders will not approve a personal or business loan with an active tax lien. Companies and vendors you do business with may be reluctant to enter into a contract with one on your credit file. The IRS also has the power to seize any of your assets without notice.

Asset Based Loan

Loans on Trucks Video: Semi-Trailers, Big Rigs or Vehicles!

Get money on your Truck, semi-trailer, dump truck or business vehicle now!

Video Description: Get a loan on a Truck, Van, or Car owned by your business. Get monthly payments. Truck can be in the repair shop now.

Get a loan on your truck and any other business vehicle. You can get up to $200,000 against Trucks that stay with you! Fast process and quick offers. Credit scores as low as 500.


loan against my Truck

Get a loan on a Truck, now.   Do you own it outright ?   Then get money against your company vehicles, fast. Pick up trucks, Ford F-Series, Dually Dodge, Chevy, Box trucks, Semi-trucks, FreightLiner, Peterbilt, International, Dump Trucks, Delivery, and Vans. Low, and very low credit scores can work.   To visit just the video page, visit Loan on a Truck Video

Watch: Trucks in action Video top of page!  Click or tap arrow to play. Apply: Commercial truck title loans below now, or call 919-771-4177. Transcript here


Top 7 vehicles to get a business loan against
1  Commercial Vehicles
2  OTR Over the road trailers
3  Big Rigs
4  Semi Trucks
5  Dump Trucks
6  Trailers
7 Vans


Get a loan on a Truck, now.   Do you own it outright ?   Then get money against the Truck, fast. Even more, very low credit scores will work.

If your business has vehicles and needs capital, it can get a loan against tractor trailers, semi trucks, Vans, Dump Trucks or any business or commercial vehicle.   Even 1 semi trailer truck can be enough to get capital.   Loan amounts starting as low as 2,000 and up.   Have a trailer?  The add more funds with our loan on a trailer program.

Is your Truck or Rig down and in the shop for repair and the bill is more than you can pay?     Get money specifically for a repair through a truck repair loan on a Big Rig or Truck that you cannot drive and is being worked on right now.    This program will get your truck out of the shop and back on the road to let you make money again.

We have several premiere loan programs to get semi-trailer truck financing and credit scores can be lower under this program.  Credit scores below 500 considered.  The truck or semi-truck has to be free and clear collateral.

To get a loan to acquire trucks and trailers, try the hot shot truck loan program.


Call 919-771-4177 for more info.

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How to get a loan on a semi truck trailer, big rig or business vehicle: How to steps, direction, and tips:

How to get a loan on semi-trucks, tractor trailers and business vehicles
Estimated Cost: $0
Total Time: 1 Day
Supplies Needed:  Semi truck trailer or business vehicle, title, picture of semi truck and odometer.  Time available.
Tools needed: Internet connection, phone, computer

Step 1:  Preparation

Research companies that offer loans against semi trucks, big rigs, dump trucks, or 18 wheelers. Search for programs that best match your business need for the amount needed, the value of your semi rigs, and credit.

Search for a program that offers loans on vehicles specifically of this type, including OTR Over the road trucks and trailers

Step 2: Have your information on your big rig semi trucks ready to go. Have a list of the value of your vehicles.

Tip: Start the process a few days before needing funding.  You may need to get together information you were not expecting to get.
Remember that regular business vehicles such as vans may also qualify.
Information on the trucks you will need includes manufacturer, year, model number, title, a picture of the odometer and a couple of

pictures of your truck.

Have the information ready that you will be asked for such as the title, year, manufacturer and model number.

Step 3:  Settle on the top 2 or 3 programs that best matches the value of the semi trucks you have and the amount you need.

Contact qualifying companies and ask about their approval requirements.

Tell the lender the basic information on the trucks and try to find out what your chances of approval are.    Also ask if you can be pre qualified.

Call the lenders and ask about what is required for approvals and if you can be pre-qualified

Step 4: Submit an application

Apply with the program that can most likely get your business a loan against your semi trucks based on the conversations you had with the lender and review of their criteria.   Complete an application for funding and provide the supporting items such as copy of the title, pictures and odometer reading.

When you have picked the most likely program, apply and submit your application information

Step 5:  Review approval offers

After approval, review all closing terms and conditions. Make sure you can provide required closing items. Complete transaction and receive funding.

If you were declined, contact the lender and try to find out why.  Try to find out if you are able to do anything to get the decision reversed and get approved.  If you cannot get approved, then go back to the other lenders you looked at during your search.  Ask if the reason for your decline will be a decline reason for them.   If not, then consider applying with one of the other lenders.

Review the terms and closing requirements of any offer received. Pick the best one, provide the closing documentation needed and receive funds for your business.

If you have many vehicles as a used car dealer, consider options under our used car dealer loans.

Show Video Transcript

Loan on a Truck

Mike drives a Kick [beep ] Truck! But fuel prices, repairs, and tires were high, and going up !
So he called us and we got him money with a loan on a truck. Get Money against any Truck. Ford F-Series, Dodge, dually, Semi Truck, delivery, box and cargo, over the road heavy haulers, dump trucks and many more. Low credit scores OK. Do you own that truck? Find out how much money you can get today. Apply at, or Call: 919-771-4177.

FAQ on how to get a loan on a semi-trailer, truck or business vehicle

Can I get money against my semi-trailer?

Yes. Your paid off semi-trailer, tractor-trailer, big rig, 18 wheeler, dump truck or business vehicle can qualify. You have to prove ownership of the vehicle and have the title. It must be in your possession or in the shop. For smaller cars and trucks, the business name should be listed on the vehicle and used mostly for business.

How much can I get?

You can get about 40% to 50% of the retail value. This is close to the wholesale or auction value. You can also use the Truck as collateral to make it easier to get financing to buy another rig.

Can I get money against my broken down semi-trailer to pay for repairs?

You can get money against a semi-trailer, Truck or other vehicle types in the shop to pay for repairs for transmission, body work,  mechanical or other breakdowns. The shop will be paid directly to get your big rig back on the road asap. If the repair cost is less than the loan, then you will get the difference paid to you in cash.

Recent Customer requests

Recently, the owner of a single rig trucking company called and said his truck went down and was in the shop.  The customer needed $6,700 for repairs and his credit score was mid 500’s.   He wanted to get funds against his Semi-Truck.   The truck has a value of approximately $25,000.  He still owed about $16,000 on it and as a result, we referred him to another loan product because the semi-truck has to be free and clear.

A company should make up a list and provide it to the lender to get a loan against 18-wheelers.   Offering multiple trucks is also another way to get more money.   The trucks have to be free and clear.  The terms the customer can get are usually attractive because they are not short term and the collateral is valuable, so the lenders will give more attractive rates.  Customers can get a decision within one business day and close within a week.
Click on the contact link and get more information.

Get a loan on a semi-trailer truck, big rig, or tractor fast and easy.  Monthly payment loans start at $2,000. Damaged credit and scores 500 and below are O.K.

Loan amounts:

Loan amounts are based on roughly 2 to 1 collateral and also on the wholesale value.   Businesses with 2 semi-trucks worth $100,000 for example, will get an offer in the $40,000 to $50,000 range.

Online resources include an interest calculator.   Customers can type in the loan amount, the number of months and the monthly payment to find out the interest rate.

For example, on a loan for $100,000 for 60 months with a payment of $2,163, the interest rate calculates to 10.77% and a total repay of $129,780.

Additional collateral is not required.   A site inspection is normally completed before closing.

Tip: The trucks must be accessible and in working order.  A UCC filing is placed with the department of motor vehicles in the state the business resides in.

Thank your for visiting our loan against tractor trailer page.  The success of your business is our goal.

Apply now for a loan against your business vehicles

Asset Based Loan

Help Getting a Business Loan

The Best Expertise for the specific Business Loan you want

Do you need help getting a business loan?   If you and your business has experienced going to traditional banks or alternative lenders and not fitting into one of their programs we have some options and free counseling.  Find solutions, learn and understand which programs are best to help getting a business loan for your business.


🇺🇸 Call 919-771-4177 for more info.

Data Secure 15 Second Request Form Here.

Options for help getting a business loan include options based on assets such as equipment assets, and based on just the sales of your business.

We will discuss your company’s particular situation and needs.  We will help you determine what the best funding options are for your business.   Once that is identified, we will help you get together any paperwork you need for that program and get you started.
Most businesses have the easiest time qualifying for either the loan against assets or loan using bank statements.

Many businesses that have been denied financing due to either unacceptable credit, collateral or financial statements have complained that if they have significant sales, so why can’t they get funding against their sales?   We agree.   We have assistance programs that provide help “getting a business loan” through just your company’s revenues or equipment.   The funding functions similar to a business line of credit.   The approval is based mostly on the business’s total monthly deposits, average daily balance and time in business.

We will provide help getting a business loan by assisting your business with the processing.  Just provide your most recent 3 months complete business checking account statements and a short one page mini-app.  Other ease of program include:

Fast and easy processing
No financial statements to provide
Easy personal credit and time in business requirements
Quick funding through a wire into the business checking account
within one to two business days.

Approvals are up to 125% of the total monthly deposits.  If a business deposits $50,000 per month, the business may qualify for up to $62,500.  The amount they will qualify for will depend further on the time in business and average daily balance.   Terms are between
3 and 18 months, while most approvals are for 6 and 9 months.  The customer can borrow and repay repeatedly.   Once the customer pays the original balance down to about 40% of the original balance, they can borrow against the line again.   The best way for help getting a business loan is to get the assistance of an experienced representative.  Early payoff is limited and the customer will not get much of a discount.

We need to talk about time in business.  The business only needs to be operating for 9 months, though any time in business more than 2 years means you will have more of a chance of being approved and increase the approval amount.   All other things equal, a business that has been in business for 3 years will get higher approvals than a business that has been in business for only 6 months.

There are more choices for help getting a business loan through the loan against assets program.  A business can get working capital using either their computer electronic equipment, machinery, industrial equipment, construction equipment, dental equipment or medical equipment.  Loan sizes are from $10,000 to $250,000, with just an application only for most cases up to $40,000.   The business just provides a one page application and equipment list.   Up to 75% of the current value of the equipment can be obtained.


Terms are 24, 36, 48, or 60 months.   There are early payoff options, although they are not favorable or give a large discount for early payoff.   The funding is set up either as a lease or an equipment finance agreement.  Leases are designed to provide the biggest deductions but are not the best for early payoff.

Sample transaction in which a business received help getting a business loan.

Sparks Engineering needs $50,000 in working capital.  They complete a one page application and equipment list.  The list includes technical equipment such as measuring instruments as well as computer equipment, including Servers, technical engineering software and hardware.

Their bank statements show they are depositing an average of $60,000 per month.   They are approved for $30,000 on a loan based on bank statements and $30,000 on a loan against their equipment.   The $30,000 loan based on bank statements is for 9 months.  The loan against equipment can be done for 24 to 60 months.   Sparks Engineering does not want to have the entire $50,000 financed for only 9 months because the monthly repayment would be too high.   They decide to take $20,000 with a 9 month term and $30,000 with a 36 month term.

Both sets of documents are E-Mailed to the customer.  They complete and return the docs.  After the docs are checked for accuracy, a decisionlogic bank verification and final verbal verification is completed with the customer.  Once the customer confirms the transaction, funds are wired into their account within 24 to 48 hours.


Most frequent Requests:
– I need a business loan.
– Get me a business loan.
– Help me get a business loan.
Some customers call in, skip the questions, and just ask us to do consolidate advances.  All of these requests fall into the same MCA consolidation relief product.

Question: How much of a loan can we get?

Answer: The amount depends mostly on the amount of your business’s sales, the amount of equipment the business has, the time in business, and the credit.

For more information, you can visit Money Planet

Thank your for visiting our help getting a business loan resource page!

Asset Based Loan

Credit Inquiries You Cannot Avoid

“Credit Inquiries” has been a topic of much conversation and concern in recent years.  The following is current information you should know about credit inquiries you may not want to avoid.

There are however,  credit inquires you should not avoid because they often are the best programs available in the market.  Soft pull credit options are available as well.   Apply Below: 


Data Secure 15 Second Request Form.

Call 919-771-4177 for more info.

Some of the best business loan programs are hard pulls

Avoid all credit inquiries can keep you from getting what you want..

Many people are reluctant to have  credit inquiries to be pulled on them even if they are applying for a loan.  They tell lenders that they want to be considered for the financing without their bureau being pulled.

This is not feasible or realistic, especially if the request is in the name of an individual.  In most of these cases, these requests are in the name of a small business and the owner wants the request to be in the company name, not in their personal name.

If a business has less than 35 employees, in most cases the lender requires the owner’s credit to be reviewed.   There are options you can take if you have had too many credit inquiries pulled.

But I pulled my own credit report!

Virtually no lenders will decide your loan request with a consumer obtained bureau.

Consumers can contact credit reporting agencies as well as outside vendors that provide bureaus and get all 3 bureau reports.   These files are not the same that lenders obtain.  Consumer reports are formatted differently and are simpler than the lender’s re.  The consumer version often provides more written explanation and sometimes less numerical detail.

Consumers will sometimes review their bureau and tell the lenders to use the consumer obtained reports they have rather than the version pulled by the funding source.   The report the consumer has will almost always be older.   The lender wants to see if anything has happened since the date of the report the consumer has in hand.

There are many outside vendors that provide intermediate party credit files.  Lenders are not, and should not be expected to know whether those vendors provide updated and satisfactory information.  Lenders are not obligated to use those.  As a result, consumers should not expect to avoid inquires by demanding that lenders use their consumer version.


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Payoff Merchant Cash Advances: Cash Flow Now!

How can you payoff a merchant cash advance?  Escape your merchant advance by:

  • Paying off the balance with a longer term refinance.
  • Terms from 6 or 9 months and all the way out to 36 months or longer.
  • Lower your payments up to 75% in many cases!
  • Get the daily cash flow relief your business desperately needs – NOW
  • No delinquencies or defaults with existing loans or advances!


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How to payoff a merchant cash advance

Payoff your merchant cash advance

Determine what your balance is.   Complete a list of your equipment assets, which includes Computer, medical, industrial equipment and machinery.

We will approve a loan to payoff your balance and payoff or reduce the number of cash advances.   We will also help you set up a 24, 36 or 48 month repayment term.   Even if you only want to term the balance off to 24 installments, this will significantly improve your company’s cash position immediately.

Payoff Examples

If you took out a $25,000 merchant advance for 6 months, then you were paying around $248 per day, or $5,457 every 30 days.

By terming the financing out to 24 installments, you will reduce the payment to $1,562, which is only 28% of what you were paying. If you go out 36, you will reduce it to $1,083, or 19.8% of the original amount.   This difference will make a dramatic positive influence on your cash flow.

Most frequent Requests:
– Help me payoff my MCA.
– I need get rid of my MCA Merchant Cash Advances
Help my business get out of my cash advances.
All of these requests fall into the same MCA consolidation relief product.


Tucson belt company pays off merchant cash advance with 1 loan.

Tucson belt had 3 merchant cash advances totaling $75,000 with a total monthly payment of $15,000.   This burden was killing their cash flow.   They had 6 months left on their advances.   The three advances were combined for 1 loan for year.

