How to get approved for a small business loan

Follow the steps on how to get approved for a small business loan. The steps below increase your chance of being approved.
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How to get approved for a small business loan

  1. Step 1  Search online for lenders that allow you to leverage the strengths of your business when you apply for a small business loan. Consider your revenues and type of business as well as credit and time in business.
  2. Step 2 TIP: Picking a program that matches your business strengths will go a long way towards getting approved.
  3. Step 3  Review the criteria from different lenders needed for approval. Make a list of the top two or three funders and their best matching programs.

    Make a list of the top two or three funders after reviewing the criteria.

  4. Step 4 Contact lenders online and by phone. Review as much approval criteria as you can with a representative. Try to get the best idea possible how closely your business profile matches the requirements for approval.

    Get the best idea how likely your business is to get approved for funding with approval criteria.

  5. Step 5 Settle on the best match between business loan programs and your business strengths. Also consider your business requirements and time for funding. Apply for those programs that are the best match.

    Choose the best matching business funding program then apply

  6. Step 6 Read the terms and conditions on any approval to make sure your business can make the payments and meet all the requirements. Complete closing requirements to fund the transaction.
    Small Business Loans Depot

    Small Business Loans Depot

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Step and tips to help get approved for a small business loan.

FAQ Frequently asked questions on how to get approved for a small business loan:

How can we get approved for a small business loan?

Complete an online application. Provide any additional information on your company’s strengths, such as sales or time in business. Doing so gives you a better chance of being approved, for a higher amount, and with better terms.

Is there a minimum time in business required?

Three months time in business is needed. Programs with vehicles or accounts receivables do not require any time in business. They could be approved immediately after setting up the business with the secretary of state or city, if qualified.

Can we be prequalified to avoid being declined and credit pulled?

Call us and we can review your information and prequalify you over the phone. If your business does not qualify for one product, you may qualify for one of many other business loan options.

Can we get a longer term?

Term options for 1 to 2 years are available for short term categories. 36, 48 and 60 month programs with a monthly payment are available for customers wanting longer terms.