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Broker Funding Source

Use an ISO broker funding source that gets you the highest approval rates and the most diversity of programs.   Increase your income by providing several forms of ethical business loans to your customer’s.

Advantages of these broker funding sources include asset refinance:

✅ More businesses will prequalify for this product than any other product because more businesses have equipment than any other asset.

✅ Machinery, Construction Equipment, Tractor Trailers and Farm Equipment.

✅ More businesses qualify for $5K to $25K than for larger amounts such as $250,000
Fund difficult to fund restricted industries, such as used car dealers, attorneys and others.


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FAQ, frequently asked questions about broker funding sources

What does a commercial loan broker do?

The mission of a commercial loan broker is to contact business owners and find out what problems they are trying to solve. The broker then matches the products that will give the business what it wants.

Why should I offer these programs to my business customers?

We offer unmatched integrity and 35 years experience with the widest range of business funding programs that are available. We do not circumvent brokers or put customers in bad deals. We help you offer business loans that will help your customer the most. Each customer’s strengths and weaknesses are different and match best to certain programs.

How do I become an independent loan broker?

Establish a customer base that creates a steady source of business loan leads and renewals. We help you develop the sales skills and products and how to talk to your customer about them. Contact us to get started and get a business license with the Secretary of State.

Clawbacks or no Clawbacks

A Clawback happens if the customer defaults soon after the financing transaction is funded.  The funder asks the broker to return the commission.   This normally happens if the customer has defaulted within 30 Calendar days of closing or between 21, 22 or 23 payment days.    Our asset based as well as some of our revenue based MCA Merchant Cash Advance transaction do not have a clawback or are much more limited in the possibility of a Clawback.    Contact us to ask about this.

Most businesses have either revenue or Equipment.   With these multiple flexible programs, you will be able to get a very high percentage of your customers approved and funded.

This product can be very effective as an additional loan product.  Offer along with your main loan products that you already offer.  As an example, you are a broker that offers merchant cash advances and accounts receivables financing.   Your client wants $200,000 and you have secured $125,000 maximum in funding through your 2 core funding products but the customer still really needs another $75,000.  Your client is a Manufacturing company and they have Accounts Receivables.    By factoring their receivables, you obtain the extra $75,000 that they need.

Meet all of your customer’s loan needs

We have other broker funding source options, including loans against Retirement accounts and Against Commercial Real Estate.   By offering many products as a broker, you will be able to offer your customer every product they may qualify for.    Some customers may not get the funding they need through just one or two programs.   By being able to tap into other programs like unsecured and commercial real estate backed loans, some customers can get the full funding they need instead of falling short of their goals.

Use a broker funding source. Get the highest approval rates and the most diversity of programs. Multiple programs to get clients all the funding they need.

Help solve your customer’s problem and give them what they need for their business!

Submit to us for immediate access to their best-in-class funding programs.  This includes low rates, longer terms, weekly payments and fast online checkout funding.

Just submit a completed and signed app and the most recent three months’s business bank statements.    We can send you a quick 30 second online application for your customer’s to complete!

  • 6 month and up to 24 month offers.
  • Daily and weekly payments.
  • Same day approvals and funding opportunities
  • Online closing with corp office assistance to help push through any last minute closing hurdles and issues.
  • Buy rates as low as  1.10
  • $5,000 to $250,000
  • $200k + in annual revenue, $3k avg bank balance, 3 or less neg days per month, and 1 yr in business needed
  • Offers start with a 600 FICO
  • 1st position lines.   Customer must net at least 50% of funds after payoff if another funder is being payed out.
  • Build business credit for your client.
  • Renewals at 50% are available.

Thank your for visiting our broker funding source page.  Because the success of your business is our goal.

If your customer needs help improving other areas of their business, they can contact SCORE the  is the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors

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