Asset Based Loan: Leverage For Working Capital Fast

What is an asset based loan? Quickly leverage your Semi-Trailer Trucks, Real Estate or Other Assets!

An asset based loan is a loan that holds assets as collateral.   Vehicles, equipment, real estate, and accounts receivables are common.

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Trucks and trailers,  Stock and Bonds or other items with value can qualify.

  • No worry credit down below 500!
  • Highest offers and best terms
  • Your Collateral stays Safe
  • Fast and easy business loan process. Short online App and fast funding
  • Personalized One-on-One Assistant!

Get loans against assets for Cash flow, Expansions, New Markets, Working Capital, Advertising, new product lines, New Employees, Inventory, Raw Materials, Staffing, Taxes, Equipment Acquisition…..or ANY REASON.

Get Cash Against Assets (Real Estate, Equipment, Accounts Receivables, and more.  These asset based loans will allow:

  • The Asset to stay in your possession
  • Easy and fast process.   Short Online Application and closing.
  • No cumbersome documentation to provide.
  • Specializing in difficult and tough to do requests other funders do not want to do. As little as 1 – 2 Day Approval Process
Asset based loan options for businesses

Your business generates revenue by using assets, not owning them. Turn untapped dormant equity in your company’s assets into cash today.  Credit as low as 500 and below.

Does my Business Qualify for an Asset Based Loan?

    • Your business owns free and clear assets.
    • Each asset piece has a retail value of $20,000 or more.
    • You are currently in business and generating revenue.
    • Other conditions may apply, though the 3 conditions above are
      the main requirements.
      Your business has Commercial Real Estate with more than 55% equity.

How to get an asset based loan:

  1. Make a list of your assets.   Include personal and business assets including cash on hand, short term and long term assets.  Also include any business assets like accounts receivables, equipment and real estate.
  2. Provide an application and asset based list to the lender you select.
  3. Once approved, complete and provide all required closing documentation.

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FAQ’s – Asset based loans

What is an Asset Based Loan?

A business or personal loan in which the borrower transfers ownership of their collateral to the lender as security needed to obtain money

What collateral do I need?

Vehicles, Equipment, real estate, trailers, and accounts receivables are the most common. Equipment can be construction equipment and some machinery. Vehicles include tractor-trailers, dump trucks, business vehicles and more.

How much can I qualify for?

Equipment and vehicles get funding of up to 40% and 60% of the current value. Real estate gets 60% to 70% of it’s value.

How soon can we be funded?

Same day or next day offers and approvals are given. Closing and funding is within days on smaller deals.

How important is credit and time in business?

Credit is not a major part of the approval process. Approvals are obtained with scores as low as 500. New businesses that have just started can qualify for vehicle programs. 3 Months time in business programs available.