The monthly payment was lowered to $7,500, thereby increasing the company’s cash by $7,500.   President Bradford Jennings told BizTucson, “This Consolidation program was an excellent and necessary way to improve the cash flow for these Advances.   It has dramatically improved our financial standing.  We will be able to increase our advertising and inventory levels.   Gross receipts are expected to increase and net income rise.  We look forward to using the increased funds for expansion.”

If you are a business owner that took out a short term cash advance and are saying any of the following things or questions below, contact us today to get instant relief.

Most callers say they need to urgently get out of a merchant advance.     Many companies tell us they can’t handle it much longer and feel trapped.

You will only need to complete a short 1 page Mini app and provide an equipment list which can be completed online.   The approval process takes 1 – 3 days.  If you are approved, the closing documents may be E-Mailed to you or completed online.   You complete them and return the completed documents via fax.   A verbal verification call is completed with you and you receive funding within 1 to 2 ays afterwards.

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How To Get Out of an MCA Merchant Cash Advance

How do I get out of my merchant cash advance?  Many businesses have taken out short term advances against their future sales.  Stop your crushing merchant cash advance nightmare immediately and permanently.

There are several program options to eliminate advances, for instance, a payoff, consolidation and also asset based programs and more.   Get your freedom and business back. Apply now, below:


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How do I get out of my mca merchant cash advance?:

  • Search online for programs that will help you exit your merchant cash advances without defaulting or having problems with your existing merchant cash advance companies.   Also look at any reviews
  • Programs that will payoff your other advances while you pay a consolidation or business loan will be the best option.   For example, settlement programs are usually not the best choice.
  • Review the features and benefits of different cash advance consolidation relief programs so you can make sure they apply to your business.

    Read the features and benefits of each mca cash advance consolidation and relief program.

  • Pick the program that you feel is the best match to get your business safe from your cash advances and discuss the program details with the representative.

    Select the program that you think is the best one to payoff your cash advances and keep your business open

  • Apply. If approved then review terms and closing stipulations. If the new terms put your business in a cash flow position that will allow you to stay in business you can consider closing the transaction.

    Review terms and closing conditions. If the cash flow will help you stay in business consider closing the transaction. Review the closing conditions to get all the items needed to fund the transaction. This may include payoff letters from your current mca merchant cash advance companies. Determine the payoff for several days in advance.

  • When closing get all items needed to meet the closing conditions.  For example, this may include payoff letters from your current mca merchant cash advance companies.  Also get the payoff for a few days into the future.

FAQ Frequently asked questions on how to get out of a merchant cash advance.

How do I get out of my merchant cash advance?

The programs combine one or more advances into one loan and extend the term. It will improve your cash flow and not involve settlements or negotiations to lower payments. Your current advance companies will not be contacted and your credit will not be impacted.

Are there longer term options?

Terms are available up to 24, 36, or 48 months and longer in many cases. Businesses can take out an asset based loan against their main assets or a revenue based solution. Businesses cut their payments an average of 50% or more.

Can I get emergency cash to save my business?

Yes. Programs are available to allow your business to get instant relief from suffocating advances taking too much out of your account. Your business cash use the cash for basic needs such as payroll, utilities, rent, and inventory.

Can I get out of my cash advance and also get cash?

Your business cash flow will be reviewed. If the business can handle the new payment, it can be approved for a refinance plus cash.

How fast can I get out of my merchant cash advances?</strong

Processing time from application to funding is 2 to 3 business days and can be as fast as the same day. If you apply and immediately complete closing documents, it is possible to get funding within 24 hours.

Can I declare bankruptcy on my cash advances?

Bankruptcy is normally a filing on all or specific creditors rather than just merchant cash advances. You may still be required to make monthly payments during bankruptcy. Contact a bankruptcy attorney to get detailed information about your options

Can I stop payment on my mca merchant cash advances?

It is very much not recommended to ask your bank to put a stop payment on the daily or weekly payments. It may be considered an intentional default by mca cash advance companies. Significant default fees and penalties apply and advance companies will often seek a judgement against you if you stop payment on their daily debits. A better solution is to negotiate a payment you can handle.

Are there state or federal laws that protect me from merchant cash advances?

There generally are no state or federal laws to protect you specifically from mca merchant cash advances. However, compare any questionable contract terms to existing laws and seek legal advice if needed.

Other frequent requests for assistance:
– Help me save my business.
– I have a problem and need to escape my merchant cash advances.
– I need to stop my merchant cash advances.
Many customers don’t ask questions just and say they need to be rescued from their advance emergency immediately.
– I have a problem paying my mca’s.

Most common requests and comments by callers:
I need emergency cash flow right away. Most callers say they need immediate cash flow.    Some callers still have signifiant cash flow and say they need another advance asap.

1) These cash advances are destroying and ruining my life and my business.
2)  I am suffocating from my merchant cash advances and need to lower my merchant cash advance payments.  Also, I need emergency funds right now.
4) My merchant cash advance payments are killing me, so I can’t sleep and am also having night mares from what these cash advances
are doing to me.   Merchant cash advances are strangling my business cash flow.


For more information on business in general and business loans, also visit SBA Information and Options

Thank your for visiting our resource page!

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Why The Bank Declined My Business Loan: Tips on What To Do About It


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Are you asking yourself why the bank declined my business loan?

Where can you be approved?  Helpful tips to turn a decline into an approval and find other business loans.  Match your business to small business loans that you will get approved for !
What caused my business to be declined and what are the most common decline reasons Common reasons are:

  1. Bad credit
  2. Delinquent or missed payments
  3. Insufficient cash flow

If you have been turned down for any decline reason, contact us.  We specialize in difficult to approve businesses and business loans and have programs that can approve your business for any decline reason.

If you think the bank declined my business loan for wrong reasons, then the first step is to call up the company that turned you down.

Determine if you are speaking with someone that has the knowledge and experience to provide you with useful information about the decline.  If you received a letter, call and confirm the decline reasons.
For more information on strategic reasons, read why banks don’t lend to small business.

Reasons why your business loan was declined

FAQ Frequently asked questions on why the bank declined my business loan

Why don’t banks lend to small businesses?

A high percent of small businesses fail in the first 5 years, so they are considered a higher risk than larger businesses. A small business has to have excellent personal and business credit, strong collateral and financial statements to get approved at a bank. In most cases only certain collateral is accepted that can be easily liquidated with a value between 200% and 1000% of the amount of the loan. Financial statements must show steady or increasing gross profit and net income.

Are there alternatives to banks for business loans?

You can successfully get a business loan by understanding the different alternatives available in the marketplace. Then understand what it takes to get approved and the reasons you may be declined. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business and apply for the best matching program.

What can I do after the bank declines my business loan?

Ask a loan officer to discuss all of the decline reasons. Also ask how you can correct those to get an approval and if there were any other concerns. Get information as specific as possible and consider alternative business loans while you are working on the bank’s decline reasons.

More info on why the bank declined your business loan

Missed daily payments

You have an existing daily or weekly Merchant Cash Advance and you have missed payments on the advance.   Missing daily payments is a major reason why a new loan request may be denied.   Missed daily loan payments may can a renewal request to be denied.

Average Daily Balances too low

This decline reason means that your daily ending balances were too low over the month.   Lenders have different balances that they want
and often will not tell you.    Many lenders often want at least $1,000 Average Daily Balance consistently in your account.

Inconsistent Cash Flow

Business cash flow has fluctuated too much from month to month. In some months the cash flow meets the minimum required by the program and in other months it does not.

Declining Cash Flow

Total monthly deposits into the account have been declining month to month from recent low sales.  Even if the average still meets criteria, the lender may still feel this is a reason for the turndown.

Does not meet criteria

This is a general decline reason.   the lender does not want to tell you what this means

Month to Date MTD

This a decline reason that often happens with Merchant Cash Advances.   The Month to Date activity is requested for the current month and the approval be declined or reduced when current months deposits are lower than the previous three months.

Ask if significantly lowering the amount of the request,  adding a strong co-signer, or adding more collateral would cause them to reconsider and possibly approve the application.  Speak directly with the credit department that makes the credit decision.

If any of the reasons you are declined for a business loan involve credit, you will want to contact at least one of the credit reporting agencies to determine what is on your credit file.   You may already know most of what is on your file, though you should get a copy of your file to confirm it.

If there are any inaccuracies, you should dispute them with the bureau.   This is easy to do and can improve your bureau without significant effort.  You will succeed in getting derogatory information removed when the bureaus cannot prove the derogatory reporting is accurate.

Once you accept what is on your credit report, begin looking for other alternative loan options.   First determine what are the strengths of your business and weaknesses of your business.   When you contact companies, find out as much as you can about what their alternative loan options are based on.

Instead of choosing the business loans you like best, organize the loan types in terms of what your business is most likely to qualify for.  Of those loan options,  then decide which ones you believe you should proceed on.

Other Loan Options

Discuss the loan options with the representative and speak with someone who is knowledgeable, rather than someone reading from a script.   If they don’t give you logical answers to your thoughts or concerns, try to speak with someone else.  Don’t feel that you must get all the funds you need through 1 type of loan, or all of it immediately at that time. There may be 2 loan types that you should proceed on.

If your business needs $100,000 in total,  and you only qualify for $50,000, this may still work by getting the funding in segments over time.   You can take the $50,000 you qualified for and also work on getting the rest of the funding required over the course of the next few weeks or months.  Chances are you did not need the entire $100,000 immediately.  Most businesses that receive $100,000 do not spend it all within the first 30 days.  These steps are important when your business has been declined.

For additional resources to help you prepare for future business loan requests, you can
also visit the SBA.    The SBA government site has numerous resources which can assist your business.

Thank you for visiting our resource page on what to do if you are declined for a business loan.

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Business Lines of Credit: How to Get The Most Difficult Business Loan

In most cases, a business line of credit is the most difficult type of financing to get.   Business owners should look at the terms.  This  includes interest rates, number of months, total amount of the repay, and early payoff considerations.


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FAQ Frequently asked questions on how to get a business line of credit

How can I get a business line of credit?

Time in business of two to three years is often required. Other requirements include a 680 or higher credit bureau score, full financials and industry requirements. Full financials means 3 years business and personal tax returns, a personal financial statement and interim financials. Interim financials are a year to date profit and loss statement and balance sheet.

Why are business lines of credit so difficult to get?

A business line of credit is hard to get because it is set up to be available indefinitely to the borrower and does not have a limited term. Lenders consider this long term exposure to be high risk and require a longer history of business success with increasing gross and net income. If the business shows low net income and flat revenues, they are unlikely to be approved for a business line of credit.

Can my lender require me to suddenly payoff my business line of credit?

An annual payout provision and the lender being able to call the loan and require payoff at anytime is legal and enforceable when it is written into the contract. These provisions are extremely risky for borrowers. Lenders sometimes call loans because they decide to lower their risk models, or when they are being acquired by another lender. They may call loans even if the borrower has a clean payment history. Borrowers do not know in advance their loan is going to be called and often cannot pay it off immediately. Their business could fail because lenders may be able to seize their accounts receivables, real estate or any other collateral attached to the line of credit.

Some lenders put conditions on a line of credit that negates all of the other advantages of the financing.  Lenders may require the borrower to put up their home as collateral.  Borrowers should realize this becomes a home equity line of credit.  Borrowers are then giving their home and business assets as collateral. Why not not consider a home equity line of credit then?

Borrowers may be better off looking for other financing first. Attempt to negotiate the terms of the approval with the lender when your business is using real estate as collateral.

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Annual Payout Provision on Business Loans: What is It?

Definition of Annual payout provision

When a business has to payoff their loan to $0 once per year.

When approved, lenders sometimes have this annual payout requirement.

For low doc working capital that do NOT require annual payouts,  complete below


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In most cases, banks are the institutions that require annual payout provisions on business loans.

The balance has to be paid down to zero at least once per year.  This is a major negative that borrowers should be very cautious about.

Don’t mistake this for a minor aspect of the transaction because it could end up being very hard for the companies to do.   Very few can payoff a balance on any debt once per year.

Borrower considerations

If an annual payout provision is not met, what can the lender do? If the company does not pay the balance off once per year, the lender may have the right to:

  1. Call the loan due and to be paid in full immediately or face a declaration of default.
  2. Raise the interest rate
  3. Impose heavy penalties and fees.

Do they have the right to take some or all of the collateral?   Can they liquidate any listed stock or bonds that were pledged?  If so, how likely is it the lender may do this?

Will the lender liquidate assets fast or only if the borrower goes very far past due?   These questions need to be asked.   Borrower that pledged  free and clear collateral such as real estate as security may have high risk exposure.

The borrower needs to consider the requirements if real estate is secured for the transaction.   For transactions larger than $100,000 or more, the borrower must closely monitor their cash flow during the year.

Even for businesses that have high annual sales,  coming up with a significant amount each year is challenging.

Consider your average monthly bank balance as an estimate of the most they can come up with to meet an annual payout provision.  That amount is the maximum balance they should carry on their loan during the year.

Asset Based Loan

How to Get a 10% Increase in a Loan

There is a simple way to get a 10% increase in an approved loan without having to qualify for it.  Just ask for an increase in the approval and ask for an amount that equals a 10% increase. Apply below for loans that offer the easiest bump in the approval amount.


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How to get an increase in your business loan approval amount

  1. Step 1 Tell the lender that you need an amount that equals between 5% to 10% more than what your business was approved for
  2. Step 2 Provide any supporting information you may not have provided before that gets you a better business loan offer. This can include tax returns, additional bank statements, financial statements, personal financial statements or other items.
  3. Step 3 If approved, review any updated terms and close transaction
  4. Step 4 If denied, ask why. Determine if you can satisfy any denial reasons

Apply for funding below.

Many loan programs allow for a 10% increase on a newly approved loan if either the credit representative or the customer simply asks for it.  In many of these cases, credit is not pulled again, there is no additional review and a reason for the increase is not asked for.
Very few consumers are aware of this and do not take advantage of this.  Such an increase is not advertised by lenders because they wish to approve what the customer asked for or the maximum they can qualify the customer for.  They merely do this in the event a customer wants more, 10% is considered small enough to be within the risk parameters of the credit decision.

As an example, a customer applies for $50,000 and is approved.  If the customer indicates they wish for more funding, they typically can get an additional $5,000 simply by asking for an increase.  An automatic 10% increase is the limit, lenders will not stretch to a 20% increase without a further review or more information, possibly financial information being asked for.

For example, if a customer is approved for $50,000 and insists on $75,000, then further financial information may be asked for to consider the request, such as a Personal Financial Statement or Business or Personal returns.   If the applicant can show just a small amount of other sources of income, that may satisfy an increase request.  In some instances, providing the most recent 3 months business checking account statements is enough.

These are some of the ways in which a borrower can increase the amount of an approval.

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Vendors: Need To Get Your Customer’s Financed ?

For vendors that need to finance customers, we have financing for you!

  What do Vendors have difficulty getting their customers financing?


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Collateral Type:

Collateral loses it’s value fast after the sale.

Repossessing the assets are hard after a customer defaults.

Recovery may be impossible.  Collateral located inside of another business may be hard to get back.

Vendors that need to finance customers: Example of challenges.

