Truck Repair Loan Video: Get It Running ASAP

Truck Repair Loan:  Back on the road – Now.

Video Description: Get a Truck Repair Loan now

Get a fast and easy commercial truck repair loans to fix all company vehicles and trailers.


WATCH VIDEO ABOVE! : Truck repair loan video above. See them rise again!  Click or tap arrow to play. Apply below now or call 919-771-4177.  Transcript here

Start on your easy to get and fast truck repair loan now.

Or call 919-771-4177 for more info.

Which Trucks Qualify?

Ford F-Series 150, 250, 350, 450 and higher, Dodge, Dually, Diesels, Super Duty, Big Rigs, Box and Platform trucks qualify. Also Semi Trailers, Dump Trucks, Hot Shot, Reefer, Delivery, Heavy Haulers as well as Trailers.  You can get these with Bad credit and REALLY low scores.

If you have a Trailer that you own outright, read about a loan on a Trailer or just watch the loan on a Trailer Video here.

What if your Truck breaks down but it’s late at night or on the weekend ? Then read how to get a evening and weekend business loan here, or just watch the evening and weekend business loan video page.

So, do I qualify? Is your Rig down and you own it outright,  or have a free and clear title in hand?  Then you are well on the way to an offer.

Don’t own it outright?   NO problem either.  Ask for our straight cash only program.   Even when you still owe on your truck! However, do you also have other equipment?  Then add even more funds with a loan against equipment now.


Why choose this Truck Repair loan option?

  • The owned outright program is NOT a Daily Payment.
  • Your paid for truck is usually enough to cover the cost!
  • Monthly Payment Program option.   Terms are 12 to 24 months and most approvals are for 12 months.
  • Get money against the vehicle again after payoff.   Use it to get money more than once.
  • $1,500 to $25,000.    Having higher offers makes this better than regular title loans for less money and shorter terms.  Need even more money but don’t have more trucks?   Try a bank statement loan for extra cash.
  • Do you also have title problems?   For Example: The Rig is not in your personal or business name ? We will help you transfer your work vehicles to the company name if needed because business owners usually title in their personal name.  You may need to prove your company owns it.  So just quickly re-title and we will help!   Video Transcript:
Get your truck repair loan started now, even when you have a late night breakdown.

Which Repairs Qualify?

  • Body work such as Frame damage and straightening.
  • Electrical work.
  • Brakes and Hydraulics.
  • A.C., Heating and Radiator.
  • Tires, Wheels, Taxes and even Insurance.  These can be very expensive.  So don’t let expenses like these sideline your Trucking business!
  • “Soft Repairs” included.  This can be costs such as diagnosing, trouble shooting, installation, and assembly.
  • Even more, add some money for Working Capital.  You may need to use some of the funds for expenses such as registration, DOT Department of transportation numbers, or upgrades.
  • And many more uses!

Apply above so you can get fixes and expert guidance to help you get hauling immediately!

Show Video Transcript

Truck Repair Loan

[ tires skidding.] Kyle’s Truck was in Trouble. [ truck crashes.] kyle’s truck broke down and he needed money to fix it, fast. He used our truck repair loan to get the work done. You own the truck or make money hauling? [radiator hissing] Your’e pre-qualified. F-Series, dodge, [desert wind whistling] big rig, box, any kind of truck or trailer. Really tough credit o.k. so you can get it back on the road, today. Click the application button below and apply, or call 919-771-4177 [engine knocking] [engine revving] or go to and get it repaired today!.

FAQ on truck repair loans.

What is a truck repair loan? It is financing to fix a personal or business vehicle and make it roadworthy.

Can my truck be in the shop right now? Your truck can be in the shop at the time of the loan. Find out the requirements from the garage so the lender can make sure the work will be completed and paid for.

Do you finance all repairs? Almost all repairs qualify!   Provide the lender with an estimate and get approval for all of the work from start to finish.


John’s dually truck breaks down and he needs a truck repair loan for new pistons, rings, and cylinder heads. The total cost is $6,500 but he does not have the funds to pay for the repair out of pocket and has to get a loan.

He is approved for up to $8,000 because he used our program and we found a garage authorized to perform the work. The work is finished.  After that, the garage sends an invoice and they are called to verify all work has been completed.

John signs the loan contracts and the check is sent directly to the garage.   As a result, they release the truck the same day and he is back on the road making money!


In summary, the truck you already own is usually what you need to qualify for a truck repair loan!

Even more, credit, time in business and monthly sales deposits are NOT critical to get an approval and funding. Use the title, or revenue the work truck brings in and finally get the funding you need for the repair.

Above all, you won’t need any other program to solve ALL your breakdown problems. Get back on the road fast.  Start now!

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