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Cash Flow Loan

September 9,  2017.  Get a unique cash flow loan based on the company’s gross sales. Since all business have sales, this allows almost all businesses to have an opportunity to qualify for a cash flow loan. Go to our features and benefits section to learn how you can solve your businesses cash flow needs.

For this cash flow loan, businesses can use their every day sales already on the books.

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Businesses owners ask if they have significant cash flow and have demonstrated a lengthy past history of being able to amortize a long term debt, then why should they be denied based on limited collateral or unsatisfactory personal credit while have satisfactory business cash flow? We agree and can provide a cash flow loan to your business today. If your business has cash flow, we can work out a plan to get your business funding.

The Cash Flow loan features:
– Tough credit is not an issue. A program is available for almost all credit profiles
– Among the best qualification percentage of any business financing
– Every business has Cash flow, so every business has a strong chance to qualify
– Provide the most recent 3 months business bank account statements
– One page application
– Quick turnaround, a one or two day approval time is very common
– Very high approval rates
– Use this cash flow loan to obtain $10,000 to $250,000 quickly and easily for
any purpose, such as business expansion, advertising, inventory needs,
adding additional employees, new lines of business – any purpose.
– Very difficult transactions done routinely
– Your request is handled by an experienced consultant.

Complete the “Contact Us” Mini App on the menu above, or call Toll Free: 855-787-1113. Your call is free and an experienced industry professional will guide you seamlessly through the process.

The time in business required for this cash flow loan is only 3 months of cash flow statements. Once the time in business is 1 year or more, higher loan amounts can be approved. Credit scores can be as low as 500 and deposit dollar totals can be as low as $10,000 per month and 5 deposits per month. This is a relationship product and the initial approved limits are increased rapidly as this line of credit style product is reused. Businesses are able to obtain more funding through this method than with a traditional loan. If a business is approved for a traditional loan for $50,000 for 36 months, then they can get far more in working capital through this cash flow loan. With this product, if the customer is approved for $25,000 for a 6 month term all they have to do is renew every 6 months and they would end up with a total of $150,000 over the entire 36 months, which is 3 times what they would have received with the other traditional financing.

Credit score requirements for the cash flow loan are approximately 500 and higher in many instances. As the credit score increases, funding amounts will increase and the terms will improve

Frequently asked Questions:
Question: Do we qualify? Answer: If your business has cash flow, has been in business for at least 9 months with the same owner, your business has an excellent chance to qualify for $5,000 to $150,000 depending upon that Cash Flow
Question: Do I need to complete a lot of paperwork? Answer: No. You will only need a one page application and the most recent 3 months business checking account statements. In many cases, only the most recent one month’s business checking account statement is required.
Question: What can I do if I need more working capital again later? Do I have to re apply from scratch all over again? Answer: No. Once the line has been established, you are an existing customer with us, the type that we value the most. You will have a very easy time using the credit line over and over again. In most cases, you either only need to place a call to authorize more funding, or simply provide the most recent statements to qualify for another round of this cash flow loan.
Question: What if I have bad credit?
Answer: The approval is driven very heavily on the cash flow. Even if you have difficult credit, it is the cash flow of your business that will be the main factor in the approval of the line.
Question: What do you look at in the cash flow?
Answer: The monthly raw dollar amount of deposits, the number of deposits per month, and the average daily balance. The higher the average daily balance, and the more that is deposited per month, the higher the approval amount will be. The most recent three months will be looked at. If the cash flow trend is upward, a higher dollar amount cash flow loan will likely be approved compared to flat or declining monthly dollar figures.
Question: I had a recent bankruptcy in the last 2 years, does that disqualify me?
Answer: Not necessarily. It depends on how recent the bankruptcy was and how the cash flow has been since then. If the Bankruptcy is at least a few months old and the cash flow since that time has been strong, there is an opportunity for a line to be established.

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10 Most common Reasons businesses want a business loan

August 16, 2017.  For immediate Release – Businesses want money for many reasons.   This post will look at the 10 most common reasons businesses want a business loan and some of the best programs for them.  If your business needs a loan for any reason, complete the application information below.
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10 Most common reasons businesses want a business loan

1) My business is running out of money.