A bowling alley contracts with 1 company for vending machines and the machines are financed through a lender.

The customers defaults and the lender wants the machines back.

The lender hires an outside company to repossess the vendor’s machines.   They show up at the bowling alley and the manager does not allow the machines to be removed.

Now the owner of the business has to be called to agree to the removal.   If they do not agree, then the lender may have to take a loss on the loan.

The case can be taken to court, but this may cost the lender more than the assets are worth.  Instead, they usually try to negotiate.  When that fails, the loan is considered a loss.

These are some reasons why vendors have a hard time getting customers financed.

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Why are landlord waivers required for Business Loans?

Landlord Waiver


What is a landlord waiver and why are they sometimes required for business loans?

In many cases the need for a landlord waiver is questioned by the borrower.   Why do lenders require these for many popular small business loans such as a loan using bank statements? The lender has made an asset based loan or loan against equipment, such as vending machines or restaurant equipment.

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To get funding without a landlord waiver closing stipulation requirement, apply below.


Lenders require landlord waivers to avoid or minimize losses for businesses with bad credit or slow pay as well as default on previous loans.   Many business loans include collateral that is on the premises of the borrower.   The landlord waiver allows the lender to enter the property and obtain the collateral in the event of a default.   If the lender did not have a signed landlord waiver, they could not enter the place of business of the borrower to take their collateral.   Landlord contact information will be ask for if this is required.

Without the landlord waiver

The lender cannot legally enter and repossess collateral.  The owner of the property can seek recourse against any lender entering the premises without permission of the landlord.  There are some business loans in which a lender asks for a landlord waiver but does not consider it critical for the loan.    This requirement is one of the top customer complaints with business loans.

A lender normally considers a landlord waiver absolutely critical if they ask for it and will not fund a transaction without the waiver.     Lenders worry that a landlord will refuse to allow them on the business property.   If this happens, the lender may not be able to recover their collateral if there is a default.

Why do I need to get a Landlord waiver?

Example: In the vending industry

Lenders that finance multiple vending machines will not fund transactions without all of the required landlord waivers.   Lenders that finance vending machines know that if they finance 10 vending machines, those 10 machines may be in 10 different locations throughout a metropolitan area.   If the borrower defaults, the lender would have to go to 10 locations to pick up the collateral.   They also cannot simply show up at a place of business to pick up collateral.   They must also have to have permission from the owner of the property because they will be uninstalling equipment, which is considered making a change to a property.   The lessee agrees in the lease not to make a change in the property without the permission of the landlord, so the lessee must contact the landlord.

What is a landlord waiver? Are landlord waivers required for a business loan?

In the event of a default on this asset based loan lenders do not want to contact 10 different landlords.    Each landlord would have to agree to an on site repossession.    The landlords know if they agree, those business that leases space from them may go out of business.

The landlord does not want the lessee to go out of business.    The landlord may want to deny the request.

These are the reasons why lenders will ask for this when a business loan is first closed.

The SBA also offers info on small business and negotiating with landlords.

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Use Multiple Loan Parts to get Larger Business Loan

Need a larger business loan and can’t qualify for one?  Get it all in multiple business loan parts!   Get several smaller loans to reach the total amount your business needs.    Apply below now for programs designed for your business to get the total it needs. 


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A business needs $100,000 and cannot qualify for $100,000 in one loan.   However,  the business can qualify for approximately $35,000 so first obtains a $35,000 loan.   After the first loan, it applies for a second funding and even a third round of funding.   This strategy makes it much more likely for the business to raise the full capital it needs.

Many businesses do not use all of the funding in the first weeks.  Many times, the business uses the funding over the course of weeks, and even months after closing.     Some businesses may get $100,000 all at one time and use it over the course of 3 months.    That is almost the same as if they had obtained the funding in 3 parts of $35,000 over 3 months.    Restaurants often do build outs and spend the money over time instead of all at once.

FAQ Frequently asked questions on multiple loan parts

What does multiple loan parts mean?
Getting more than one loan as part of one effort.    When a person or business cannot get approved for the entire amount they want in 1 loan, they get multiple parts until they get the full amount they want.

Why don’t I just ask the 1st lender to approve the total I want?
Each lender decides how much they are willing to approve your business for under their guidelines and risk model.    A second or third lender may give you more funding because they are approving less and not taking on the total risk
themselves if there is a default.

Do I have to let each lender know how much I got from the other ones?
No.   Each lender will see that you have a new account, had a recent inquiry, or
may check your recent back activity to see if you just got any new loans.   They will ask about recent loans if needed.





Asset Based Loan

Are certain industries at a disadvantage when applying for a business loan?

Banks and similar lenders prefer lending to certain industries, such as Medical, professional and manufacturing.     Does that mean that certain industries are at a disadvantage when applying for a business loan?  Yes.   Apply for programs that will approve loans in industries other lenders will deny.

Complete the Data Secure 15 Second Request Form Here..“>
Or call us at Tel:  1-919-771-4177, or Data Secure 15 Second Request Form Here..“>Question? 

In short, yes.  Service industries, industries that are heavy in service and hospitality do not have some of the advantages that other industries such as Medical and manufacturing have.   Service and hospitality industries generally do not have hard collateral which manufacturing and Medical have much more.   Both medical and manufacturing both have valuable equipment which can be taken as collateral in a loan request.

Another advantage that the Medical, professional and manufacturing sectors have is that on the average, they stay in business longer than service and hospitality industries.  Service industries such as Restaurants have a higher frequency of going out of business.

The past due rate for industries such as Medical is far lower than average in the loan portfolio.    One of the reasons lenders like Medical practices is that their past due ratio and default ratio is among the lowest of any industry.   It is also known in the lending industry that Restaurants go out of business more often than the average business.   This results in a double negative for lenders.   If a certain business sector goes out of business more frequently and they do not have collateral, then the lenders will lose more often lending to these sectors,  and they will lose more money at the time.    In summary, the lenders lose more money more often.

While Restaurant and certain hospitality organizations do have some collateral, Restaurant equipment and hospitality equipment such as beds and furnishings will bring in far less than production equipment and used medical equipment.

Lenders will not discuss these issues, however most traditional lenders do not favor certain service industries such as Restaurant, as well as hospitality industries.

Asset Based Loan

Can a Strong Co-signer Make Up for a Bad Credit Primary Signer?

There is a long history in credit of using a strong Co-signer to strengthen an application. However, can they make up for a bad credit primary applicant?


What is a Co-Signer?

It is anyone that signs with you on a loan request.  It is normally done when someone with stronger and better credit than you offers to sign to help you secure financing.    A co-signer is jointly liable for what they are signing for.

In general, a strong Co-signer does not make up for a bad credit primary applicant.   If the primary applicant has a lot of derogatory information, a strong co-applicant often can’t help turn a decline into an approval.   Great credit does help in situations when the primary applicant is not strong enough, has limited credit or minor negatives on their bureau.

There are several reasons why a strong Co-signer is often not helpful when the primary signer has significant derogatory credit.

Lenders know that in most cases, Co-signers sign only to help the primary applicant get the loan.   They really don’t want to pay past due or default payments.

Examples are parents that sign for their children to help them get a car loan.   However, there are many other examples.    Sometimes another relative or friend may help them get the loan.    In these cases, the secondary signer does not get the proceeds or asset being applied for.

Due to this, if the primary applicant runs into difficulty and cannot repay, the guarantor usually does not want to pay because they received no benefit from it.    In the past, guarantors have told lenders that they just signed the paperwork to help the other person get the loan.

In some cases, the C0-signer really believes they will not be held responsible.    They believe their responsibility stopped after they signed the paperwork.

Lenders know primary applicants with bad credit will go past due often.  As a result, the excellent credit guarantor will be asked to make good on the debt.

Strong Co-signers cannot always help a derogatory credit primary applicant get approved for a loan.

Asset Based Loan

Changing your Business Name: Pros and Cons

There are many reasons why changing your business name is necessary.  Sometimes the reasons are due to expansion, for good reasons, and also for not so good reasons, such as solving an image problem by finding a new name.

When it comes to financing, a name change is not a good idea and should be avoided.   Even if the business can prove it is the same company and only the name was changed, this explanation has always been looked at warily by lenders.   Often lenders see a name change as a new business.

If your business needs working capital such as a bank statement loan during the change, Apply below.   Our programs are the most flexible available with the toughest credit options.


Complete the Data Secure 15 Second Request Form Now.
Or call us at Tel:  1-919-771-4177.  

This hurts significantly in a financing request because if a company has been in business for 7 years, and changes the name in the last 2, it will almost look to a lender like the business is 2 years old.

Check your business credit report.  If the business credit reports have the old company name, this will hurt.

If the business credit reports have the new company name and the business start date shows the full 9 years in business, this scenario will be penalized far less severely.

One answer would be to only somewhat change the business name, if possible.


An example of large corporate name change for a bad reason was Valujet.    Valujet suffered a major crash in the Florida Everglades in the late 1990’s and primarily for this reason, changed their name to Airtran.

A change from Alley Pizza to Back Alley Pizza is minor and not noticed by customers.  If the name change is too much, then it sounds like a totally different company.

FAQ Frequently asked questions.

Will we have problems if we change our business name?

Existing customers may not recognize the new name of the business. You may also have to start an entirely new business with the secretary of state. This also causes your business to be totally new legally and the time in business under the old name stops.

I bought an existing business. Should I keep the old name?

Keeping the old name makes your name recognition and branding much easier. You can have the full time in business under the old name and the time in business of your new name. Getting loans and establishing business relationships will be easier.

What should I do if I have to change our business name?

Contact your existing customers and let them know what the new name of the business will be. Explain the reason for the change. Create marketing materials to use at your place of business for your current customers to see. Contact the Secretary of State and try to change the name of the existing business profile listing without creating a new profile.


Changing a business name has more drawbacks than advantages.  Above all the business loses it’s main brand identity.

However, if it is a must, then prepare for all the consequences in advance, thereby minimizing the damage.

Asset Based Loan

What are UCC Blanket Liens?

UCC Blanket Liens Definition:

UCC blanket liens are when a lender places a lien on ALL of the assets of a business or a person at the Secretary of State.

Banks and other traditional financial institutions typically place blanket liens on a business loan. What do they cover, what restrictions do they cause companies?


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Apply below now and instead get a business or personal loan without  UCC Blanket liens, including unsecured options!

Several options, both unsecured and partially secured,  are available.   Do not let a lender take everything you have worked for just because your company runs into a short term cash flow problem!

UCC stands for Uniform Commercial Code and are against the specific property of a person or business.    For example, blanket UCC liens are usually against all property, including furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

Details will vary based on the funding company.   Investors making unsecured loans such as an mca cash advance won’t do this, though may still encumber accounts receivables.

Traditional funding sources such as banks will write in specific details, that  may include:

1.  Vehicles or  accounts receivables

2.  Any future purchases during the term of the transaction.

Both of the above conditions can be very significant to any commercial operation and owners should be very cautious.

The business cannot use that collateral  for new funding

Funding companies that encumber a company’s accounts receivables are now the legal owner of those receivables until the balance is paid in full.

There are better ways to leverage encumbered assets for a business loan, which uses only Vehicles, Equipment, or  Real Estate.

FAQ, Frequently asked Questions

What is a UCC lien filing?

It is a legal recorded by a lender with the secretary of state on an individual or business. It is legally binding and any listed assets are held as collateral by the filer of the lien.

What is a ucc blanket lien?

A blanket refers to a lien filed against all the property, furniture, fixtures and equipment that a borrower has. It means the lender has everything the borrower owns as collateral. In the event of a default, they can take court action to repossess and liquidate that property.

Can I get another loan while a lender has a ucc blanket lien on all of my assets?

Only unsecured loans are available to you until the lien is removed. If multiple assets were taken as collateral by the lender, you can request they release some of those assets.  They can do this when most of the loan has been paid down.

How do I remove a UCC filing?

You can delete a ucc filing by paying off the debt or contract for which the UCC was placed. The lender usually files a release of lien automatically after the debt is fully paid. Check with them after the payoff to find out when they will release their ucc. If they have not, tell them to release it immediately and ask for a payoff letter. You can provide the payoff letter to the secretary of state and ask them to remove it.

Other Issues

Avoid liens on future assets.  This happens when the company buys more assets during the loan.   The existing finance company now has blanket rights to anything the company has bought outright.

Violations of UCC liens

There is another legal grey area even with a regular UCC blanket filing.    Regular UCC blanket liens are on all property, furniture, fixtures and equipment.

If the company acquires property which a new lender takes as collateral, then there may be ownership conflict with that collateral.

Also, any new lender may not have a clear legal right to that asset based on the previous Uniform Commercial Code.

Finally, there are significant issues that come with collateral Uniform Commercial Code filings. Businesses should do due diligence or seek legal counsel.

Asset Based Loan

Grants: Only for Non Profit Companies

Recently, some regular for profit companies have inquired how they can get free loan grants.    In general, Grants are not for profit companies, unless they fall into certain limited specific categories which sometimes change. For excellent alternatives to Grants, click below.

Complete the Data Secure 15 Second Request Form Now..  Click on “Paper Clip” attachment at bottom right and attach the last 3 months bank statements, or just complete Application.
Or, On Cell Phone, just tap either Tel # link, 1-919-771-4177, then Press Dial on your phone.   You can Tap / Click  Contact-Me, complete and we will contact you.

The public often believes that grants are available from the Government and do not have to be paid back.   Grants are given mostly to non profit businesses.  There are some exceptions that change over time.  States may issue grants business in certain industries.  For example, certain technical or scientific industries that government wants help from private industry in.

They sometimes states will issue Grants to certain businesses in the farming sector as States wish to promote the continued health of farming in their States.   There are also instances in which certain minority owned businesses may be provided Grants.   In general, For profit businesses do not receive Grants.   Federal and State governments do not wish to provide money from revenues to businesses that are engaged in for profit endeavors.

Many new businesses that need a start up business loan look for help. They contact companies who advertise they can get grants for private companies.  Many of these advertisements do not say that grants are mostly for non profit businesses.    There are also many companies that advertise books as well as online books that are sold on how to obtain Grants.   These fall into the same category in that these books are being sold on how to get something that in the vast majority of cases, does not exist.

Asset Based Loan

Real Estate Company Loan

Real Estate Company Loan

For a Real Estate Company Loan, Small Business Loans Depot offers niche used real estate company loan financing based on the Gross Receipts, or Gross Sales of the Business.   By using their sales, Real Estate company loan companies can obtain the highest approval funding amounts.  The funding can be used for any reason.  This includes marketing, advertising, inventory, expansion, additional employees, cash flow, any other reason.


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Features of a Real Estate company loan financing product below.
Difficult and complicated transactions are routinely done.
The application process is fast and easy.
The full process from beginning to end takes five to eight business days.
$7,500 to $150,000 approval amounts done routinely.
There are no application fees or advance payments.
As little as 9 months in business accepted.
Low credit score used.   Credit scores even below 500 can be approved.
No conditions on how the business capital is used.
Collateral is not required as this is an unsecured transaction.
24 to 72 hours processing and approval time.
Real estate companies provide information on their cash flow with their last most recent three months complete business checking account statements.    They also submit a one page application in order to qualify for this real estate company loan financing.  The final approval amount can be as high as 150% of the total monthly deposits over the most recent 3 months.   The customer has 2 to 18 month repayment terms.   6 and 9 months are the most popular repayment terms. Customers decide which approval they want.

