Get money to pay IRS business taxes today!

Money for IRS business taxes

Fast Funding takes care of:
US Federal Taxes
State Taxes
Back Taxes & OIC Offer In Compromise
Payoff Liens
Payroll Taxes

The money can also be used to pay quarterly tax payments , OIC offer in compromise settlements, and income tax settlements.

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How to get money to pay IRS and State business taxes:

Identify business funding programs that offer money to pay IRS Taxes, including business back taxes, tax liens and OIC, offer in compromise, and tax settlements.

If your business has the cash flow, select programs are available to satisfy the need to pay your specific tax debt.  Tax debt and liens of all amounts are usually considered by these specialty programs.  Some may require additional collateral such as real estate, listed stock, or other collateral that covers the amount of the tax debt.   Open tax liens over $10,000 are more difficult to get funding for without collateral.

After evaluating, choose the program that is most likely to provide the funding needed for your business to pay and satisfy the required tax debt.

Choose the program to pay business tax debt

Contact the lender.  Check features, benefits and program requirements.  Ask about restrictions, including what is needed for approval and closing.

Check features, benefits and program requirements

When you determine your business meets the requirements, apply for funding.

When you determine your business meets the requirements for a loan to pay business taxes, apply for funding.

For any offers made, review the full terms and determine if your business can make the payments.   If so, provide the items needed by the funder to close the transaction.

FAQ Frequently asked questions on how to get money to pay irs business taxes.

What are my chances to qualify for a loan to pay off my business taxes?

If you have sales then you have an outstanding chance to get approved. Unsecured loans are available with terms between 2 to 18 months. Strong credit may allow you to get up to 60 months based on the sales or collateral you have. Even more loan options include asset based against equipment or real estate.

How long does it take to get funding?

Processing time from application to funding on unsecured approvals is 2-3 business days. This depends on how many tax liens you have and if they are being paid off at closing.

Do I have to be in a payment plan to get the loan?

Being in a payment plan is preferred but not required. If you have a payment plan or OIC offer in compromise, then provide documentation to increase your approval amount.

What if I have an open tax lien?

We have programs for your business to payoff and settle an open tax lien. Approval depends on the amount of the lien and business sales. Other factors include time in business and assets.

Can I get approved if the IRS has already filed a lien against me?

A lien on you or your credit that is already in place is usually not the deciding factor. You still have an excellent opportunity to get money for your business. It is the cash flow of the business and being able to show documentation on the lien that is most critical.

Do I payoff the IRS or state tax lien myself?

You can be funded into your business checking account and payoff the IRS or state tax lien yourself. A requirement for closing your business loan may be for the lien to be paid off by the lender at closing.

Do I need collateral for a business loan to pay IRS taxes?

Having collateral is not a requirement. For larger tax liens the borrower may have to use real estate in order to payoff the full amount.

If I filed an extension can I still get a loan to pay business taxes?

You can still get a loan to pay business taxes even if you filed an extension and paid estimated taxes. Provide a copy of your completed IRS Extension form 4868 when you apply.

In conclusion, get money to pay IRS business taxes, including back taxes, tax liens and OIC, offer in compromise, and settlements. Fast programs to pay business tax debt.

How to get money for Payroll

This article will direct you on how to get money for payroll today.   Same day funding available.  If your business is interested in getting money for payroll immediately,  then apply now, below or call: 919-771-4177.

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How to get money for payroll: How to steps, direction, and tips:

Does your business need money for payroll? Follow the steps and tips provided. Apply today for fast and the best options to finance payroll.

Need money for payroll today? if your business needs money for payroll asap,
this speedy program can get funding in your account by the end of the business day. Apply today.
Estimated Cost: $0
Total Time: Up to 2 days
Supplies Needed: Monthly payroll information, Time available
Tools needed: Internet connection, phone, computer

Step 1: Preparation

Review your current month’s payroll expenses

Calculate how much your business needs, for how long and how soon.

Run the numbers to verify how much your business needs in payroll for the month and a deadline.


Step 2: Prepare your documentation

Tip: Start the process a week before needing payroll funding if possible to avoid missing your deadline payroll date.

Get your business financial information together. This includes an interim or monthly profit and loss statement, copy of your monthly payroll, tax returns and bank statements.

Begin the process several days early and avoid missing your deadline payroll date

Step 3: Research payroll financing companies and programs

Look for payroll finance companies that meet your needs and requirements.
Contact qualifying companies and request their qualifying criteria
Match and prioritize your needs with the company that meets your criteria and you appear to qualify with.
Ask if your business will qualify or prequalify. Some lenders may be able to prequalify you over the phone prepare to submit your documentation

Ask the lender representative to review your information and if you will qualify.

Step 4: Submit application information

Apply with the best qualifying company for your business.

Apply for the best matching payroll financing program for your business.

Step 5: Approved or declined

Approved? Review terms. If you want to accept, provide all closing documentation and complete transaction denied? Contact lender to find out why you were declined and if there is anything that can be done to get approved.
If you cannot get approved, consider the reasons for the denial. Go back to other lenders you previously considered.
Ask those lenders if that will be a decline reason. If not, consider applying with that alternative lender.

