How to Get Another 2nd Position MCA Cash Advance: Video

Video Description: How to get another second position mcas cash advance. Get approved and how to avoid declines. Information on calculating daily payments and terms.

Get another 2nd Position MCA Cash Advance with longer terms, lower rates and a daily payment you can afford.

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How to get another 2nd position MCA Cash Advance

In minutes and seconds.
0:23 Example: Calculate MCA Affordability
1:02 Average Daily Balance
1:12 Overdrafts and NSF’s
1:26 Approval and Closing
1:42 repayment problems with 2 Advances

[ city street sounds ], [ introduction sound effect ] Will Sanio,, today’s topic, how to get another MCA Cash Advance, also known as a second position.

Start the process anytime by Tapping apply on the Bottom right of this Screen, or Tapping on the End screen of this Video, or on the Apply Button on the Webpage.

Check if you can afford another Daily payment, because the Lender will check. [ woman giggling ] First calculate an estimate of what your new daily Cash Advance Payment will be. Let’s take an example: Multiply a $10,000 offer amount times a 1.4 Rate Factor.

There are 21 Payment Days most Months. If your Offer Amount is for 7 Months, that’s 21 times 7 = 147 Payment Days. Take the $14,000 Total Repay and divide it by 147. That Equals $95.23 Per Payment Day for every $10,000.

Review your Last 3 Months Business Bank Statements, or 4 Months in States that require 4 Months like California. [ ocean surf sound ]

Your total Monthly Deposits should have increased or stayed the same.

Average Daily Balance: That is the average balance per day for the Month. You want your Average Daily Balance to be at least $750, but better $1000 or higher.

Overdrafts or NSF’s. You should not have more than 5 to 7 Overdrafts or NSF’s in any 1 Month, or it is more likely you will be declined. If you have more, it is better to wait until you get your next statement and those are gone.

Next, apply, if approved, request the closing docs. Get a Copy of your Driver’s License, Voided Business Check and Proof of Ownership.

Next, Close. Review the Contracts, and if you’re satisfied, complete the contracts and expect funding into your Account in 2 to 4 hours.

If you have repayment problems with 2 Advances, communicate with the Lenders immediately and consistently to protect your business’ ability to borrow again in the future. [ desert wind blowing ]

How to get another MCA Cash Advance
How to get a 2nd MCA Cash Advance

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