Loans for real estate companies

Seasonal businesses are not excluded from funding.

Some examples include a recent river rafting companies which are highly seasonal.    For such a business, the most recent 3 or 4 months in the summer are the highest volumes.  Rather than obtaining a lower approval amount or denial, submitting the last 12 months statements for a seasonal business give these businesses the highest chances for approval and the highest approval amounts and longest terms as well.

Funding amounts for this real estate company loan financing range from $7,500 to $175,000.  Approvals can be obtained for up to $135% of the raw dollar amount of deposits.   As an example, if a customer deposits $100,000 in one given month, up to $135,000 approvals can be obtained.

Approvals will be higher if the company keeps strong balances.  If the customer has multiple business checking accounts, submit statements for both accounts.  Doing so will provide the highest approval amounts with the best terms.   This is best for seasonal businesses.

Credit limit increases.   As the customer uses the line, the maximum limit the customer can draw is increased.  Limit increases occur most frequently with existing customers.   Existing customers are the most desired customers.    New customers are not given better terms and handled better than an existing customer.

This line is not reflected on the owner’s credit report.   This real estate company loan financing is not listed on the individuals personal credit file.   business credit is established with the main business credit bureau agencies in the industry, such as Paynet, Experian business credit report, Dun and Bradstreet.

Frequently asked Questions:
How much will the approval be for?   The dollar amount your business will be approved for is most closely tied to both the raw dollar amount of the businesses monthly deposits and the average daily balance.   Higher funding amounts will occur as these amounts are higher.

Will we obtain an approval?
You have an excellent chance of being approved if your business has sales.   Simply having sales means your business has a very good chance of obtaining eh desired approval.   As indicated previously, the higher the sales, the higher the approval amount.

What length of time is required for approval for this Real Estate company loan financing?    In the majority of cases, funding occurs by wire within 2 to 3 days of approval and the customer faxing back in the final documents.
Can this be paid off early?  Early payoff can take place.   Since the approvals tend to be shorter term, from 3 to 18 months, in most cases customers do not pay off early because the transaction is short term already.

How can I go about using the line over?    Does a new transaction from scratch take place?  You will be viewed as an existing customer with a positive borrowing history.    The line can be used repeatedly only by giving the most updated cash flow information.

Is collateral required?   Collateral is not required for this real estate company loan transaction.    Only the Gross receipts or Gross sales are the main basis for this transaction.

Can we obtain larger limits in future requests?   A  higher line size is usually granted with each re-use.   This provides more options than traditional financing has in the past.  With traditional financing, customers have almost always found it difficult or challenging to obtain limit increases.   Lenders of these programs have always been very conservative with limit increase requests.  However, this does not apply for this financing.  The largest line size possible is provided and the limits are increased as often as possible and by as much as possible.

Example of a real estate company loan financing transaction.  Itemized below is an example of a recent transaction.

A real estate company in Baltimore Maryland required working capital.  They were denied by their local traditional lender.   Issues at hand were that the owner’s credit was not perfect and the financial statements were not what the bank was looking for.

A real estate company submitted a one page application along the most recent 6 months business checking account statements.   Underwriting reviewed for 48 hours and approved a $50,000 real estate company loan.   The company selected a 9 month term.  The original docs were E-Mailed to the customer.  The customer faxed the completed docs back the same day.

The final verbal verification was done with the customer.   Funds are wired 24 hours after the verbal.     The customer was able to immediately use the funds to immediately begin a new project.

For more information on Real Estate loan information and options, visit the SBA

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Asset Based Loan

Sales loan

Business Sales Loan.

The vast majority of businesses have sales and will pre qualify.  The funds can be used for any purpose, marketing, advertising, inventory, expansion, additional employees, cash flow, any reason.  Did you know you could find a lender that could give your business a loan against it’s sales?

Go to our features and benefits section or call to quickly learn how this program can solve your company’s cash flow needs quickly and effectively.

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Please get this info back to me and then we will look to put together an offer and term sheet on Friday.

To qualify for this sales loan, or business loan against sales, businesses provide their last 6 months complete business checking account statements.  They then complete the one page application.  A business also has the option of providing the most recent year’s business tax return, for which a higher amount may be obtained.  If the total monthly deposits are high, the final approval may be higher.  The customer can choose from 3 to 18 month repayment terms, though 6 to 12 months are the most frequent approval terms.    The majority of approvals allow the customer to decide which of these options they want.

FAQ’s, Frequently asked Questions:

What is a Sales loan?

Funding amounts for this sales loan as well as business loan against sales range from $5,000 to $250,000.  Up to 125% of the total dollar amount of monthly deposits can be approved.  If the customer deposits $10,000 per month, up to $12,500 can be approved.    Approvals are generally obtained in 1 to 3 business days.

If the company’s beginning and ending balances, especially average daily balance, are high, the final approval amount tends to be higher.  Should the customer have more than one business account, then statements for both accounts should be submitted.  Providing statements for more than one account will get the highest amount approved.  Seasonal businesses should submit the most recent 12 months business checking account statements.

As an example, a snow plowing business is highly seasonal with at least 3 or 4 months in the winter being the highest volumes.  Instead of a lower approval amount or denial, provide the last 12 months statements for the highest chance of approval and highest approval amount.

How can I increase business sales?

Use like a line of Credit.    This Sales loan, or business loan against sales is basically a line of credit that the customer uses at their discretion.  Since the most common loan terms are 3, 4, 6 and 9 months, this sales loan and business loan against sales product is used as a bridge loan in most cases.   If the customer is approved for $100,000, they can use the full $100,000, or they can choose to use $50,000 initially, then another $50,000 in a second take down.  Once the line has been repaid, it can be used again immediately by the business, or left dormant for months, then used again.

Periodic Line Size Increases.   Upon continued usage, the line size is increased over time.  Existing customers are the most preferred.   Better deals are not given to new customers.  A customer that is doing a second or third renewal will always receive a higher line size than an initial customer.     After a few renewals,  the credit line is often 100% or 200% higher than the original approved line.

Line not shown on individual credit report.   This Sales loan, or business loan against sales is not listed on the individual’s personal credit file.   business credit is established with the primary business credit bureau agencies such as Experian business credit report, Dun and Bradstreet and Paynet.

Features of a sales loan or business loan against sales product include:

No advance payment fees or application fees.                                                                          Low credit score is accepted.   Credit scores below 500 can be approved.
No restrictions on how the working capital is used.                                                                    No collateral is required.   This is an unsecured transaction.
Complex and difficult transactions routinely done                                                                 Quick and Easy application process
The entire process take only five to eight business days

What are the credit criteria looked at for this Sales loan, or business loan based on sales?

The average daily balance.

Dollar amount of Monthly deposits. 

Ending bank balances

Business checking account beginning balances.

Gross income Flat or increasing Gross Sales from year to year.

Net income.   It is also expected that Net income figures will be relatively flat or increasing from one year to the next.

Overdrafts. The bank statements are analyzed for the total number of overdrafts and NSF instances. 5 is the maximum.

Contact us today and we will answer all of your questions thoroughly and intelligently.


Asset Based Loan

Do Credit Inquiries Still Matter at All?

Are credit inquiries still important?

In the last few years, there has not been as much talk about credit inquiries and if they mean as much as they used to.    Do credit inquires still matter at all?

Credit inquiries still do matter, and can matter a great deal.   However, in general, credit inquires probably do not matter quite as much as in the past.   Some of the reasons are that credit loan officers have become quite comfortable with credit inquires and take them a bit less seriously compared to in the past.
Complete the
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If the number of inquiries greatly affects the score, then they will be taken quite seriously.

However, in general, loan officers will take the inquiries and the type of inquiry into context within the request.

Asset Based Loan

How Important is Time in Business When Getting a Business Loan?

More than 3 years will help a business loan request.  Less than 2 years in business may result in being declined for time in business.

If a company started out as a sole proprietor then switched to a Corporation, the combined total will be considered.   If a business was unincorporated for 2 years and then switched to a Corporation for 2 years,  the total time is 5 years.


Call 919-771-4177 for more info.

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FAQ’s, Frequently asked Questions:

What is time in business?

The amount of time since the business has been registered.   This is the day the business license was obtained or the day the business was incorporated with the State.

How can I figure the length of time my business has been established?

Look at the date your business license was issued.   If the business is a Corporation, go to the Secretary of State in your State.  Find your business listing.

What is length of time for a business loan?

This is the amount of time that is considered for your business for the loan process.   It is one of the considerations used in approval or denial.   1 or 2 years is usually requested.   Some business  loans can be approved with 3 months in business.

A company can provide old business licenses.  This is especially important because in most states the Secretary of State does not show the history of unincorporated businesses.   The SOS usually only provided information on corporations.   If a sole proprietorship does not keep their old business licenses, they may not be able to prove how long the business has existed.

Asset Based Loan

The Amount of a Business Loan Request is Important

In the business loan environment, one of the approval factors that is often overlooked is the amount of the request.   The amount of a business loan request is important.


The main factors that are most often cited are the time in business, personal and business credit, type of business.   However, one of the biggest factors that is never discussed is the amount of the request.    All other things equal, it is far easier for a company to be approved for a $10K or $25K loan request than for a $100K loan request.    Also, if a loan request is made for $100K, it may be declined for $100K whereas it might have been approved for $25K.

Click Complete
Data Secure 15 Second Request Form Here..  Click on “Paper Clip” attachment at bottom right and attach the last 3 months bank statements, or just complete Application.
Or, On Cell Phone, just tap either Tel # link, 1-919-771-4177, then Press Dial on your phone.   You can Tap / Click  Contact-Me, complete and we will contact you. 

In such a case the applicant could be shorting themselves of funding by applying for too much money.    Many applicants believe that they should apply for as much as possible.  This is incorrect.   Applicants should apply for roughly the lowest amount they feel they need funding for.

If a business is approved for funding but not enough, they can try to get another type of business loan.  The business can look at other loan types to see if another type of funding may work for them, such as accounts receivables financing, or a loan based on the Real Estate owned by the business.   There are other types of loans such as inventory loans, or equipment loans.  If your business was able to receive some funding, but not enough, contact us above and will discuss your options and the types of other loans your business would be most likely to qualify for.

Asset Based Loan

Dental Practice Loan Programs and Video

Dental Practice Loans

A dental practice loan is available now to assist your practice same day or net day with any financing needs.   Easy application and closing.  The practice can also get working capital using gross revenues.

Low credit scores below 500, tax liens, and existing cash advances can all be considered.  Apply Below Now


Business Loans to a Dental Practice: Options Available.

Call 919-771-4177 for more info.

Data Secure 15 Second Request Form Here.

This loan against dental practice sales can obtain significant funding amounts. Just use the existing sales your dental practices already has to qualify.  Almost all practices should be able to obtain funding through this program.   Other unsecured and asset based medical practice loans are available.

How to get a dental practice loan:

Step 1 Find lenders online that specialize in dental practice loans.   Review the program features and benefits including ease and speed of the application process and closing.

Step 2 Practices that have been operating for 1 year or longer can qualify for better programs.  Some dental practice loan programs offer approvals with as little as 3 months time of operation.

Step 3 Compare your dental practice profile to the loan programs available, and pick the one that best matches your dental practice.    For larger practice loans over $500,000 and above, a financial package that includes 2 years business returns and interim financial statements may be requested.

Step 4 Contact matching lenders to discuss borrowing options and requirements for your specific dental practice.

Step 5 Submit an application for financing.  Furnish any other documents that show the strength of your practice.

Step 6 For any approval you receive, review the term sheet which includes conditions and closing requirements.  Submit items required for closing and funding.
Complete the transaction and receive funding into your practice account.
Features include:
No application fees or upfront fees.
More difficult transactions are done routinely
The financing process generally takes 2 to 5 business days.
If a Dentistry Practice is profitable and has equipment assets, it is to the Practice’s benefit to use the equity in their equipment for other business needs, rather than to leave the equity in the equipment.

For this program based on the gross sales of the business, the funding is based primarily on the most recent cash flow of the business.

The dental practice provides a one page application and the most recent 3 months complete business checking accounts statements.  Credit is only a minor factor for this program.  Credit bureau scores of 500 and higher are acceptable under this program.   In some cases, scores lower than 500 may be accepted.

Once the statement are received, the main numbers that are looked at for each month are the average daily balance, the total dollar amount in deposits per month, the number of deposits per month.  The beginning and ending balances are reviewed however they are not main considerations in the review.

FAQ  Frequently asked dental practice loan questions:

Question: How long does it our practice to get funding?
Answer:The entire process takes about one to two days from application to funding for most customers. Funds are wired into the practice business account the same day as closing.
Question:How much will a low credit score affect our request?
Answer: Getting your dental practice approved depends mostly on the cash flow of the practice. The credit is not as important and scores below 600 can still get offers. Higher scores allow for longer term offers.
Question:Can we use the money to pay taxes and meet payroll?
The capital can be used for any reason, including taxes and payroll.
Are there early payoff options?
Discounts depend on when it is paid off and how your repayment history has been. If the repayment record is clean then a discount is normally offered.

The following video provides further general information on dental practice financing. This includes features and benefits such as using the practice’s existing equipment, the $10,000 to $125,000 ranges, time frames to funding, ease of application, how the program can be combined with other funding programs if the dentist wants to get more funding.

The SBA offers assistance for business plans and financial statements.

Asset Based Loan

Sell More Equipment

Partner Resources to help Vendors Sell More Equipment.

Do you know you can go to Small Business Loans Depot to find customers who need equipment or equipment financing?  We bring customers to you at no cost to you.     Vendors assist us in the process by providing their expertise in equipment.

With our referral program, you will learn how to substantially increase your equipment sales, understand what it takes to continue increasing your sales, and solving and improving your businesses cash flow.

Complete the Data Secure 15 Second Request Form Here., or Call us at Tel: 1-919-771-4177

Vendors can expect to sell up to $25,000 per month more in equipment immediately.  Equipment types include Computer Equipment, Industrial Equipment, and machinery.  Medical equipment includes regular medical practice equipment, chiropractor equipment , dental equipment such as patient tables, X-ray equipment, patient tables, lights and cabinetry.

Increases sales of $50,000 to $100,000 per month after a few months, for an annual increase of $5o0,000 to $1,000,000 per year.

Call us Today at Tel: 919-771-4177 to start increasing your sales today.

We use your expertise to help you sell more Equipment!

Small Business Loans Depot has developed a unique in the market program to help Vendors sell more equimpent by bringing customers to the Vendor at no cost!  Our customers request financing, or equipment, or both.     As a vendor, you provide us assistance with in the financing through your channel and expertise with the equipment, such as Computer / Electronic Equipment, Medical Equipment, Machinery and Industrial equipment.    Vendors help us provide a value of the equipment our customers bring to us.

Other Vendor opportunities to sell more equipment include assisting with locating equipment, equipment appraisal and equipment acquisition.    Our customers need either equipment acquisition or equipment refinancing.

Call us today at  Tel: 919-771-4177 to begin the process today!