Very often, businesses do not need money for a specific reason.   They just are running out of cash.   Seasonal businesses often have this problem.  Sometimes revenues do not meet business expectations while expenses remained fixed.   The business may have run into problems and needs money to correct or resolve the problem.

2) I need a business loan for expansion.

One of the top reasons businesses need a business loan is for expansion.   There are many reasons for expansion.  In most cases, a successful business wants to take advantage of business opportunities but needs more money to do it.

3) I need a business loan for Inventory and raw materials.

Businesses call in and make the request, “I need a business loan for inventory”,

as well as, “I need a business loan for supplies”.

4) I need a business loan to hire Employees.

Another reason businesses often need capital is for the initial expense of hiring employees.  This often includes the cost of expanding the workspace, buying furniture and also the cost of recruiting, interviewing and adding employees to the employee rolls.

5) I need a business loan for taxes.

Customers frequently make the request, “I need a loan to pay business taxes”.
Many businesses need a loan to pay taxes.  This is often
for current taxes, previous taxes as well as IRS payment agreements.
Next 5 most common reasons businesses want a business loan

6)  I need money for Equipment, Equipment Repairs or Vehicles.

Businesses often call in with the request, “I need a business loan for
equipment”, as well as “I need a business loan for equipment repairs”.   This would
be considered a loan against equipment.

7) I need a business loan for Marketing and Advertising.

Companies frequently need a business loan for Adverting and Marketing.  Advertising is more critical for certain industries than others.   Industries that need advertising, such as media companies, retail and online businesses have to spend significant funds on

10 Most common reasons businesses want a business loan
The most common reasons businesses want a business loan.

8) I need a business loan to buyout my Partner.

Businesses will often request a business loan to buy out another partner.   Multiple owners are no longer able to get along well enough to continue running the business together.   Callers will call in saying:  “I need a business loan to buyout a partner owner.”

9) I need a business loan to buy my Building and Real Estate.

When businesses become larger, they not not want to keep leasing space.    Landlords may also suddenly raise the rent.    Callers most frequent requests are: “I need a business loan to buy a building and property”, or “I need a business loan to buy my building.”  For this
purpose, callers say they need an asset based loan.

10) I need a business loan for insurance.

Businesses may need to pay for several types of business insurance.
Liability insurance, employee insurance and property insurance are some of the types of insurance businesses must by.    Callers will also call in and say: “I need a loan for business insurance”, as well as “I need a loan for business health insurance.”

Thank you for visiting our list of the 10 most common reasons businesses want a business loan.

10 Uncommon reasons for needing a business loan

September 16, 2017.  Business loan requests are sometimes for unusual reasons.   We will review 10 uncommon reasons for needing a business loan.    If your business needs funding for any uncommon reason, contact us.  Complete the Online Application.  Contact us at the number below.

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10 Uncommon reasons for needing a business loan:

Natural Disasters, floods, fires

Losses due to natural disasters are probably the most expensive for businesses. Businesses need money after being hit by a natural disaster.  This can be Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, drought, wildfire, hail, blizzards, oil spills and extreme winters. Businesses may need working capital to cover the cash shortfall because of disasters like these.   FEMA helps many business owners, yet is either too slow for some businesses or cannot help at all.

My business is being sued.

If a business is being sued, it may need money to hire an Attorney and go through the litigation process.   Expenses can be $10,000 and as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars.  There are different types of lawsuits that a business may be sued for that they need funds to defend.

Other types of lawsuits businesses face:

A) Being sued for Malpractice.

Businesses in the Healthcare field are usually the primary targets of malpractice lawsuits they need money for.   Other industries sued for Malpractice include Accountants, Consultants, Construction Companies, Retail Businesses and businesses that need a professional license.   A business may need a loan or money to pay for Malpractice or a Malpractice lawsuit.

B) Business being sued for not fulfilling contract

Businesses are sometimes sued if their contract is not completed correctly. This happens in the Construction industry, and many other industries also.   Many companies need money or a business loan to fulfill a Contract.

C) Business being sued for Copyright infringement

Businesses can be sued for many types of alleged copyright violations.  Copyright lawsuits happen often in the music and entertainment industry.   Trademark disputes,  intellectual property lawsuits and others are the basis of suits.   Businesses need money or a business loan for Copyright infringement lawsuits.

