Background Check for Business Loans: How to Apply

Background checks happen when there is an investigation into the history of a person or company, including felony and misdemeanor convictions.     In this article we include tips and steps and the programs available for funding for business owners with background and history problems.

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Business loans for owners with felonies and misdemeanors

This can include criminal history, civil suits, credit checks, employment history, tax history and other problems.   These programs drill down to the heart of the obstacles to get an approval.

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Example of a background check and history review

The business owner fails the background check because of something on their record.   As a result, they should consider another type of business loan that will approve with their background information. One of the closing stipulations is to get and review the background history of the business owner.   If get a business loan with a criminal or misdemeanor history, or if you cannot pass a background information review, contact us below at for several options.

Did you know?
Customers cannot always pass a criminal background check for a business loan.   What can you do if the owner cannot pass a check on their past history for a business loan?

Get a business loan without a background check or if you cannot pass a background check

FAQ, On background checks for business loans

Are there programs to get a business loan with a criminal record?

We have several programs for business owners with a felony on their background to get a business loan. Establish a relationship under one of these programs today and your business can continue to borrow in future for higher amounts.

Can I get approved for a business loan with a drug conviction on my record?

Programs are also available with a record of drug use and will not be a major obstacle to getting a business loan. Severe cases involving distribution and minors are reviewed individually.

Can I get approved with a misdemeanor on my background report?

Misdemeanors usually will not cause you to be declined for a business loan. Apply and show
a history of steady payment to establish a strong relationship with one lender.

Contact us at Tel: 919-771-4177. You have options to take advantage of now. Explain what will show up on your record and we will offer other options that work.

Background history reviews are done for many reasons.   Most often they are completed when someone is requesting a product or service and also entering into a Contract or Relationship with someone else.   They are not always looked at the same way.   What is looked for is totally up to the party that is pulling the report and also what they decide about the information.

What do you do if you want a business loan with no background check?   If this has caused you a problem, call us above.
You will find funding options for borrowers with background issues. Even more, you will get personalized discreet service with a representative that understands these issues.

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