Example transaction:

Pensacola dental needs a new deliver station and $15,000 in working capital.  They complete an application and equipment list and sent to us.  We send the application to you as the Vendor.  You review the equipment list for accuracy of information and cost of items listed.  The application is sent to the funding source.  Upon an approval, the terms are provided to the customer.  Once the customer accepts, documents are ordered.  The documents are sent to the customer who completes them and either E-Mails the originals back in or Faxes back the docs.

In general, a site inspection is not done.  A verbal confirmation is completed with the customer.  The Vendor is funded within one or two days.  The vendor then funds the customer per wire and the transaction is complete.


Asset Based Loan

Vendor Opportunities

Vendors – Increase your Sales now through free access to our constant flow of  incoming customers.    We bring customers to you for free!

Vendors opportunities include expecting up to $25,000 more in equipment sales immediately, with increased sales of $50,000 to $100,000 per month after just a few months.

Increase your revenues by processing our customers. Applicants need financing to obtain equipment, vehicles, construction equipment and more. Offering monthly lease repayment terms allows the buyer to finance the purchase over a 2 to 4 year term instead of a short term payment they cannot handle.

Complete the Data Secure 15 Second Request Form Here.,
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We use your Vendor Expertise!

Small Business Loans Depot offers a one of a kind in the market Vendor Opportunity by bringing customers to you at no cost!  Our customers need equipment or financing, or both.     You provide us assistance in the financing through your channel and expertise with the equipment involved, such as Computer, Electronic, Industrial, Machinery & Medical Equipment.

Other Vendor opportunities include assisting with equipment acquisition, locating equipment and equipment appraisal.

Call us today at Tel: 919-771-4177 to begin the process today!

Vendor Opportunities Resources:

U.S. Department of Commerce – Helps american businesses become more innovative at home and competitive abroad.

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis – Provides statistics on consumer spending, corporate profits, travel and tourism and much more.

Bureau of Labor Statistics – Provides companies with up to date information on employment, demand, hiring, productivity and other information that may be useful to companies.

Vendor Opportunities resources:

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office –U.S. office to file patents to protect a companies new or existing proprietary products.

U.S. Trade and Development Agency – Promotes U.S. Exports to Foreign Countries, please review if your company is interested in exporting goods to foreign countries.

Public Radio Planet Money – All issues money related to the public.

Thank your for visiting our Vendor Opportunities resource page!


Asset Based Loan


For a sale-leaseback, Small Business Loans Depot offers a niche sale-leaseback loan based on equity Real Estate.

For this sale leaseback or real estate sale leaseback loan, business owners use equity in their Real Estate. 

  • Difficult transactions are routinely completed.
  • Application is simple with an expedited funding process.    Only a one page online application is required
  • There are no application or upfront fees.
  • Your request is completed by an experienced consultant

Callers will call in with varying requests.   Each week, callers will ask for either a
“Real Estate sale leaseback”, “sale leaseback on Real Estate” or a “leaseback”.

Complete the Data Secure 15 Second Request Form Here.
Or call us at Tel:  1-919-771-4177

A significant tax savings may be obtained in this sale-leaseback against Real Estate.

Your business generates revenue by using Real Estate rather than owning it.   This sale-leaseback takes advantage of the untapped equity in Real Estate and uses it instead for cash flow.

The one page application is submitted by completing the online application in the menu bar above, or Faxing to Fax: 919-882-8541, or E-Mailed to  The general processing time is one to three business days.   Upon approval, time for final funding is approximately one to three days.

Other Options:
Gross Sales Cash-flow-loan –  This financing product can be ideal for many businesses by being based on the Gross Sales and cash flow of the business.  Many businesses  have significant cash flow.  As a result, substantive working capital can be obtained by the business through this product.

This sale-leaseback product is used, in effect as a loan against cash flow.   The business provides the most recent 3 months business checking account statements along with a one page application.    The average daily collected balance, beginning balances, ending balances, and the amount and number of deposits per month are analyzed in order to determine the approved amount.

Repayment terms on this sale-leaseback range up to 72 months.

By providing the last 2 years tax returns,  and if they are strong, the initial line size can be significantly higher and future line increases can also be more.

Sample Asset based Equipment refinance transaction:

More sale-leaseback resources:

Thank you for visiting our sale-leaseback resource page!


Asset Based Loan

Gross Sales Loan

Businesses have long looked for financing based on Sales, rather than requiring excellent credit, collateral and financial statements.  A Gross Sales Loan is available now.    Funding ranges from $5,000 to $250,000 with a fast turnaround.   Upon approval, funding can take place within 1 business days.    4 months time in business and a 500 or higher credit score is required.    In some instances, the credit score can be below 500.  What is a Gross Sales Loan?
Features and benefits
Only 3 months in business required and credit scores below 500 accepted are considered.
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This loan is set up in practice in similar fashion to a line of credit.   Your business decides how much in funds are wired into your business checking account.   The customer is approved for $50,000.   50,000 is then wired into the customer’s account within 1 – 3 business days after approval.    Upon repayment, the customer can renew the line for another round of funding.

Frequently asked questions:
Question:   We have 2 major business checking accounts with significant balances.   Can we combine the two accounts to get a much larger line size?
Answer:  Rather than do 1 large line size for 2 accounts, we can establish 1 line for each account.   This allows your business to accommodate the cash flow needs for each account.  It also prevents the business from overextending it’s available cash flow from 1 account.
Question: Our Sales went down from the previous year to the current year.  Will that hurt our chances?
Answer:  Your business still has an excellent chance of getting an offer.    We will look at the most recent three to six months of gross sales to determine what the approval amount will be.  If your sales in the most recent three to six months went down dramatically from month to month, then the approval amount for the loan based on gross sales may be lower than if the sales had been steady.     Higher sales in the last three months will give you a higher offer.
Question: After we pay it off, do we have to re-apply again from scratch?
Answer:   You only provide updated statements for the last 3 months to renew.   Funds are wired into your business checking account at closing.
Question:  Are financials or collateral required?
Answer:   Collateral and financials are not required to qualify.   Depending upon the amount of the approval and the customer’s requested amount, the customer can choose to provide financial statements in order to qualify for an even higher possible amount.
Question:  What if I don’t use the line?

Answer:  Nothing happens.  Submit the most recent statements when your business needs funding again.

Sample Gross Sales Loan Transaction:

Magic Muffers in Doraville, Georgia needs $30,000  in working capital.    They did not qualify for other types of loans and another bank declined them for a property loan.

Magic Muffler has $450,000 on sales per year.   They apply for a Gross Sales Loan and complete a one page application.  The company also submits their last 6 months business checking account statements.

The approval for Magic Muffler is for $35,000.    The customer wishes to proceed and gets the loan documents in their E-Mail.    They fax back the completed loan documents.     The paperwork is reviewed and a final verbal verification of the transaction is completed with the customer.

Funds are wired to the customer’s account within 24 hours.

Asset Based Loan

Loan Using Bank Statements

How to get a loan using business bank statements

  1. Get the most recent three (3) months complete business checking account statements
  2. Review your total dollar amount in deposits per month, your average daily balance, number of deposits per month, personal credit, type of business and time in business.
  3. Select a bank statement loan program that best fits your business.
  4. Complete application and provide the last three months business bank statements.
  5. If approved, submit required closing information and close transaction


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Small Business Loans Depot offers a loan using bank statements through the company’s Gross Sales.   Every company has sales, so almost all companies can qualify.

Many callers call in and request a “loan using bank statements” or a “business loan using bank statements”.  Get started on this financing today.  Provide the  most recent 3 months business checking account statements and 1 page application.

  • Our Loan using Bank Statements can be used by a business to get up to $250,000 working capital, and as much as $500,000 in some cases.
    A customer can get a renewal of their original funding at 50% paid down.
  • The funding can be used for any purpose the business needs.
  • Applying is fast and easy and the entire process takes approximately 3 to 7 business days.
  • This product has no upfront application fees.

Other Features

Ask about our Flex payment or Flexible payment product because the payments are variable and not fixed.   United States and Canadian companies only.

A business is approved for $25,000 with a 6 month term and a $100 daily payment.  With other programs, the business has to repay $100 every business day even if sales are slow or if sales are higher than normal.

With the Flex payment program, if the customer’s deposits drop 25% one day, then the daily debit is $75.   If the deposits increase 50%, then the daily debit is $125.    This program has a great advantage for customers.   If their sales are slow, they won’t have a higher burden to make the payment.   When their sales increase, they will still have the same percentage taken out and repay the funding sooner.

A business can get up to 125% of it’s monthly deposits with this program.   The customer’s beginning bank statement balances, ending balances, amount of monthly deposits and also average daily balances are looked at to determine the approval amount and terms.    The repayment term is between 2-18 months.

Customers with more than one active business checking account with significant balances should use the account with the highest amount of deposits.    The minimum time in business is 4 months for the start up program.  Your business should provide it’s first 3 months statements to try to qualify for the start up program.


– Just 4 Deposits per month required in many cases.
– No Site inspection for qualifying deals.

What is required to submit for an approval?
– Most recent 3 months complete business checking account statements
– Signed and dated application.

What is required for closing?

– Copy of voided check.  Specifically, this is a copy of a voided business check.
– Copy of driver’s license.
– Landlord contact information.
– Other requirements may apply.

Required to pre-qualify or qualify:

– Signed and dated application from at least 50% of company ownership.
– Last three months complete business bank statements from the main business
– For amounts over $150,000:  The most recent six months complete business bank statements and the 1st page of the most recent business tax return.

Required for Loan Contracts to be sent:

– Clear copy of driver’s license.
– Copy of a voided business check off of the approved account.
– Valid E-Mail address for the owners of the company.
– Federal Tax ID number, or TIN.
– Other requirements may apply.

Other business bank statement loan customer benefits:

– Renewals and renewal options often begin at 40% pay down of balance.
– No standard site inspection is performed or required for many customers.
– Bankruptcies older than 1 Year are usually acceptable.
– Only 50% ownership needed in some cases.

If a customer’s sales increase in the 6 months to year after the line is established, the line size may be increased very significantly due to both the increase in revenues and satisfactory repayment.

Other issues:

Other issues for the Loan using Bank Statements program include average balances, amount of deposits per month, number of deposits per month, beginning balances, ending balances, and overdrafts and NSF’s.

Question:  How much time does the process take and how long does it take to receive the funding?

Answer:  The decision process takes approximately 24 to 72 hours. The customer receives the loan documents the same day or the next day.   Once the customer returns the completed documents via Fax or overnight, the loan documents are reviewed.  Once the accuracy of the documents are confirmed, a verbal verification is done with the customer and funds are wired to the customer with in 24 to 48 hours.  The entire process takes about 5 to 8 business days.

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Asset Based Loan

Chiropractor Practice Business Loan

Get a chiropractor practice business loan that almost all practices can qualify for.  Programs include loans based on your practice’s gross sales, total deposits, practice assets, or equity in real estate.

Apply below today.


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Chiropractor practice business loan with many term options

Loan for a chiropractic practice benefits

  1. Credit scores below 500 are considered.
  2. Approvals as low as $2,600 and up to  $1,000,000 or more with no restrictions on the use of funds.
  3. Use the funding like an loc line of credit.   Your practice can borrow, repay and borrow again in many cases when there is a need.
  4. Limited paperwork.   Just a one page application and most recent (3) months bank statements.   Same day closings available.
  5. Use the funds to increase revenues of the practice such as hiring more employees, advertising, expansion, increasing office space,  and any other reason.
  6. No upfront processing fees or upfront application fees.

How to get a chiropractor practice loan

Step 1  Search for lenders that offer chiropractor practice loans.   Review program options and consider how the program can help your practice.

Step 2 Tip  Practices that have operated for more than one year can qualify for better terms.

Step 3  Review your chiropractor practice profile to the funding programs available.  Select a short list of programs that will do the most for your chiropractic practice.

chiropractor practice loan

Step 4  Contact the lenders to determine as best as possible whether your chiropractic practice will be approved if you apply.  Also confirm the advertised program benefits.

Chiropractor practice loan

Step 5  Pick one or more programs and submit an application for financing.  Provide any documentation that strengthens your request even if it is not required.  This can include financial statements, tax returns, or other information.

Chiropractor practice loan

Step 6  When you receive an offer, review all the terms and conditions.   If you are ready to close, provide all documentation required for closing.    Check if there is a right of recision period.

Frequently asked Questions:

Question: What if we need more medical financing than we are approved for?
Answer:  A second additional funding can be considered.   If the practice has the cash flow for more funding, then more funding can be approved.  A practice that qualifies for $50,000 can close the 1st transaction, then get a 2nd position  for $25,000 for a total of $75,000.
*TIP:  A second part or second transaction is often called a “2nd position”. 
Question: Our chiropractic practice does not have assets and revenues are only about $225,000 per year.  Can we get an offer?
Answer:  A practice with little assets and sales of $225,000 per year may still qualify for up to $25,000 based on the cash flow and customer profile.

What ownership percentage is required for a chiropractor practice business loan?

a minimum 50% ownership is required.    When there are 2 owners at 50% ownership, the stronger credit of the two 50% owners should be listed 1st.   the weaker credit should be the co-applicant.
If one of the owners has very weak credit then only the strong credit applicant should be on the application.

Are financials required?

Financials are not required for transactions under $250,000.   No tax returns, personal financial statements, or interim statements are requested in almost all requests under $150,000.   For requests over $250,000, the practice may want to provide financials to strengthen the chance for approval and the approval amount.

Learn how to get funding for your practice with any problems.   Apply today and get funding the same day or the next day.

Asset Based Loan

Is Factoring Good for Businesses?

Factoring is a method of raising working capital used by many companies. Some business owners have questions regarding factoring and whether the advantages of factoring outweigh the disadvantages.

The major advantage is factoring provides working capital for businesses that would otherwise have to wait a significant amount of time to receive. Oftentimes, once a business has provided a product or service to another company, they have to wait 30 days or longer to obtain funding.

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If a company has to wait 30 – 60 days to receive payment that is due to them, it inhibits cash flow they otherwise can use to begin work on the next project that will generate revenue. I can also prevent the company from soliciting new contracts, knowing they do not have the working capital to begin or complete the job.

The significance of factoring in this situation can have a major positive effect on a company. If a company completes a job in 1 month and has to wait 1 month to get paid, the total time is 2 months. They have to wait 30 days to start a new job and can only do 6 jobs per year off the use of those funds.

If they complete the job in a month, use factoring, and are paid immediately, they can do 12 similar jobs per month off that revenue. If the company can generate twice the revenue, the additional revenue will often far exceed the cost of the financing, even with a 3% cost of financing.

Some businesses are reluctant contact the customers that pay them and inform them that they are factoring the invoice. In many cases, the company being informed the invoice will be factored already has this arrangement with some of their other customers, is familiar with the practice, and is fine with the request. Additionally, there are further methods that are used to inform the company paying the invoice that it is being factored.

Small Business Loans Resources:

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Asset Based Loan


What is Factoring?

Factoring is a form of financing which allows businesses to be paid for a product or service they have already provided to another company, but have not been paid for.

The major advantage is that it allows businesses that often have to wait up to 30 – 60 days to accelerate payment to them.   They can then use the cash flow for other revenue generating purposes as opposed to basically not having access to those funds for the entire length of time they are waiting on it.