Need money to relocate business

Business relocation requires significant funding.   The bigger the business,  the more relocation will cost.   Relocating is a big expense for any business.   Many businesses need money or a business loan to relocate.

Partner Buyouts or Owner Buyouts.

Businesses often have more than one owner.   Sometimes multiple owners do not get along and one or more Partners want to leave.   Because of this, a buyout of the Partner or buyout of an owner may be needed.   A business owner may need money or a business loan to buyout another partner as a result.

We need a business loan to meet new City, State or Federal regulations.

City, State and Federal Regulations change over time.  Businesses sometimes have considerable cost to comply with regulations.  A company may need a business loan to meet new regulations.

10 Uncommon reasons for needing a business loan
Uncommon reasons for needing a business loan







The last 5 of 10 uncommon reasons for needing a business loan below:

Need a business loan for training and licensing requirements.

Business may have to provide training to all of their employees or meet new licensing requirements.    A business loan will probably also be needed for updated licensing and training.   City and State offices also have information on licensing and training requirements.


Theft causes sudden losses.  Companies need a business loan to recover from customer theft, employee theft,  shrinkage, and also loss of inventory.    A business loan and also a line of credit covers businesses from lost cash flow.

Major Accounting Errors

Businesses have cash flow problems because of mistakes made by Accountants as well as Bookkeepers.
Math errors are probably less frequent mistakes.  Accountants also incorrectly take deductions and file the wrong type of Return.   They may not tell the business owner to increase their estimated quarterly payments either.   These errors cause a higher tax liability.   The business then needs to get a business loan to pay more taxes because of Accounting Errors.  Your Accountant can provide Quarterly reviews to avoid cash flow hardships.

City Infrastructure Repairs.

Cities, Counties and States do extensive street and road repairs.  This also includes Sewer work, pipes and cement work.   States make Bridge and Highway repairs that also affect traffic exits and main roads.  Retail stores are also affected by these County or State Road repairs.  Retail stores located on a main road with major construction work are also devastated.  Businesses therefore need a business loan to also makeup for a loss of Sales and lower cash flow.

Need a business loan to hire overseas technical workers.

Industries cannot find all of the workers they need domestically, so as a result, they must also hire workers from other countries.  Technical fields are another industry that also has difficulty hiring skilled workers.  Hiring workers from overseas is a big expense.  Therefore, companies may need a business loan to pay for the cost of hiring overseas workers.

Thank you for visiting this resource.  Visit 10 uncommon reasons for needing a business loan in the future for especially relevant information on unique loan requests.   Contact us for your business loan needs.

Hispanic business loan

Hispanic Business Loan

July 22, 2017.  Hispanic businesses need viable Business Loan options.  We can provide several business loan choices for hispanic owned businesses.   Lengths are between 3 months and as long as 6 years.  Flexible approval criteria for almost all businesses.    Low credit scores,  tax liens and short time in business can be approved.
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$5,000 to $250,000.  Fast and easy process.   Just a 1 page application.   Minimal paperwork.  Bad Credit is Accepted.  Tax liens are accepted.  Newer businesses also accepted.

We will help you get a Hispanic Business loan fast.

Hispanic business owners whose main language is not English often have difficulty getting business loans.   Foreign nationals are often not familiar with the loan process in the United States.    We provide extra assistance to these business owners.   Many do not speak English and we help them get business loans.

Get a loan using business bank statements.   Hispanic businesses get a loan fast and easy with this loan.

Hispanic Business Loan
business loans for hispanic businesses

Hispanic business owners need business loans for expansion.

Business owners call in saying  they need a hispanic business loan.   Some ask for business loans for Hispanics.   Some callers request a Hispanic small business loan.   Other callers request a small business loan for hispanics.   They also request a small business loan for a hispanic business.  

Business Loan for Hispanics questions:

What is provided for a hispanic business loan? 
You submit the same information.   A 1 page application and the most recent 3 months business checking account statements.

Do you have Spanish speakers?  
Yes.   We have speakers fluent in Spanish.

Can I get a Hispanic business loan in my personal name? 
No. The application must be in the business name.

Can we get longer terms?   Yes.   The business can get a short term loan.   This would be 3 to 6 months.   Over 24 months is available.

Business loans for Hispanics Resources:

For more information on minority loans, visit the SBA for additional information.

