How to Get a Real Estate Merchant Cash Advance

What is a Real Estate Merchant cash advance? 🏘

A business loan with terms up to 2 years using real estate as collateral structured like an mca is considered a cash advance.  Use your home or property to get much higher approvals. Apply below today!


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  • Residential Home or Commercial
  • Lower Weekly or Monthly Payments
  • Higher Approval Amounts
  • Longer terms: 1 year to 2 Years

One of the closing requirements is residential or commercial real estate with enough equity in the property to cover the amount of the loan.  Want a regular advance without Real Estate?   Visit how to get an MCA Cash Advance.

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Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.: How to get a real estate backed merchant cash advance

Why should I offer my house?

Using Real Estate gets you much higher approval amounts many times. You can also get cash out in addition to paying off advances, and rates are lower.

What are the advantages of using property?

The term is much longer and so the payment is also. Much lower payments help consumers avoid delinquencies, defaults, charge offs and future collection efforts when they are sure they can make the payments. Protecting your credit means your entire credit file, score and history will be preserved for you to use in the future.

What is the approval process?
Provide only the application and basic information on your real estate initially, including any recent appraisal you have. After an offer is made, closing documents are issued. When you have sent in completed docs and closing items, a closing call is made to you. The transaction is funded after the merchant call.

What if I already have advances?
You can still qualify with advances on the books now. The new loan can be more capital and you can payoff all other short term loans. Traditional lenders rarely will approve customers with short term advances. This option allows you to have mca’s now.

Does my home or property have to be free and clear?

The real estate does not have to be owned outright and only needs enough equity for the new loan. You can have a 1st or 2nd mortgage on the property and still qualify if there is enough equity.

Real estate will not be required for other funding options such as a
asset  based loan, and accounts receivables financing.

Businesses commonly use commercial or even real estate to get a larger loan. Programs are available for businesses that need a larger business loan but do not have real estate to use as collateral.

How to get a real estate merchant cash advance:

        1. You must have property that has at least 50% equity or more.
        2. Tip: Higher loan requests over $50000 and land with a value over $100000 will work better.
        3. Do a search for lenders that offer business loans or mca merchant cash advances using real estate as collateral. Review the features and benefits and find the program that best matches your situation.

          Search for lenders that offer business loans or mca merchant cash advances using real estate as collateral.

        4. Contact the funder. Discuss your request and business profile with a representative. Try to prequalify and find out how likely your business is to meeting approval requirements.

          Call the funder. Review your profile with a representative to see if you may qualify or prequalify.

        5. If you prequalify consider applying and submit an application and required information. After an approval review the approval terms and conditions.

          Once you have determined that you prequalify or have an excellent chance of qualifying then consider completing and application.

        6. Complete the transaction when satisfied with the terms and closing requirements.  Provide any closing stipulations required.  Complete a merchant closing call and receive funding into your business checking account.
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