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Since most businesses business model generates significant revenue, cash is king.    Cash on hand through factoring allows businesses to buy the next round of raw materials, inventory, have work in process, pay for finishing costs,  pay staff or hire additional staff, pay for overtime, and deliver product.    Processing the next round of product now using the cash sooner will mean they will be paid 30 – 60 days sooner for the next work in process.

Over the course of a year, this will speed up finished goods and in turn Gross receipts, by a multiple of 2 or 3.    Factoring allows this speed up to occur.   The cost of  is often between 1% to 5%. If the cost to a business for is 3%, the additional revenues generated will typically far outweigh the cost of the financing.

How can I get Factoring?


How can I factor invoices?

Consider the following example. A business has received an order for a product for $100,000 on January 1st,  and delivers on January 31st.    The company paying normally waits 30 days to pay the funds.   If they pay on February 28th,  and this cycle occurs 6 times per year, that is $600,000 in Gross Receipts.    The company providing the product cannot fully or totally complete work on the next product until they receive the money.    If they factor the invoice and receive $97,000 immediately, they can begin work immediately on the next product.   $97,000 x 12 = $1,164,000.

Gross revenues are $564,000 higher by financing the invoices.  There are other variables that affect the math but the basic concept is sound.   Gross receipts can be significantly increased by factoring because the money is available much sooner to turn around product.

Studies have shown that some companies are apprehensive to engage in factoring primarily because they do not want their clients, whom they consider to be their customers, to know they have requested this type of financing.    This fear is almost entirely unjustified.   If any party would not want to be presented with the issue, it should the company which essentially owes the bill.

This is the company that has received a product or service, or both, from another company, has been presented with an invoice for payment by the provider of the product or service, and instead of paying immediately, waits 30 – 60 days to pay on monies owed.  This company will not be surprised by a request to factor.

The company waiting to get paid that may not want their client to be presented with a financing request by them should recognize that their customer likely currently engages in factoring for the invoices of other companies, is familiar with it and consider it a regular practice.

The company that is owed the funds, therefore, may be denying themselves significant working capital for no good reason.   Often the request goes directly to the Accounting department and the owners of the business are scarcely aware that a client is setting up factoring.  An excellent manner in which to arrange this is to simply have your Accountant call up the Accounting department of the company your business is waiting to get paid by.   If the owner of the business that has been invoiced is involved, your business can simply say that in order to accelerate cash flow, your own Accountant recommended factoring.

Don’t keep waiting on the cash flow that belongs to you!. Start factoring today and start dramatically accelerating your company’s cash flow.

Asset Based Loan

Loan Against Equipment Video: Monthly Payments!

Video Description: Use Business equipment to get money for your business. Construction Equipment such as Yellow Iron, Trucks Rigs, Vehicles, and Trailers. Low credit scores OK.

Get a Loan on Equipment

Apply Now

 How to get a Loan against Equipment

How to get a loan on your business equipment assets.

Supply: List of your Free and Clear Equipment

Tool: Desktop, laptop, tablet or phone

1: Create a List

Make a list of your free and clear paid equipment

Get pictures and info on: vehicles, rigs and semi’s, pick up trucks, construction equipment, trailers and other

TIP: The lender may payoff valuable pieces with a low balance

How to get a loan against equipment: make a list

VIDEO CLIP below: Make a List of Your Free and Clear Equipment:  2 Seconds –
13 Seconds in Clip below.

2: Provide Cash Flow Information

Provide your last few months bank statements to show cash flow.

Get your last few months bank statements and any other financial a lender may request.

VIDEO CLIP below: Provide Cash Flow Information:  14 Seconds – 16 Seconds in Clip below.

3: Match with a Lender

Match with a lender that offers loans against equipment.

Call and ask about amounts and Terms

Match with a lender that makes loans against equipment

VIDEO CLIP below: Match with a Lender:  17 Seconds –
21 Seconds in Clip below.

4: Apply

Apply and get your best chance for approval by working closely with a rep.


VIDEO CLIP below: Apply:  22 Seconds –
25 Seconds in Clip below.

5: Complete

Close the transaction and gather all closing items: Proof of ownership, titles, pictures or more.

TIP: Low credit scores O.K.

Finish by signing the contracts and getting funded.

close the transaction

VIDEO CLIP below: Complete:  26 Seconds –
33 Seconds in Clip below.

Apply Now

Show Video Transcript

Loan against Equipment

Video Transcript: In minutes and seconds
0:00 Introduction
0:02 Make a List of Your Free and Clear Equipment
0:14 Provide Cash Flow Information
0:17 Match with a Lender that Offers Loans on Equipment
0:22 Apply
0:26 Gather required Documents and Close Transaction

[ desert wind whistling ] How to Get a Loan Against Equipment.

[ engine running ] Make a List of your Free and Clear Paid Equipment.

Get Pictures and Info on [ engine idling ] Vehicles,

[ engine revving ] Rigs and Semi’s, [ revving continues ] Pick Up Trucks,

[ pressure releasing ] Construction Equipment,

[ duck quacks ] Trailers and Other Equipment.

[ counting money ] The Lender may pay off valuable pieces with a low balance.

Provide your Last Few Months Bank Statements to show Cash Flow.

Match with a Lender that Offers Loans Against Equipment.

[ desert wind blowing ] Call and ask about Amounts and Terms.

Apply and Get Your Best chance for Approval by working closely with a Rep.

[ race car engines ] Close the transaction and Gather all Closing Items.

Proof of Ownership, Titles, Pictures or More.

[ water bubbling ] Low Credit Scores OK.

Finish by signing the Contracts and getting Funded.

Need more money than your Assets can get ? Get extra funds without putting up your equipment here using a bank statement loans option.   Or just visit the bank statement loan video page here.

Check out other options on our homepage

For businesses that do not have enough assets but need a larger business loan, read how to get a large business loan, or just visit the how to get a large business loan Video page and watch.

In a loan on equipment or vehicles, the owner keeps the equipment or vehicles and retains ownership when it is paid off.

This asset based option is often used as one way to get a large business loanOr Call us at 919-771-4177.


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Qualifying equipment includes many types of construction and industrial equipment, business and commercial business vehicles. This includes tractor trailers, big rigs, commercial vehicles and semi -trucks.    Is your truck down?  Find out more about a truck repair loan here, or just watch the Truck Repair loan Video here. You can even get a loan on a trailer!   Low credit scores down to 500 and below may qualify.

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FAQ Frequently asked questions on a loan against equipment or vehicles.

What is a loan against equipment?
A loan on equipment lets businesses use the equipment or vehicles they own outright to qualify for a business loan. Borrowers can get a loan against construction equipment as well as tractor trailers and semi-trucks. Other qualifying assets include business vehicles and some types of machinery. The approval process is usually one or two days and the collateral stays on your property.

How much can I get?
You can get up to 60% against the current retail value of qualifying pieces. If your equipment has higher than market value, then provide documentation to prove the value from upgrades or customization.

How do put a value on the pieces?
Asset value data is used for each equipment type. The prices of comparable pieces on sale through industry leading vendors and suppliers may be used.

How old can my assets be?
Most trucks can be up to 8 years old. More than 8 years can still be funded with reduced approvals. Construction pieces and machinery can be older depending on the type, manufacturer, model and age.

Do I need to have proof of ownership?
Proof of ownership will be needed. Title, registration or bill of sale can be used for proof of ownership. Proof of purchase may also be needed and can be a paid invoice, loan or lease payoff letter, or bank proof of payment.

Can you take trucks or cars as collateral?
Free and clear trucks or cars including big rigs, semi trucks, OTR over the road tractor trailers, dump trucks, and vans may be used as security. Standard trailers such as big tex and gooseneck can be pledged. Cars, trucks and passenger vehicles may qualify if they are used partially for business.

Cnc milling machines, 18-wheelers, rigs, tractor  trailers qualify.   Machine tools may also bring significant working capital.

Construction equipment such as front end loaders, bobcats, skid steers, bulldozers, ditch witches, woodworking equipment, semi trucks, 18 wheelers, tractor trailers may also qualify.

Your business makes money by using equipment rather than owning it.   Get the unused cash in your equipment and use it for cash flow in your business.

Business loan programs are open, approving and funding small business loans on construction equipment, some large machinery, commercial vehicles, big rigs, semi trucks, Over the road tractor trailers OTR, vans, dump trucks, and even trailers such as gooseneck trailers during Coronavirus covid-19.

Submit the one page loan against equipment application and also the equipment list . Decisions are usually made in 1 day.   Funding happens within five business days.   $150,000 total funding is available.

Tell us the type of loan you are looking for.   Callers ask for different types of loans, including a loan against construction equipment.   Others ask for a loan on equipment using their construction assets.  Some callers request a loan on machinery.

Underwriting reviews the age and condition of the equipment.  Complete the equipment list.  Use the most valuable and newest equipment on hand.   Older equipment may qualify.  This includes trucks and tractors.   Through this loan against equipment, loans against a tractor-trailer is approved.  It is also called a loan against an 18 wheeler as well as a loan against semi-trailer truck.   Other products are a loan against a big rig, and loan against a semi truck.

Top 7 vehicles to get a business loan against: 
1  Commercial Vehicles
2  OTR Over the road trailers
3  Big Rigs
4  Semi Trucks
5  Dump Trucks
6  Trailers
7  Vans

The following are examples of equipment and vehicles that can qualify under the program!

1. Cat 314ELCR
2. Cat TL943
3. Doosan DX 300LL-5
4. Ford F250XL and Ford F350XL
5. Ford F450
6. John Deere 225DLC
7. Kenworth T370

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Asset Based Loan

Leaseback Real Estate: Video & A Way to Get High Dollar Offers

What is real estate leaseback? Definition of a loan on property:

A Real Estate Leaseback is a loan against land.   The owner of the property can be an individual or business.   It is sold then leased back, allowing the owner to obtain working capital.

Compared to an equipment leaseback, it is also a better choice if the maximum capital is needed.   This option will usually provide the most working capital.   But be careful that you are not offering too many assets.   Calculate the amount of the loan and the value of the asset to decide how much of your assets should be taken.


Call 919-771-4177 for more info.

Data Secure 15 Second Request Form Here.

The fastest options are a real estate merchant cash advance.

In this transaction, real estate is sold for cash, with a lump sum going to the seller.   It is then leased back with a purchase option at the end of the term.   The seller gets to stay on the property during the entire term of the transaction.

Borrowers have different goals with this transaction and most choose this option to get the most money back.

How to get a real estate leaseback.   Steps, direction and tips.

Research companies that have commercial and residential leasebacks as their primary programs.   Consider minimum funding amounts, rates, LTV loan to value requirements, and types that qualify.  Also review total processing time from application to funding.

Minimum loan amounts are usually $100,000.  Most programs are secure commercial property.   Requirements often vary depending on the State’s real estate laws.  Some programs may not be available in all states.

Above all, opt for the program that most fits your particular commercial or residential holding.

You want the program that is going to be the best option for your commercial property.

Contact funding programs and make sure your commercial or residential property meets funding program requirements.

Make contact and discuss your commercial property. Try to assess whether it meets funding program requirements.

Submit an application for funding.  Include any documentation that increases your chances for approval, higher offer amounts and better terms.  This can include a recent appraisal, tax returns and income property information such as rent rolls.

Apply for funding. Provide any information that makes your request stronger.
With any real estate leaseback offer or approval, review the term sheet provided that includes conditions and closing requirements.  If satisfied, provide items required for closing and funding.  Borrowers paying for an updated appraisal and other closing costs is standard.   Complete the transaction and receive funding.

Frequently asked questions:

Question:  What is a leaseback on Real Estate?
Answer:  When you take real estate you own, sell it and lease it back. The real estate must have a lot of equity in it to get money out. At the end of the lease, you retain ownership.
Question: Can I payoff other loans?
Answer: Yes, you can payoff other loans. This will help your overall cash flow and make it easier to pay back the new loan.
Question: Why do a leaseback instead of a regular loan?
Answer: Leasing it back may give you more tax advantages than a regular loan and may be easier to get approved for.
Question: Is it a long process?
Answer: The process often takes two to four weeks. Closings can be faster when documentation is provided quickly.

Transaction Dollar Amounts

The minimum dollar amountis $100K with a maximum of $5,000,000.    Since the average property size is $250K and up, the funded amount on a Leaseback using Real Estate will typically be $100K to $250K minimum, where as the average size loan on equipment is in the $50K range.

Loan to value, also known as LTV, will vary somewhat depending upon credit and the financial position of the seller.    The maximum loan to value is usually 75%.

The property will contain a structure in addition to the land.   The structure can be either a free standing commercial building, or affixed to part of a larger structure.  A strip shopping center is an example.   Other acceptable collateral types are apartment buildings, gas stations, convenience stores, office buildings, restaurants, and industrial plants.   Whether the structure is included in the transaction is at the discretion of the lender.   If the value of the structure is minimal, the lender may decide not to include it in the transaction.

Property values continue to increase in US markets.    For many market locations, values have not recovered as dramatically but this form of financing is still viable for many borrowers.

If the potential borrower in a leaseback real estate has significant equity, the strong equity position insulates them from market fluctuations.   This increases the prospects for approval for a significantly higher funding amount.   Our representatives will discuss the details of your scenario with you.    You will understand and proceed on the most viable and best form of financing based on your situation.

Why this Transaction?

This form of financing can be especially effective for businesses in need of significant funding amounts, without as many of the extensive requirements of traditional financing.    Businesses in need of working capital will obtain a greater result by using their Real Estate for their business rather than simply owning it and terms will be significantly shorter than acquisition financing.

Terms are usually 5 – 10 years.    This will allow the Seller to fully re-acquire ownership.   At that point, they can retain full equity, or consider another round for additional working capital for their business.

Our experienced industry professionals, knowledgeable in both Real Estate and Equipment Leasebacks will quickly guide you through the process.   

Leasebacks involving equipment or vehicles bring in revenue into the business.   However, using real estate will bring in the most capital into the business by far.  The borrower can expect an environmental survey to be required.    The cost of the survey will normally be $500 to $1,000.

The leaseback real estate option

This financing can bring in millions of dollars versus an equipment only transaction.  Equipment is less desirable and brings in much lower offers.  Corporations that have over $10,000,000 in sales per year or higher should first review their asset holdings to determine which financing type would be better suited for their needs.


Use Real Property as security to get a real approval and the most money for your business.

Asset Based Loan

Leaseback: Why Vehicles are difficult to use

In a vehicle leaseback transaction, in which an asset is sold for cash and leased back to obtain working capital, vehicles are difficult to use.

Small business loans Depot’s vehicle leaseback program will get you working capital quickly against your commercial vehicles.   Get a business loan against certain vehicles by clicking below.

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Or Call us at Tel:  1-919-771-4177, or Send E-Mail

Vehicles are difficult to use in a leaseback transaction because the collateral is very mobile.   So the collateral can easily go from one state to another.  The individual or business in possession of the asset can move the asset anytime.  Mobile collateral can make repossession extremely difficult.

A car dealer that is in possession of the vehicle until it sells can get resources on how to get a used car dealer loan.