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Start up Business Loan

What is a Start Up Business Loan?

October 13,  2017.  Many businesses that are just beginning need viable Start Up Business Loan options. Contact us for several start up business loan choices you can pick from.   Terms are as short as 3 months or as long as 6 years.  Options for all credit types including damaged credit,  very low credit scores, and under 500 credit scores.   Businesses need only be registered for at least 3 months.   If at least 3 months bank statements can be provided, a program is available.    In many states, only the most recent 2 months bank statements and 2 Months Time in business is required.

Example of a Start up Business Loan:

A business that registers with the Secretary of State on May 1st, 2017 is considered a start up business.  A Business that will register with the Secretary of State within a few weeks.   Any business in this and in similar situations that requests funding is applying for a Start up business loan.

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How to qualify for a start up business loan.

Businesses need funding at certain times for critical reasons.   6 and 9 month terms are often too short.   Short term financing forces businesses to pay far more per month than they can handle.   If sales are not increasing, cash flow can become even tighter than before they took out the loan.

Your time in business is the date on your business license.  For Corporation, it is the Incorporation date listed with the Secretary of State.  If you draft Articles of Incorporation, the State will not recognize the starting date of the business until you register with the State.  To insure your business will have the time in business required to complete important tasks, register your business with the State or appropriate government agency as soon as possible.

A solution to the need for a start up business loan problem is a loan based on the cash flow of the business with terms the business can afford to repay.   Terms as short as 3 months and as long as 60 months are available.

Start up business loans
Start up business loans for businesses opening up.

Don’t restrict your business’s future cash flow by being forced to take a 6, 9 or 12 month loan if it is the only loan available.

Call us and get a long term business cash flow loan.   Many business owners call us for help.  They all have similar requests.

FAQ, Frequently asked questions and calls.

How do I get a start up business loan?

Get a start up business loan by applying with lenders that advertise they specialize in start up business loans. Call these lenders and ask them questions about the program.

Help me get a start up business loan

How can I qualify for a start up business loan?

Question: Do I have to provide a financial statement or any other cash flow information for this request?  
Answer: You do not need to provide financial information to get approved.   In some cases businesses may need to provide the most recent tax return prior to closing.

Question: Can I get approved for a “start up business loan” in my personal name? 
Answer: The application must be in the business name.

Start Up Business Loan Resources:

Get business information, including information on start ups at Planet Money

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Medical Practice Loan

Medical Practice Loan.  Definition of Medical Practice Loan.

October 13, 2017.   What is a medical practice loan and what types are there?
A Medical Practice Loan is any type of financing a Medical Practice obtains to either establish or grow the practice
Get a niche Medical Practice Loan based on equity in business assets such as equipment assets or on the Sales of the practice.  Every practice has Sales and Equipment.   Do you know you can go to our features and benefits section and find a highly experienced consultant by clicking on our contact us link?   You will understand and easily learn how the 2 programs, a loan against equipment and loan based on your sales are easy methods to improve your cash flow.
Complete the Secure DocuSign Application.
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Medical Practice Loan
Medical Practice Loan options, requirements and terms.

A significant tax savings will can be realized in this Medical Practice Loan against equipment, by being arranged in part as a lease.   This allows for a significant tax savings over a traditional loan.    The borrower obtains working capital for their business via the equity in their equipment as opposed to having full ownership in their equipment.

For immediate release – Southern Sports Medicine Associates completes a $250,000 short term business line for expansion.   Practice president Dr. Phil Stenson announced, “With this line, Southern Sports Medicine Associates can complete it’s expansion of services within the sports medicine community in The Alabama and Georgia market.   The increase in future revenues will provide expansion opportunities into Atlantic coast states.”

For immediate release –  Milton Medical Associates secures a $500,000 financing line for a buildout and expansion.    Dr. Donald Milton, president,  stated “With the line, Milton Medical Associates will complete it’s new aesthetic center expansion and offer aesthetic, laser and spa treatments.   We will become a primary provider of aesthetic services in the southeast Texas region.   We look forward to working with and further development of our line in the future.”   Dr. Milton stated that the practice will add another fully licensed physician and offer Saturday and later evening hours.

The one page app and equipment list is submitted by Fax to Fax: 919-882-8541, or E-Mailed to  Processing time is one to three days.   After approval, time for funding is approximately one to three days.