If your business is approved, review all the terms. Provide closing items and stipulations to fund payroll into your account.
Get money for payroll same day or next day. Use the financing each time you need funds for payroll.


How to get money for payroll – Frequently asked questions

What is payroll financing?

Financing that is used to help companies cover shortfalls in their payroll costs. It is based on the the average weekly payroll and can be used repeatedly to cover shortages.

Will we get 100% of the payroll that we need for all employees?

You can get the full amount needed to cover payroll. Qualifying is based on the gross revenue of the business. List the total monthly amount your business needs and the amount the company can pay.

Can we get the money by the end of the week to pay employees?

You can get money to make payroll as fast as one or two days. If your business applies early in the day then there is an excellent chance to pay employees the next day.

Can we use this financing in the future?

You can use the financing like a line of credit. Borrow, repay and use the line again.

Can we get payroll financing while we are still using PPP money?

You can combine PPP money that you received with payroll financing money now.

How to get money for product orders

  1. Step 1: Determine how much money the business needs.
  2. Step 2: Find a funder that specializes in business funding for product orders.
  3. Step 3: Contact the lender and find out the approval criteria.  If your business meets the criteria, apply.
  4. Step 4: If approved and terms are acceptable, gather required closing documentation to fund loan.

Get money for product orders now.   Call below for assistance.

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Faq, frequently asked questions on how to get money for product orders

What are product orders?
Product orders are orders for goods. They are commonly made by one company to another.
An invoice style template is used which contains the company name the order is made to as well as description
of product, number of units, price, model number and delivery date.
How can we get money to finance our product orders?
A percentage of the cost of raw materials and manufacturing for production is financed. The
term depends on how long the process takes including delivery to the buyer and payment. Once the process
is complete the funds are repaid by the seller. The transaction is often converted to an account receivable and the receivable
is used instead as an instrument to repay the debt. In this case the buyer pays the cost of the finished product
What is looked at to qualify for product order financing?
Some of the main things that are looked at to qualify for product order financing include the quality of the company your business is providing product for. How likely the company your business is providing product for will pay after the product has been received. The strength of your company is also considered. This includes whether your company has the financial strength to withstand not being paid for 30 to 60 days after delivering the product. Also whether the transaction qualifies for accounts receivables financing. After product has been delivered your company will send out an invoice. If the company that has received the invoice will not pay for 30 to 60 days then they will be looked at to qualify for Accounts receivables financing.

How to get money to stay in business

Is your business looking for ways to get money to stay in business? What are your options on how to get money to stay in business?

There are several options most businesses have an excellent chance to qualify for.   Join the many funded business owners that could not get funded before.  Contact us below now.

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How to get money to stay in business:

  1. Step 1 Calculate your recent cash flow numbers.  This includes monthly gross and net income.   Look at your assets and your credit.
  2. Step 2 Find lenders that offer funding programs based on your numbers and your strengths.
  3. Step 3 Apply for the program that you determine best fits your company’s profile and has the best chance for approval.

Consider all loan options to make sure you are not missing any opportunities for funding.   You may be able to get funding through programs you were not aware are available.

Get money to stay in business by matching your strengths to company programs.

F.A.Q. – Frequently asked questions on how to get money to stay in business

Where can I get a business loan to stay in business?

Alternative funders are the best places to get funding when your business is struggling. If your business is having problems, a regular bank will very unlikely approve your business for funding. If you have proof of income for your business, such as bank statements or business tax returns, you may get funding based on revenues, such as bank statement loans

I’ve tried to get funding and have been declined. How is this different?

These options focus on programs that really match what your business will qualify for. Many businesses apply for programs they do not qualify for and get declined. Find out how your business can get money and apply for those programs

Some funders focus on better credit.  If your credit is not good, you may have been declined for credit.    It may have been better to apply with a lender that focuses on tougher credit customers.

Some lenders focus on programs that give more value to businesses that have strong assets or strong cash flow.  If your business does not have either of these then you may have applied for the wrong programs.

Matching business loan programs to your company’s strengths is critical.   Make a mental list of your company’s strengths.   This will give you a blueprint from which to work when you decide on lender.


Should I just apply once I have found the lender that seems to match?


Call the company and discuss your needs with them first if you have time.   Tell them about your business and also what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Ask the company about their programs first to make sure they are not trying to match up their products to your business when they may not be a fit.


What if this does not work and I still cannot get loan to save business?


You can call us and we will help you figure out if you may be missing opportunities.  Another type of funding may be best.   If you truly cannot qualify, then it is time to think about other options.

Final options after business loan decline:

Final options after business loan declines include:

  1. Adding a strong owner and sharing ownership.   This can bring in money and credit.
  2. Change your business model
  3. Scaling back your business
  4. Major expense cutting.
  5. Temporarily closing your business.

These options may allow you to work around the problem and get back up and running in the short term.

It may also be a good time to change your business model.  You can do this over the course of a few months and transition into a new business line.

Consider if adding a person to the business to bring in some money as a co-signer may work.   This can be someone who becomes another owner.   If they have good credit, the may be able to co-sign for a loan for the business.      These are more ways on how to get money to stay in business.