How to get a real estate merchant cash advance

What is a Real Estate Merchant cash advance:

A business loan with short term daily or weekly repayments using real estate as collateral.   The real estate may be commercial or residential.
One of the closing requirements is residential or commercial real estate with enough equity in the property to cover the amount of the loan.  As stated, the Business Owner can offer:
– Commercial real estate
– Residential Real Estate
– Raw land in some cases
If you do no have the real estate needed for a real estate merchant cash advance, then  contact us below at for several funding options such as bank statement loans that do not require real estate.

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What can you do if you don’t have any real estate?

Sometimes Business Owners do not have the real estate that is required to close this type of a business loan.
What other ways can you get a business loan?  What is the lender is asking for?

Real estate will not be required for other funding options such as a
asset  based loan, and accounts receivables financing.

How to get a real estate merchant cash advance:

    1. You must have property that has at least 50% equity or more.
    2. Tip: Higher loan requests over $50000 and land with a value over $100000 will work better.
    3. Do a search for lenders that offer business loans or mca merchant cash advances using real estate as collateral. Review the features and benefits and find the program that best matches your situation.

      Search for lenders that offer business loans or mca merchant cash advances using real estate as collateral.

    4. Contact the funder. Discuss your request and business profile with a representative. Try to prequalify and find out how likely your business is to meeting approval requirements.

      Call the funder. Review your profile with a representative to see if you may qualify or prequalify.

    5. If you prequalify consider applying and submit an application and required information. After an approval review the approval terms and conditions.

      Once you have determined that you prequalify or have an excellent chance of qualifying then consider completing and application.

    6. Complete the transaction when satisfied with the terms and closing requirements.  Provide any closing stipulations required. Receive funding into your business checking account.
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    FAQ Frequently asked questions on how to get a real estate merchant cash advance

    What am I getting by using real estate that I am not getting without it?
    You are much more likely to get approved and also approved for a higher amount with longer terms. If your business has several cash advances and high total balances on advances then using your real estate will be the only way to consolidate them or pay them off. If your business has 3 or more advances there are almost no other available options to solving your cash flow problem. If you do not use your real estate then you have to find an investor that is willing to take on the entire risk that all the advance companies took. They have to take all the risk from several cash advances into one loan. That is why investors and other lenders rarely want to invest into a longer term monthly payment consolidation of several short term cash advances.
    How can I get an mca cash advance using real estate?
    The amount of the loan or mca merchant cash advance is usually higher if there is equity in the real estate. The cash flow of the business and amount of monthly deposits is important. The approval amount is increased because of the value of the real estate and equity it has.
    We have several cash advances and are suffocating in the debt. We have equity but need help immediately. Can you help us immediately or will it take weeks?
    You can get funding to payoff your advances fast with this program. It typically does not take weeks as with a traditional real estate. Funding can be as fast as several days or one to two weeks.
    Why do I have to use real estate to get financing that is basically cash advances?
    You do not have to use real estate to get cash advances and it is not required. If you qualify to get a regular unsecured mca merchant cash advance then you can do so. This is an additional option that may allow your business to get approved instead of being declined. It may also allow your business to get approved for a higher amount of financing using real estate instead of unsecured.
    Can we get longer cash advance terms by using our real estate?
    Longer terms are often 1 year and sometimes up to 2 years. This is longer than a regular merchant cash advance. An offer you may received with a term of 1 to 2 years with real estate would have probably been a 6 to 9 month offer without real estate.
    Does the property have to be free and clear?
    The real estate does not have to be free and clear. It only has to have enough equity in it collateral wise.
    Can I payoff all of my cash advances and other debts and get cash also?
    If the cash flow of the business qualifies along with any equity needed then you can get enough to payoff all business cash advances along with other debt. You can get the remainder in cash to use for any reason your business needs.

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