Loan On a Trailer Video: Easy & Fast

Video Description: Your Flat Bed Trailer and any other trailer you have is a source of money for your business. You can get up to $25,000 against it and the Trailer stays with you! Get a picture of the unit and the title to get an offer. Low credit scores OK.

Get a loan on a Trailer, now.   Do you own it outright ?   Then get money against the Trailer, fast. Even more, very low credit scores will work.

Watch: Video above. See trailers in action!  Click or tap arrow to play. Apply below now or call 919-771-4177.

loan on my trailer

Loan Against A Trailer

Apply below now or call 919-771-4177.  


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So which Trailers Qualify to get a loan on a trailer?

Enclosed and Open Car
Flat bed
Heavy Duty
Landscape Utility Trailers
Low Boy
Low Profile
Tandem axel deckover and Dual Deck
Used Trailers

Which Manufacturers? American Hauler, ATC, Big Tex, B Wise, Bri-Mar, CAM Superline, Car Mate, Cargo Pro, Carry On, Covered Wagon, Diamond Cargo, Homesteader, Master Tow,  Premiere, Sno Pro, Sport Haven,  US Cargo and more.

Bad credit and low scores down to 500 may still qualify.

So do I qualify? Do you own your Trailer outright and have a free and clear title ?  Then you pre-qualify.

You don’t own it outright?   Ask for our straight cash only program.   Even when you still owe on your trailer! However, do you also have other equipment?

Additionally, get more working capital with a loan against equipment.

Get a loan against your Flat Bed Trailer!

  Get Money Against It!

What is good about this program?

  • This is NOT a Daily Payment.
  • Your paid for Trailer is all you will need.
  • Monthly Payment Program option.   Terms are 12 to 18 months.
  • Get money again, against the same piece, after payoff. 
  • Up to $25,000.    These offers are much higher than standard title loans.  Need a higher amount but don’t have more trailers?  Another option is a bank statement loan for extra funds, or add other Trucks and vehicles you have.
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Loan on a Trailer

In minutes and seconds.
0:00 Introduction
0:08 Qualify
0:14 Trailers accepted
0:16 Credit
0:25 How to apply

[tires rolling on gravel road] Where does this Trailer think it’s going? It’s going to get it’s owner Kyle money for his business.

Kyle needed a Business Loan fast and had no assets. But he had a Trailer.

So we got him a Loan on his Gooseneck. Get Funds against any Trailer. Flatbed, Gooseneck, Semi Trailer, Enclosed, Lowboy, Dump, Hydraulic, Car Carrier, and many more!Find out how much Money you can get TODAY.

Apply at, Or call 919-771-4177


How does this program work?  Provide proof of the asset and ownership.  Get a monthly payment offer and then close.

How much can I get? Get up to 50% of the Forced Liquidation Value of the trailer.


The asset you own is usually all you will need to qualify for a loan on a trailer!

Good credit, revenue and time in business are NOT required to get offers.   So use the title, or revenue the trailer brings in to get the funding you want.


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