If more funding is needed,  additional funding can be arranged with additional funding “Parts” or “Segments”.    Total funding that can be obtained is typically in the $150,000 to $250,000 range.
Due to constant advances in the Medical field, Medical equipment equipment depreciates quickly.    Many types of Medical equipment becomes totally obsolete in a short amount of time.   However, Small Business Loans Depot can utilize Medical Equipment that has undergone full depreciation and is several years old.

The practice may have additional financing and working capital needs after the equipment refinance product is completed.   Other available programs include:

Gross Sales Cash flow loan –  This financing product may be very desirable for Medical Practices as it is based on the Gross Sales and cash flow of the practice.  Medical practices often have significant cash flow, so this product can provide significant Working Capital to the practice.

This Medical practice loan product is used, in effect as a line of credit.   The practice provides the most recent 3 months business checking account statements and a one page application.    The average daily collected balance, the amount and number of deposits per month, beginning balances, and ending balances are reviewed in order to determine the approved amount.

The customer sends in the 3 months business checking account statements and one page application.   Upon approval, the customer is E-Mailed documents.   The customer completes the documents and faxes them back in.   A final landlord check and verbal verification is completed.    Funds are wired into the customer’s account within 1-3 business days.

Repayment terms on this Medical Practice loan range from 3 to 18 months.     Once the customer satisfactorily repays the line, the line size is increased.   The customer is not obligated to use the available line.   They can reuse the line immediately or leave it idle for any amount of time.

Sample medical practice loan transaction:

Primary Care Physician PCP, Dr. Smith, in Lexington, Kentucky, 6 Years in business, 650 credit score with a Dun & Bradstreet Paydex Score = 65.     Dr. Smith provides One page application and his equipment list.

Upon approval in 2-3 days, Documents are E-Mailed to Dr. Smith.   Dr. Smith completes and overnights original docs back.   A final verbal confirmation takes place within a day.  In most cases there is no site inspection.  Funding occurs in 2-3 business days.

In most cases, Financials and Bank Statements are not required.   However, if the customer’s Financials or Bank Statements are strong, the customer can opt to provide to strengthen their application.   If the customer has a strong credit bureau score of over 700 or over 725, financials may not be requested.    Although there is a certain dollar amount above which financials are requested for this form of financing, there is often some discretion used by the lender.   If the customer has a credit score of 750, then the lender may consider an extra $10K or $20K without requesting financials for a medical practice loan compared to a customer with a 675 credit score.  

The lender has guidelines that they follow but they do have the authority to stray from the guidelines to a degree if they can justify it.

The following video provides an overview of the medical practice loan program as well, including features and benefits.

Frequently asked questions:

“Get me a medical practice loan” or “I need a medical practice loan”.

Question:  What is the maximum we should apply for?
Answer:  That depends on a few factors, but in general, a good rule is to
apply for not much more than the minimum amount that you need.  If your
business needs between $50,000 and $100,000, then do not apply for
$100,000 to $150,000.   Some applicants think that they should apply for the maximum amount, or “go for the moon”.  They believe that the more they ask for, the more they
get.   This is not true.   With many lenders, the more you apply for, the more difficult it is
to get approved.  With many lenders, if you apply for too much, they will simply decline
the request rather than approving your business for a lower amount.   If your business only needs $50,000 in working capital but applies for $150,000, then it may be turned down completely and not receive any funding.   In this case, the business should apply for as close to $50,000 as they feel they can.



Cash Flow Loans

Cash Flow Loans

September 4, 2017.   Will cash flow loans and their portfolios become as significant and large as traditional loans, including collateral based loans in the future?

It seems so.  Since the recession of three years ago, many business’s credit and the personal credit of the owners was hurt.   Businesses needed working capital but banks were, and are still, balking at making loans to all but the most top shelf companies.

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Loans based on the company”s cash flow, as proven by their bank statements and tax returns will become increasingly prominent in the industry.    Companies which offer such loans will also come into existence in greater numbers and offer more diverse products to satisfy the increasing demand of these loans.

After all, many business owners wonder, if my credit has been hurt in the recent past, but my company’s cash flow is now excellent even if my credit has not caught up, why don’t you do a loan based on my proven cash flow?     The answer, more and more, will be – Yes, we will