Stacking Merchant Cash Advances – Fast Fix!

What is stacking merchant cash advances ?

Merchants that stack multiple short term cash advances are getting and paying on multiple MCA’s at the same time.

Don’t let multiple short term cash advances ruin your business!  Fix the problem NOW with several choices:

Pay them down or off into  1 Loan
Extend the number of months from 1 to 5 years

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FAQ Frequently asked questions about stacking merchant cash advances

What is stacking?

Stacking is when a merchant gets more than 1 MCA at the same time. Businesses sometimes need more money and can get a 2nd or 3rd position.

Is stacking merchant cash advances legal?

It is legal for a company to take out multiple MCA’s. Some funders prohibit you in their contract from taking out any additional loans but State and federal laws do not prevent it.

Can my business take out another loan if we already have several?

You can take out another loan even if you already have existing MCA’s.

Can we get funding from two different places?

Your company can get a loan from two different lenders. We can approve you for funding even if you have MCA’s with another company.

How can my business get out of stacked MCA’s?

You can pay them off through a new transaction, such as a consolidation. This eliminates current debts and avoids past dues and defaults.

Can I consolidate them into a longer term?

We can assist in consolidating and reducing stacked daily payments between 35% to 75%. If you currently pay $1,000 per month, they can be lowered down to $500 or less without defaulting or damaging your credit or standing.

First understand what counts as an existing mca position.
Then get a 2nd position cash advance or a 3rd position mca advance IF your company can handle it and did not get enough funding from the 1st MCA.

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Get a consolidation loan to payoff.

Through a consolidation loan for instance, the daily debit payment is lowered and term extended.

How can my business be approved for a consolidation?
We can help in consolidating mca’s.  We can give you criteria over the phone.   If you and the lender agree you have a strong chance of qualifying, consider applying for the consolidation.

Example of too many stacked cash advances:

A company obtains a first position Merchant Cash Advance, then a 2nd one after the 1st one.   The second (2nd) position is stacked on top of the first.  Then they get a third.   The third (3rd) is now behind the first and second position.

The company’s income is too restricted because it may not be able to handle other critical business expenses.  For instance, there may not be funds left for advertising, product development and expansion plans it has.

Stacking Example

Below is an example of how consolidating a stacked merchant works.  The required multiple daily payments that are now being debited from your company checking account take away from critical marketing, inventory, and even being able to meet payroll.

Acme, Inc.  decided to stack MCA’s and has 2 so far.

# 1  current balance  $10,000  @ $100 per day.

# 2 current  balance $10,000 @ $100 per day.

This merchant has 100 days left on these 2.   They are costing them $1,000 per week and about $4,000 per month.

On a typical consolidation, they will lower their daily debit by about 50%, going from $200 to $100.    This lowers their monthly cost from $4,000 to $2,000 and saves them $2,000 per month.   Sometimes the savings is even more.

Negotiate to lower the daily payments

How do you negotiate with to lower the daily payments?

Each lender may have a different policy on negotiating a reduction.   The Lender will consider your specific situation,  and how the request is handled by the borrower.

Review the basic conditions of each funder because funding source has stipulations in the contract you may violate.  The stipulations may say the borrower cannot obtain any more funding until their contract is paid off.   This is an example of how you may have already violated the terms of the contract.

As a result, the lender may have the option of declaring a default.  For instance, they may require or demand full payoff of the remaining balance immediately.  So review the contract carefully before contacting the lender.

Ask for a lower daily payment

Contact the lender and let them know you cannot handle the daily payment.   Ask to get a reduction so you can continue paying as agreed.    You will be asked questions and may have to complete paperwork.

Ask for a Pause.

If your company is going through a brief slow period, it may be better to ask for a pause in the payments for a week or two.   Funders are less restrictive on pausing debits than they are on lowering them.

Pay them off with other loans

If the problem of multiple loans cannot be solved through a consolidation or negotiation with the lender, another solution is to pay them off because that will fully solve your problem.   For example, some other types of funding are:

–  Asset based loan.   Money from this option can be used on Real Estate, Equipment, or both.

Accounts receivables financing.

Merchants can use the proceeds from one of these other options to payoff your existing short term debt.   Also, you may be able to extend the number of months up to 24 or 36. This can dramatically improve your monthly cash flow.


Use these business strategies and tips for the best ways to lower your daily merchant payments.

The SBA has tips, suggestions and hints to help merchants find solutions to financial problems as well as how to create business plans and other statements that may be requested for any type of financing transaction.

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