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Has your business been declined for time in business?  We have several business loan options for businesses that have:

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Declined for time in business options

Businesses declined for a business loan?

3 Month time in business program

Your business can get money in two days. Provide the most recent (3) months business checking account statements with the one page application above, and you can be on your way to funding within 2 business days.

1 Year time in business Program.

Get a large business loan in you have been in business for more than 1 year. Many businesses get up to 75% of their total monthly deposits.

Low credit score program

Were you turned down for having a very low credit score? Apply for the low credit score approval program and turn a decline into an approval.

We will help you get approved for time in business.

FAQ Frequently asked questions on being declined for time in business

What is time in business?

Time in business starts from the day the business is registered with the secretary of state, city, or county.   It is generally not the time when operations begin and the business has income. Some lenders will look at when the business began showing revenue as part of their review.

Can we get approved with a few months in business?

Cash flow programs for as little as 3 months in business are available. Certain asset based programs can be approved with only 1 month in business.

Can we get a loan as a brand new business?

There are multiple programs available for businesses that just started. Even businesses that have been registered for only a few weeks have an opportunity to be approved.

Why do lenders decline for time in business?

Lenders have statistics that prove after a business has been operating more than a certain number of years, their chances of staying in business are higher. Businesses open more than 3 years stay in business for a significantly longer time.

In summary

Our programs can get you approved today with only 3 months time in business.  Don’t let time in business stop you from getting funding fast.