Vehicles have titles and the title work must be done for the transaction.   This also makes the transaction harder.  The title has to be held as collateral and the lien holder information placed on the actual title.   The information on the title just 100%  consistent with the name on the loan documentation.   The lender may lose their security interest when the title information is wrong.

Preferred Vehicles as collateral in a leaseback

Vehicles are sometimes more difficult to use in a leaseback due to the issues above.  Lenders who accept vehicles as collateral for a loan against tractor-trailers or semi-trailers over want the trucks to be less than  7 years old.   This is especially true when the borrower is a homeowner.     When the borrower is a homeowner, the likelihood that the borrower will permanently move the collateral in an default situation is significantly reduced.

Homeowners are much more likely to remain in their home and not leave the area than renters.   That makes the security interest by the lender stronger. A homeowner is less likely to move around.

For the reasons stated, it is typically more difficult to use vehicles in a leaseback.

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Business checking account reference – why is it important?

On financing requests, the business checking account reference  is often requested.  Many business owners do not wish to provide it for privacy reasons.    Is it needed and is it helpful?

If the business checking account reference is requested, it is often a normal request and often not even checked.    In the past, it was standard procedure to contact the bank, verify the opening date, current balance, average balance, insufficient funds and overdraft history.

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More recently, the bank reference is not always checked, and the lender will decide if they want to do a bank account verification.   Even though the reference is still asked for in most cases, there are several reasons why the applicant should want to provide the reference and not feel it is a privacy issue.

Business Checking Account – other considerations

The applicant is approaching someone else and asking for something  – Many borrowers feel whether they should provide a business checking account reference is up to them.   They also often give an opinion if it should be relevant or not in the analysis.    Since the borrower is approaching another party and asking for something, it is really the right of that party to decide what to ask for from the applicant.

The bank information may be a strength for the applicant – Providing the bank info will not always be a weakness.   Provide the reference if your business has a strong business checking account reference information.   It will help their chances of being approved.  It may also help them be approved for a higher amount and better terms.

The bank information may be a weakness for the applicant – If the applicant’s business checking account reference is weak, it can hurt them and they should not voluntarily provide it if it is not requested.   Weak bank statements may include low beginning, ending and average balances.    It can also include NSF – insufficient funds and overdraft history.    If an account has any of these, it may hurt the applicant.

Privacy Concerns

Privacy Concerns – Privacy concerns are sometimes a significant issue.   This is understandable.   If the applicant has such concerns and their account statements are strong, they should consider resolving these concerns through other means.

The applicant should talk to the representatives further if they need to get a higher comfort level.    Research the company at the better business bureau and with the state to see if there is any negative information on the company.     If not, and the company has been verified, providing the checking account reference information should be acceptable.

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Gross Receipts – How it factors in a business loan request

When it comes to applying for a business loan, businesses will often ask for an amount that is too high.    What amount should a business ask for, and what should they base the amount on?

One of the initial overall factors lenders look at to consider if a business will be able to handle the new debt and if the amount of the request is in line with the size of the company, is gross receipts.

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A business that has $100K in Gross receipts requesting $200K will have almost no chance at being approved for this amount of funding.   A business that Grosses $100K is likely in the “up to $25K” range for funding, unless they have significant unexpected strengths in other areas.  The lender will look at how much money the business grosses as a rough initial guide in determining if the request is in line with the size of the business.

A business that Grosses $500K to $1 Million is in a better position to be requesting $100K, and have a better chance of being approved for a larger amount of funding, even if it is not the full $100K they requested.

Having significant gross receipts will give a company the opportunity to be a candidate for higher funding amounts. However, a company’s net income may be negative, and if this is the case the negative net income may all but eliminate any strengths provided by significant gross income

While net income, debt to income ratios and other factors play a role in how much the company may ultimately be approved for, gross receipts will dictate the broad range of the amount of funding they are a candidate for.

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Too many accounts recently established – Declined

Among the decline reasons that seem difficult to accept, understand, and even have enough information on to figure out how to handle in the future, “too many accounts recently established”, or similar language, is one reason that leaves declined applicants at a loss.

This is a decline reason often assigned to applicants that have recently opened credit accounts of some type.   The lenders review the number of accounts recently opened, how long ago they were opened, the type of account opened, and possibly the limits.   There are very likely other factors as well they do not disclose.

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The lender believes the applicant has established or opened too many accounts too recently which they are not comfortable with.    They consider this type of activity and behavior by an applicant to be an elevated risk factor, and will often decline an applicant for this.

Whether this is a reason the applicant can accept or not, the bigger hurdle for a declined applicant is they do not know and will not be informed of exactly how many accounts are “too many accounts” , and in what span of time are they “…recently established”.

If the applicant calls the lender and speaks with a representative, they can be sure the representative does not know, will not be told, and will be unable to find out the answers to these very valid questions the declined applicant will have and deserves to know.   After all, if an applicant is told they are declined for certain specifications, aren’t they entitled to know what the parameters of the specifications are?

Certainly they are, however, they will not be able to find this information out, they will have to alter their behavior based on generalities.   All the declined applicant knows is they need to make sure they don’t apply for, or establish too many accounts too often.    Does that mean 3 accounts, 5 accounts or 10 accounts?    Does it mean in the last 3 months, 4 months, or 5 months?  Declined applicants will be forced to simply refrain from heightened activity as best they can.

This type of decline reason is common to many larger lending institutions and is not an aberration, so there are many applicants that are frequently declined for this reason.     The reason applicants will not be told the specifications is that it is considered proprietary lending guideline criteria by the lender, which they consider company secrets.    While this assertion can be disputed since applicants are directly affected by the criteria, applicants will probably get better results by simply making sound conservative judgements about how often they establish new accounts.

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Excessive Unsecured Limits – Legitimate Decline Reason?

Recently, a friend  asked if one of the decline reasons they received on a credit card decline was legitimate or not: excessive unsecured limits.

One of the reasons they were declined by the credit card issuer is that the lender believed the applicant had too much unsecured credit available, even though they were using approximately less than 10% of their availability.   Is this a legitimate decline reason?

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From the applicant’s perspective, they have not used the line that is available, so how can this possibly be used as a decline reason?  If they are not using it, that means they do not owe it.   How can they be declined in part for a non-existant debt?   This cannot be a valid decline reason.

However, from the lender’s perspective, it is money that is available at anytime to the applicant.    The applicant can get a cash advance, or may even have checks on hand against the line which they can simply write a check for and deposit into one of their accounts.

If the applicant encounters an event for which a significant sum of money is required, an illness in the family, elderly care, loss of a job,  damage to a home that is not covered, an applicant that had no intention of using the funds, may suddenly do so.   When such an event occurs, the applicant now has a significantly higher monthly debt obligation they are obligated to meet.

This monthly debt obligation may also be used in part to calculate their debt to income ratio, possibly resulting in their upper “limits” ratio to exceed the lender’s threshold, resulting in an additional decline reason.

One issue that is hard to distinguish is the possible incorrect inclusion of a revolving home equity line into the analysis.   Home equity lines are listed as an “R” for revolving credit by the bureaus.   Since a home equity line of credit is secured by the home, it is not unsecured and should not be included as part of an unsecured accounts review.     Often, since a home equity line of credit will have a high limit in comparison to credit cards, if it is included in the analysis, it will severely skew the true picture of the applicant’s unsecured accounts and availability.

Nevertheless, while being decline for “excessive unsecured limits” may not seem valid to an applicant, the lenders reasons for doing so are valid enough for them to legitimately justify their position.

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Business Credit – Why are trade lines not identified by company?

On personal credit reports,  trade lines are identified by the company reporting the information on the account holder.  As an example, the trade account may say “Sears” and Sears will report what their records show about your repayment history to them.

Imagine if an account were listed and showing slow or derogatory repayment history about you, but the company’s name is not listed. Hard to imagine?   That is precisely what occurs today with very well know business reporting agencies and how they report on businesses.

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One of the purposes of the business credit report is for other businesses, or the business itself, to review the trade and repayment history.    However, if a business reviews it’s own business credit file, reviews the trade section and identifies delinquent or derogatory repayment information, they do not know who the company is that is reporting on them.

For privacy purposes, company names of business credit reporting agencies will not be listed here.

It is even the case when the business credit reporting agency is called and a customer service representative is spoken with,  the representative will indicate they do not know, are unable to tell you, and unable to find out who the company is that is reporting credit on you, in spite the fact that the business credit reporting agency is receiving credit information from them, about your business.

It seems very clear that they do know who the companies are, even if the number of people that have access to that information is small.    Since the business credit reporting agency is receiving information, they will have to know who the company is reporting information concerning your company.

If this issue is encountered by a company reviewing their own business credit from a business credit agency,  it is recommended that a supervisor at the business credit agency is asked for and to make every effort not to relent, until this information is provided. Anything less could be considered a disservice to the business seeking information on their credit.

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Computer Equipment

A computer equipment loan, is a way for businesses to get working assets by using their computer equipment as security.

Computer equipment is the type of collateral which depreciates the fastest.   Whether the collateral will have much value, or any, will depend primarily on how old the equipment is.  The equipment typically must be less than 90 days old and have significant value.   In most cases full financial information must be submitted. The last 2 years business tax returns, interim financial statement will be required.

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When it comes to computer electronic equipment, especially desktop computers, laptops, and software, after 1-2 years, the value will have dropped dramatically.   Values will drop possibly as much as 50% – 75% in that time and the amount of working capital that can be obtained in a loan against computer equipment, or computer equipment leaseback, will be substantially reduced.

If the lender were to repossess the collateral, employ an outside vendor to re-market the equipment, they will only get 10 – 20 cents on the dollar.  This results in making the repossession of the collateral possibly not worthwhile to the lender and may lenders will not repossess the collateral.

As a result, in many cases, lenders will consider computer equipment almost an unsecured transaction, which has an impact on the credit review and approval process.   If an applicant gets approved for a leaseback of computer equipment and makes at least half the payments, it is very likely the equipment will never be repossessed, even if there is a default after the halfway point.

Regardless of the risk and credit issues, computer equipment is a very realistic and unique funding options for almost all businesses.    There are several reasons why a loan against equipment in the $10,000 to $50,000 range is very viable.  More businesses have equipment than any other asset.   More businesses will qualify for $10,000 to $50,000 in financing then will qualify for $100,000 to $250,000 in financing. These factors put more businesses in play for funding than any other secured funding program

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Cash Flow Loan – Is it the Right Fit?

Cash flow loan programs, based on using business bank statements to assess the cash flow of a business, are available for a businesses. However, are they a fit for most businesses?

This will depend primarily upon the real time cash flow figures in the company’s business checking accounts, the company’s gross and net income, and the profit margin of the business.   The company’s bank account beginning, ending and average balances are important as they will influence the daily and monthly payment a company is able to make.   If a company deposits $25K to $50K into their account on a monthly basis, but their beginning and ending balances are approximately $5K, they will not be able to handle as high of monthly debt service as a company that has the same dollar amount of deposits per month, but higher beginning and ending balances.

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The company’s gross and net income figures are also a strong indicator of the type of financing they may be able to handle.    A company with gross receipts of $250K per year will not be able to handle the same monthly debt service as a company with gross receipts of $1 -$2 million.     The net income figure may also be closely tied to a company with higher or lower bank account daily balances.

The profit margin is also an important % to consider due to the cost of this type of financing is typically significantly higher than other types of financing.    As an example, a liquor store has a low profit margin, and may not be able to handle a higher percentage of financing of a cash flow loan.   The exception to this will be if the liquor store has a fast enough inventory turn around time.  If a cash flow loan is 30% per year and the merchant indicates the loan is too expensive because their profit margin is 20%, inventory turn around time has to be factored into the decision.

If inventory is turned over 1 time per year, then the cost exceeds the profit margin by 10% and the cost of financing is too expensive.

If the merchant turns over all of his inventory on an average of every 3 months, and their profit is 20%, 4 times a year will bring in an 80% return on money, far exceeding the cost of financing.   Other factors which need to be considered include the merchant having to reinvest in inventory, damaged goods, etc., but the top profit margin figure allows the merchant to consider this type of financing.

In different situations, such as a construction company, there is not any inventory turnover, and the business will consider the total profit from the job.

If a construction company has a contract that will pay them $200K upon completion of a job and their cost is $75K, then a cash flow loan based on bank statements may work well for a business in this case, and can be used to purchase raw materials, hire additional job site labor, and operate or purchase machinery if needed.

The decision whether the cost of funds on a cash flow loan is justified must be considered on a case by case basis for each business.

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Do Lender’s Automated Decision systems correctly review credit?

Large lending institutions have for many years used auto decisioning.    An applicant completes an application and instead of it being manually reviewed, it is reviewed by an automated computer system.    Do these systems correctly review an applicant’s credit file?

Automated systems review many factors when assessing an applicant’s credit file.   One of the factors with regard to unsecured credit is the total amount of unsecured credit lines, and total amount of unsecured credit balances.

Trade lines listed on an individual’s credit file are generally listed either with an “R” for revolving, or “I” for Installment.

A major glitch has been seen in the past in which revolving home equity lines of credit show up as a “R” on a credit file, but they are not unsecured, they are secured with the homeowner’s home.   Since Real Estate revolving equity lines have very high limits, if, due to their being listed as an “R”, they are added in the summary section of the bureau under “total unsecured balances” and “total unsecured limits”, this will greatly increase the total dollar amount that the applicant will appear to have under unsecured balances and unsecured limits.

As an example, if an applicant has $20K in unsecured account balances, and also has a $200K revolving home equity line of credit, with a $100K balance, the applicant will now, in the credit bureau’s summary section, be listed as having $120K in unsecured balances.

Since most lenders have a maximum limit of the total amount of unsecured balances an applicant can have, a great many customers may very well have been auto-declined for “excessive unsecured balances”, when in fact, their true credit card balances and unsecured account balances this figure is supposed to represent, are much lower, and very arguably,  inaccurately portrayed by the credit bureaus.

Since many applicants have revolving home equity lines of credit with balances, many applicants may be inaccurately detrimentally judged by automated systems.    Applicants with this characteristic should closely review such decline reasons given by a lender.

If they have received this type of decline reason, they should call the lending institution and make every effort to speak with a supervisor at the outset.  It is very doubtful a regular customer service representative they get will understand, have the authority to, or be willing to review this issue.

Upon speaking with a Supervisor, ask for a re-review.    Ask if the Supervisor has the authority to re-review the application.   If so, ask for a formal re-consideration.

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Why banks almost always decline for several reasons

When traditional funding sources such as banks decline an applicant, very often some of the decline reasons seem insignificant, or even illogical.

A very common occurrence is for the top 4 decline reasons to be provided.   Often, the first 1 or 2 reasons, sometimes even 3 out of 4 reasons seem either appropriate, or at least acceptable decline reasons.     A typical first reason may be “delinquent credit history”, or “collection accounts”.     However, the third or fourth reasons are often “too many accounts with balances” or “too many unsecured accounts” or “too many recently established accounts” or very similar language.

They are saying you use too many accounts, you have too many accounts, or you opened too many accounts too recently, in their opinion.     In many of these cases, the credit scores of such files with the more ambiguous declines reason are in the high 700’s or higher.

