Less than $10,000 in deposits per month

Has your business been declined for having less than $10,000 in deposits per month?    This is also called minimum monthly sales of $10,000 or more.  Many lenders will decline companies that have monthly sales below this amount.

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We have outstanding programs for companies with low deposit volume of less than $10,000 per month, and another program for less than $7,500 per month.   Companies may qualify for a weekly or monthly payment.   Deposits of $5,000 or more per month minimum are required to have an opportunity for approval or an offer to be made.
Join thousands of businesses whose revenues are less than $10,000 per month that have been approved and funded.   Together, we will get you to the right program.

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Have less than $10,000 in deposits per month.

less than $10,000 in deposits per month

If your business’ total monthly sales are less than $10,000 per month, many lenders will either not accept your business or decline for volume too low.  Other decline reasons are “deposit volume below minimum”,  “business volume below requirements” or similar.

Faq, frequently asked questions on businesses with less than $10000 per month in deposits

We were declined for having less than $10000 per month in deposits. Can we still get funding?
You can get funding for your business with less. As long as your business has the cash flow to make the payments then you may be approved for funding
Our business only had 1 month in the past 3 months under $10000. We had a $3000 month. Can we still qualify for business funding?
Your average deposits per month likely was over $7500 and stands a good chance of approval even though 1 months was below $4,000.
What is the lowest amount in deposits we can have per month?
The lowest amount amount of monthly deposits is $4000 per month.   Higher deposits totals will usually bring higher offer and approval amounts.   Higher average daily balances will help get higher offers.

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