Asset Based Loan

Asset based loan

Get a business asset based loan for working capital, cash flow, consolidation of other loans, advertising, new employees, inventory, raw materials, expansions, staffing, taxes, equipment acquisition, new markets.    Borrowers can use the funds for any reason.
Get cash against assets (such as real estate, equipment, accounts receivables, and more).  Use this asset based loan to get working capital  you can use in your business immediately.    Use funds to buy equipment and vehicles such as trucks and trailers.

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  • Fast and easy process.   Short online application and closing.
  • Little documentation.
  • Bad credit and tough deals are often approved and closed.

Does my Business Qualify for an Asset Based Loan?

    • Assets are free and clear.
    • Assets are valued at $20,000 or more each.
    • Business is active and generating revenue.
    • If your business has Commercial Real Estate with more than 55% equity,  the
      Real Estate may be eligible to obtain a larger loan.
    • Assets should not have a lien and be free and clear.

What is an asset based loan? 

FAQ’s – Frequently asked questions and requests

Asset Based Loan
Asset based loan options for businesses

“Help me get an asset based loan”

This is a loan that holds the assets of the owner as collateral.   The assets are either Real Estate, Equipment, Accounts Receivables, Stocks and Bonds, Cars and Boats, in addition to Jewelry or other items.   The loan is normally used to get cash or working capital.   A lien is often put on the collateral by the lender.   Once the loan is paid off, ownership goes back to the borrower.  Therefore, the lien process is similar to a traditional car loan at a bank.

Question: “Need an Asset based business loan”.   How can my company get one?
Put together a list of assets your business owns.  Submit the list and determine how much working capital you can get.