For credit files in the high 700’s that get declined, there often are no obvious decline reasons,  so what can be considered weak or controversial decline reasons are the only reasons provided.   In such cases, there may still be three or four decline reasons.

The credit bureaus provide the lenders reviewing credit the top reasons why a score is lower than the highest score possible.   The banks then decide how many of those reasons, and which of those reasons to provide for those applicants they want to decline.

Someone with a 775 credit score may receive a decline from a bank due to the bank’s view that their accounts have not been established long enough.   For someone such as this, the 3rd or 4th decline reason may be even more ambiguous, “accounts too new to rate”, or “too many new accounts to rate”.

The lenders may also strategically be protecting themselves in the event a declined applicant disputes a decline reason.   If the bank declines for only 1 reason, the applicant may resolve this reason, come back to the bank, provide evidence the issue has been resolved and in essence, “demand” the loan.   An applicant may also dispute the validity of a decline reason, and therefore also”demand” the loan on the grounds that the decline reason was in error.

To avoid such situations, lenders often issue several decline reasons in order to put themselves in stronger position.   If an applicant resolves or disputes one decline reason, the lender can now simply re-review the file and decide if they want to approve the loan and are not under pressure to now approve the applicant.
The lender can now simply stand on the remaining decline reasons and basically decline the applicant a second time.    For the reasons listed, many lenders decline for several reasons and will continue to do so.

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Discouraging an Applicant – Why Banks Tell You They Can Do a Loan

Heard this scenario before?:

You go to the bank, inquire about a loan, and leave feeling like the bank will make you a loan even before you apply, only to take a hard landing and be declined at the end of the process?

Apply where you have the strongest chance of being approved.  Start Below.

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Why does this happen?   Banks do not want to discourage an applicant, even if the customer gives them info upfront that they know will be a decline.

Experienced bankers may tell you upfront that certain loans cannot be done.  Even experienced bankers will usually only do so with obvious decline reasons.

This happens where loan requests are made for loans the bank never does.   Examples are loans against overseas houses, or against vehicles that are too old, for example.

The driving force behind this fear is accusations of misrepresentation, discrimination and eventual litigation.

Banks would rather just have you apply than tell you in advance that the chances are very low they will do the loan, to the point they are willing to take a hit on the processing costs associated with your application.

When going to a traditional bank for a loan, speak with an experienced loan officer and present as many facts surrounding your situation as you can.

Listen closely to their answers, maybe they will tip you off in advance of the likely outcome.  This will save you weeks of time and hours in applications and phone calls and leaving you with nothing to show for it.

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Credit – Character versus Capacity to Repay

Does character matter when a loan is being reviewed by a lender, or should capacity to repay be the only issue?

Two of the tenants traditional lenders teach their lending staff is capacity to repay, and character, also referred to as willingness to repay.   Capacity is determined by credit, cash flow, length of employment, or time in business for a business, debt to income ratio, financials, possibly bank statements, and the amount of the new debt to be serviced.

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Why is character an issue in lending?   When lenders say character, they more so mean willingness to repay.  There are numerous instances in which the borrower is able to repay but chooses not to for a variety of reasons, including:

– Prioritizing debt accounts.  The debt holder has limited funds and prioritizes what is most important to repay. Some lenders will lose out is this decision making process by borrowers.

– Unwillingness to continue paying on accounts that are joint with someone else, most often a spouse. Often, one of the signers signs more so for the benefit of the other person to obtain rather than for themselves. Over time, due to divorce or a deterioration in the relationship between the parties, the signer who had just signed in order for the other party to obtain financing  is no longer enthusiastic about paying, or outright unwilling.

Partners.   Often partners in a business signer on behalf of each other.   If the business dissolves, or even if the business continues but the relationship deteriorates, one party may discontinue paying on a debt, placing the payment of the debt in jeopardy.

Child Support. In some cases, individuals pay mortgage, rent, car notes and credit cards, even vacations, but not child support. This is considered a character issue.

Lack of ongoing perceived value of the debt. A  good example is vacations.  Someone who has borrowed for a vacation no longer receives any benefit of the vacation after it is over but is now obliged to pay the debt.

For a variety of reasons, many detailed above, character, or willingness to repay is a significant consideration by lenders.

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Cash Flow – The First Form of Repayment

Cash Flow, the first form of repayment, is the number one way borrowers have the ability to repay.

The first form of repayment is cash flow.

Traditional sources such as banks have long looked at capacity to repay, followed by willingness to repay.

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What is looked at in order to assess cash flow?   In most cases, financials.  That means the last 2 years tax return, plus an interim Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet.

However, the financials only give an accountant created, dated picture.    The most current business checking account statements should be included in the review.

Keeping foremost in mind that cash flow will almost always be what allows repayment, business owners should review the most recent cash flow numbers before approaching a lender.

If the numbers are not attractive, the applicant should re-consider waiting.

Apply when the numbers in their checking account go up, or until their accountant reviews their interim Profit and Loss statement.

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Are Credit Inquiries Really That Bad?

A lot has changed in the world of credit inquiries in the last 35 years.  Many people believe they are very bad and they should try hard to avoid them.

30 Years ago,  many people did not know what credit inquires were.

In 2022 a high percentage of the population knows what credit inquiries are.  Many believe that even one or two extra inquiries are very harmful to their credit.    Are they really THAT bad?

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In terms of credit issues that may be considered “bad”, credit inquiries are probably the least worst offenders.  Credit scores recover from credit inquiries faster than just about any other personal credit item that is considered derogatory.

When Credit Inquiries begin to hurt credit

Inquiries will have a very limited affect on a credit file if the number of inquires is small.   Credit inquiries begin to hurt a credit file more significantly if the number of credit inquires is more than about 5 in one month.

When some of these inquiries are from Car Dealers or Mortgage companies, they may not affect a person’s credit score at all.

If the number of inquiries is 5 in the last 30 days, try to minimize the number of inquires in the next 30 to 60 days.

Once an individual does have more than 10-15 inquiries within a month, as long as they go a few months without almost any inquiries, their score will recover quickly.

Their credit score will likely be close to what it was within 2 to 4 months.

In summary, are credit inquiries really that bad?    In many cases, a few credit inquiries on a credit file within 30 days have a minimal impact on someone’s credit bureau score.

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Cash Flow Loans

Cash Flow Loans

Will cash flow loans become as significant as traditional loans, including collateral based loans, in the future?

It seems so.  Since the recession of three years ago, many business’s credit and the personal credit of the owners was hurt.
Businesses needed working capital but banks were, and are still, balking at making loans to all but the most top shelf companies.

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Loans based on the company”s cash flow, as proven by their bank statements and tax returns will become increasingly prominent in the industry.    Companies which offer such loans will also come into existence in greater numbers and offer more diverse products to satisfy the increasing demand of these loans.

After all, many business owners wonder, if my credit has been hurt in the recent past, but my company’s cash flow is now excellent even if my credit has not caught up, why don’t you do a loan based on my proven cash flow?     The answer, more and more, will be – Yes, we will

Asset Based Loan

Broker Funding Source: MCA Integrity Focused

Broker Funding Source

Use an ISO broker funding source that gets you the highest approval rates and the most diversity of programs.   Increase your income by providing several forms of ethical business loans to your customer’s.

Advantages of these broker funding sources include asset refinance:

✅ More businesses will prequalify for this product than any other product because more businesses have equipment than any other asset.

✅ Machinery, Construction Equipment, Tractor Trailers and Farm Equipment.

✅ More businesses qualify for $5K to $25K than for larger amounts such as $250,000
Fund difficult to fund restricted industries, such as used car dealers, attorneys and others.


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FAQ, frequently asked questions about broker funding sources

What does a commercial loan broker do?

The mission of a commercial loan broker is to contact business owners and find out what problems they are trying to solve. The broker then matches the products that will give the business what it wants.

Why should I offer these programs to my business customers?

We offer unmatched integrity and 35 years experience with the widest range of business funding programs that are available. We do not circumvent brokers or put customers in bad deals. We help you offer business loans that will help your customer the most. Each customer’s strengths and weaknesses are different and match best to certain programs.

How do I become an independent loan broker?

Establish a customer base that creates a steady source of business loan leads and renewals. We help you develop the sales skills and products and how to talk to your customer about them. Contact us to get started and get a business license with the Secretary of State.

Clawbacks or no Clawbacks

A Clawback happens if the customer defaults soon after the financing transaction is funded.  The funder asks the broker to return the commission.   This normally happens if the customer has defaulted within 30 Calendar days of closing or between 21, 22 or 23 payment days.    Our asset based as well as some of our revenue based MCA Merchant Cash Advance transaction do not have a clawback or are much more limited in the possibility of a Clawback.    Contact us to ask about this.

Most businesses have either revenue or Equipment.   With these multiple flexible programs, you will be able to get a very high percentage of your customers approved and funded.

This product can be very effective as an additional loan product.  Offer along with your main loan products that you already offer.  As an example, you are a broker that offers merchant cash advances and accounts receivables financing.   Your client wants $200,000 and you have secured $125,000 maximum in funding through your 2 core funding products but the customer still really needs another $75,000.  Your client is a Manufacturing company and they have Accounts Receivables.    By factoring their receivables, you obtain the extra $75,000 that they need.

Meet all of your customer’s loan needs

We have other broker funding source options, including loans against Retirement accounts and Against Commercial Real Estate.   By offering many products as a broker, you will be able to offer your customer every product they may qualify for.    Some customers may not get the funding they need through just one or two programs.   By being able to tap into other programs like unsecured and commercial real estate backed loans, some customers can get the full funding they need instead of falling short of their goals.

Use a broker funding source. Get the highest approval rates and the most diversity of programs. Multiple programs to get clients all the funding they need.

Help solve your customer’s problem and give them what they need for their business!

Submit to us for immediate access to their best-in-class funding programs.  This includes low rates, longer terms, weekly payments and fast online checkout funding.

Just submit a completed and signed app and the most recent three months’s business bank statements.    We can send you a quick 30 second online application for your customer’s to complete!

  • 6 month and up to 24 month offers.
  • Daily and weekly payments.
  • Same day approvals and funding opportunities
  • Online closing with corp office assistance to help push through any last minute closing hurdles and issues.
  • Buy rates as low as  1.10
  • $5,000 to $250,000
  • $200k + in annual revenue, $3k avg bank balance, 3 or less neg days per month, and 1 yr in business needed
  • Offers start with a 600 FICO
  • 1st position lines.   Customer must net at least 50% of funds after payoff if another funder is being payed out.
  • Build business credit for your client.
  • Renewals at 50% are available.

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If your customer needs help improving other areas of their business, they can contact SCORE the  is the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors

Asset Based Loan

Real Estate Leaseback versus Equipment Leaseback

Why do an Real Estate Leaseback versus Equipment?  If your goal is to get $100,000 or higher, a Real Estate Leaseback may be better.    If your company needs less than $100,000, an equipment leaseback has several advantages over a real estate leaseback.

An equipment leaseback can often times be completed with just a one page application.   An equipment leaseback does not often require a formal asset appraisal by an independent company.  The transaction is faster.   It typically only requires 1 or 2 weeks completion time.   Closing is easier and less documentation is required.
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Since less paperwork and financials are required, less information is analyzed that could cause a decline.   The more documentation that is required, the more likely something will trigger a decline.

The above factors should be considered when deciding which financing to apply for.

Small Business Loan Resources:

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Asset Based Loan

Is Credit Important on a Leaseback?

Is credit important on a leaseback?   Yes,  credit is important for a leaseback.    The vast majority of funding programs are concerned with the ability and the willingness of the borrow to repay.

Many times, potential borrowers ask, there’s enough collateral there, why do you need to look at my credit?     On a leaseback, the collateral may even be Real Estate, or valuable Industrial or construction equipment.    If the borrower defaults, what does it matter.

It  is not the lenders desire for the borrower to default.   In fact, it is typically the last thing they want.    If the borrower defaults, now the lender has to reposes the equipment.   Then they have to hire an outside vendor to liquidate the collateral.   By the time this is all done, the lender has often taken a substantial loss.   The lender would much rather the borrow simply repay the monthly payment. The lender earns their interest, the transaction is fully paid and the lender moves on.

These are the reasons why credit is looked at.   If the collateral is valuable, weak credit may not be a make or break issue for the lender.     With valuable collateral, the lender’s primary interest in looking at the credit is to make sure the potential borrower does not have current past due credit.

As a result,  it is clear that credit is important on a leaseback.   However the transaction may be approved and closed even if the credit is not good.   The Equity in the Asset may override the need for good credit.   These decisions are at the discretion of the Lender.

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Asset Based Loan

Commercial Real Estate Leaseback

Can a business get a Commercial Real Estate Leaseback in this market with current real estate values?   Yes, Commercial Real Estate Leasebacks are happening.

Full appraisals,  additional scrutiny of cash flows through the review of 2 to 3 years of tax returns, bank statements, rent rolls if not owner occupied, and lower LTV’s, and more may well be required in the current environment.

The lower LTV on a commercial real estate leaseback is a big issue.

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The lender wants to protect themselves in a sinking market by lowering the LTV’s.     Instead of 60%, 70%, or 80% LTV’s, 40% – 60% LTV’s may be in order.

After a sound cash flow situation of the borrower is verified, the lower loan to value will primarily protect the lender in this environment.    This is to be expected to continue throughout 2011 and 2012.

After the full appraisal is completed, if the value is sufficient and credit is acceptable, the lender will do an environmental survey.  Upon passing the survey, the lender is ready to proceed with a Commercial Real Estate Leaseback.

Commercial Real Estate Leaseback Resources: –  Provides important sales and statistical real estate information

Asset Based Loan

Alternative Loans For Small Businesses

Alternative Loans for businesses

This article will assist small businesses in learning where to find and secure alternative loans.  A full range of topics will be discussed.   Traditional financing, including SBA loans are extremely difficult to get.   Viable options must be made available to entrepreneurs.

The formation of businesses, business credit, loan types and amounts.  Hispanic business loan and other hurdles to minority business loans are considered.   LGBT and gay friendly loan resources are provided.  Also included is how they all affect a business’s ability in obtaining credit.    A number of topics will be detailed and address subjects known by very few business owners nor discussed by credit specialists.    Many of these are critical for businesses to understand in order to secure credit.   Other options include getting loans in smaller segments or increments in order to get funding at all.
Topics include how to apply for a small business loan.   Things not do when applying for a small business loan will be discussed.   Businesses do not need to try to apply for the highest loan possible or use just one loan type to get financing.

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Many business owners request the highest amount possible when applying for a business loan.   This is not the best approach.   If a business requests too much they may be declined simply for asking for too much.   A business may qualify for $100,000.   However, if they apply for $150,000, they may be declined because they do not qualify for $150,000.   If the business only wants $100,000, they should only apply for $100,000.

A business does not need to get all the capital they need from one program and one loan.   A business may be able to get $50,000 on an asset based loan and another $50,000 through a business line of credit.  This tactic will allow the business to obtain all of what they need rather than only getting $50,000 if they had applied for one type of loan.

When forming the business, the business owner should pick the business type they think they will stay with for a few years.   If the begin as a sole proprietor then switch to a Corporation after only 1 year, they should probably start as a Corporation.

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